Thursday, June 26, 2014

International Association for Near Death Studies

The very group that was there for me during my awakening has asked me to speak at this year's national conference.  The final speaker in fact.  Some might at first glance think of super ego.  I want to dispel a few things about "ego" from some minds who might actually be going there.  I don't believe for one moment that standing in front of people who have gone through a spiritual transformation of any kind with a giant ego is a recommended course of action for anyone.  Enlightened people smell out fear and ego like a dog does.  It's just not gonna work if I even consider this seminar about me or what it does for me personally.  It takes a few stones to stand up and believe in something so surely that you're willing to shed all fear and doubt and stand in the arena.  I believe I have a few things to say about the universe.  I plan on sharing it.  I feel like the calling is louder by the day.  It is quite possible that this "calling" is more than just "what's in it for me".  To the contrary, that's why it is a calling.  I believe there is more in it for others.  I am perfectly happy to sit back and realize that life is pretty simple actually.  Great clarity of mind followed my NDE and I am grateful for its spark of energy.  I don't think its about being special, it's about having a special tale to tell.  What people do with it is up to them.  My seminar isn't a stand up and lecture type of dialogue.  It's a social experiment, a game perhaps.  Groups of enlightened people in one room with arguably some of the most enlightened minds of our time.  A room full of Higher Consciousness people with one desire - support for each other and our mission on this earth.  What mission?  Well that's the beauty of life I believe. I think it's quite possibly man's destiny to evolve to a higher consciousness.  I don't think it's just destiny, I think it's a spiritual obligation.  A calling perhaps. It's what life is all about maybe.  Everything we do evolves us whether we wanna go or not.  Your comfort level, habits and safe zones may just be lulling you to sleep.  New experiences of faith and love are the key to evolving.  It's a choice when you stop fighting it and just surrender to the notion.  Sometimes ya just gotta go with the flow.  You're gonna get there eventually, it's part of the package of life.  Resistance is

Yesterday IANDS publicized the speakers for the conference and there I was.  A terrible picture of me but there it was.  The closing speaker.  I had to laugh at the turn of events that brought me to this conference.  It wasn't planned or prepared for specifically.  Seems my seminar idea previously planned in Burlington that I cancelled had some relevance to this August seminar on a national level.  Who knew? How do you go from teaching "car" guys to teaching Doctors and Scientists and Authors?  By believing you have something to contribute.  All of my life I have carried buckets of energy into nearly everything I have done.  Everywhere I went I brought my energy.  This conference is no different.  It was just supposed to happen this way.  I try and pay attention, you should too.  There is not just a reason for everything in our paths, there is defined profound purpose.  It's your free will to decide what you pay attention to.  That's the funniest part I think.  I keep talking about stepping out of the box and believing in things you can't see as the contributing lever of seeing more. It cracks me up that the secrets to the universe are actually woven into the fabric of our egos.  When you do things for the betterment of others, shit just starts to happen.  Get rid of your ego and realize it defines nearly every choice you make.  Make it for others and you can't go wrong in life.  I think everything you "need" in life comes from helping others get what they need.  We are all energy, made up of the same energy right down to our very DNA being almost identical.  If that is true...and it can we judge anyone?  We are all the same.

The environment can teach us volumes about life, for without the environment there wouldn't be a life to ponder.  Nearly every bit of energy that makes us tick is absorbed from the environment we put ourselves in.  Patterns of comfort levels are not the safest place to be to evolve.  It just isn't.  Create new experiences as often as possible, attach an emotion to it and you've got something special.  The very same reason we know where we were on 9/11.  New experience attached to great emotion burns into a part of the brain that never forgets.  Here's something interesting to consider - science tells us that the human being is only aware (with the 5 senses) of only about 10% of the electromagnetic forces on this earth.  Meaning: we miss more than we actually a shit load.  The next time you have a skeptic doubt about something you see, remember this scientific fact maybe.  What you seek is right in front of you, it's free will to decide the volume.  There are more layers to this world than anyone will ever know.  I think it's important to pay attention.  One of the reasons NDE folks are different is because the way we see the world.  You don't have to die or nearly die to get there - a higher consciousness is mankind's purpose.  Resistance is futile.  Too long we have heard "color inside the lines", "this is acceptable and that's not".  Blinded by faith of a collective skeptic band of folks.  Energy doesn't die, people, neither do we.  Our energy soul continues.  It's about the signal of energy within us.  It goes somewhere after death, just hard to see it without the coat of a human body.

Each memory of a lost one is that very energy.  They are all watching.  Let that sink in a bit.  Not only do I think that, I know that. They guide us everyday in our actions if you let them.  There is no reason to be sad about death.  We get selfish about not seeing the person again.  I get that.  Grieving sucks.  But if you have seen what I have seen and others, you might not be afraid of death.  One thing resonates clear here to me - there is a percentage of the population that wants to keep you in the dark about spiritual things.  I guarantee it.  They are actually everywhere.  What if a group of people lived in peace under one roof perfectly, symbiotically perfect.  Does a place like this exist?  Well it actually does - it's called the human body.  We have 50 trillion cells or more that live in our bodies and are perfectly balanced.  Perfect harmony the things our body does just to smile or breathe. We are all miracles really if you really think about it.  The question of perfection is absolute within our bodies, without question.  I laugh often at the thoughts of a society in perfect harmony like that of our cells and body.  What if we had a country that could communicate as effectively as the human body.  Do you think our governments would allow it?  lol  Government is a big business, lots of money involved in it.  It still serves as a divisive splinter in our society.  Most feel the need to take sides for one reason or another.  Republican/democrat - spawns good debate right?  Wrong.  When we as a people realize it's about a collective is when we free ourselves of this society-taught dogma of needing governments to survive.  I laugh so hard at all the people that post something about god on facebook, then follow it with a resounding plea to impeach Obama.  When did politics get to the point of hate anyway?  Do we really believe that divisive nonsense is going to unite us?  Surely not. The very conflict government creates is the meaningful factor we grab ahold of to defend our opinion and thereby reaffirm the need for the government.  WTH  Don't you get it?  We bitch about things so much it creates its own following.  We have to unite in this world I believe, like a light through a prism, t takes everyone's light to truly be one.  I hope today you stop taking sides in politics.  It's good to have a voice, but it's called a vote.  Maybe keeping our opinions to ourselves on these matters will quell the flame that they count on to feed the big machine  I'ts called ego.  Get out of its deadly path.  Take an interest, never a position.  Too hard to change your mind.  And ps:  You need to change you mind sometimes to evolve.  Just sayin...

I wonder how many of you see serendipity in the topic of the IANDS seminar this year.   Health and Healing.  Still think things are accidents and coincidences?  They're not.  No such thing as a coincidence, I think.  Everything is for a purpose.  Life becomes easier when you truly see.

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