Monday, June 2, 2014

Lessons from beyond

 There is a continuing direct break down of this branch of my tree and it seems clear that my grandfathers presence had multiple meetings.  The least of which has got to be "how is it possible that you couldn't even know your own grandfather?"  To me this question spoke volumes on my mission here on this earth plane. I realize he died well before my birth but non the less it seemed evident to me that this branch of family went unattended and withered. During the same time frame my fathers previous wife Eleanor had passed away leaving a mark of the family as well.  I assume the pain of these two losses within months of each other was overwhelming for my father and choices were made to cope with this shear devastation.  Choices that are regretted...the message is clear to me.

My father had been previously married and had two children, Anne and Jean. As stated his wife passed away the same year as my grandfather and my dad later remarried having four more children.  It seems that in my growing up., the two step sisters were kind of ....well...out of sight out of a degree. Its important to note they had all grown and moved on with their lives and had children of their own.  We saw them on occasion but clearly in retrospect....not enough. We all knew them but our presence in their life was minimal to say the least. As was the contact with my fathers side of the family.   The oldest step sister still retains a great amount of resentment for this and has since cut off from the remaining family for these reasons.  It seems some messages from beyond were messages regarding this perceived lack of family contact and the need to re-establish those connections.

Obviously the "oneness" i feel is closely followed by our families inability to have the same as a family,  needs to be addressed. We need to heal and forgive and I believe it starts in 1965.  I am certain my grandfathers presence and many others who contact me from beyond now are leading me to a point of colloidal collapse regarding this issue.  They guide me on this issue with synchronicity and future memory items to lay out a foundation so I may share my experience with all of them.  I have not shared the event until now publicly or with them in detail.  This is the first phase of a trickle down effect on this very information.  It will lead to an eventual planned(by me) family reunion at the VFW that my dad first chartered and opened in 1947.  July 6th 1:00 pm.  My oldest sister refuses to allow me to share the story or talk with any of our family.  But as we know, I am certain the information will find its way as its intended. At exactly the right time and manner in which its supposed to.  The serendipitous birthday of my father is June 2nd and I believe the energy will be at its peak.  I am certain my oldest sister will not attend the July 6th reunion.  But gathering a collective of my family and sharing my experience and lessons and messages may just be enough to correct their pre-conceived judgement s of her and allow the energy of love and forgiveness to illuminate her path.  I am completely clear that repairing this is not my purpose...per se....but I believe if I share a "new" experience attached to great emotion like this experience, the energy and love it creates may just make an impact.

For me, I have made choices to connect with this branch of my family and never allow that breach to occur for me personally.  I hope my example inspires others to do the same. Immediately after the reunion I am moving to Arizona (ironically) and will allow the flow to hopefully take control of the wheel and do what it does.  There are many contacts too numerous to mention regarding contact from beyond and way too many synchronicities to list for the betterment of others.  They just keep coming.  It is my free will to execute these hints and urges and I will do just that.  I do realize that I cant change anyone.  But I believe its my responsibility to show them what I saw and experienced as well as the prolifera of research they guided me to in the past few months about change, time, love, forgiveness, god, energy etc....the path of enlightenment they guide me on has been specific and in just the right time and order to teach me the things I need to know to explain everything to my family.  I will save most of it for them, as I am sure you can understand.  As for the healing, I am not exactly sure what details you are looking for.

My experience happened 39 days into my first terminal diagnosis with a 30 day expiration.  I began treatment immediately after the experience and fought it with treatments that were severely toxic.  Toxicity lead me to crippling my immune system to a degree that many opportunistic infections and diseases sprang up every month.  One year into the treatment that was supposed to last 18 months I gave up.  I was 120 lbs...formerly 230 and felt too weak to continue.  In and out of the hospital with that much pain and suffering for that year was just to much.  I considered the alternative paradise I visited simply a better alternative.  I was placed in hospice and all treatment ended to the disappointment but acceptance of doctors and family.  But they understood.  I stayed alone at my apartment with visits daily from hospice but all life-saving treatment stopped. I wanted to stay home until I couldn't care for myself any longer and then I would take my pre-arranged place in the respite house.  Over the next two months under hospice I ate and ate and ate while I experienced and documented the incredible but misunderstood changes in my personality and vision.  I just saw the world so differently than I ever had.  Great peace since the experience regardless of the crazy battle raging inside my body. Colors were clearer.  I noticed things in everyday life I had never seen before. And I was in awe of everything.  Everyday in hospice I felt better and better, and kept eating non stop.  Two months later i had gained back exactly sixty pounds.  My hospice nurse who visited daily assured me that this can happen and does.  The love I had for life at this time was the most peaceful I had ever been.  It was clear however, I was getting better.  I called my doctors after 60 days and explained that my strength and endurance and zest for life were so strong that I believed I could resume treatment and try and kill this disease once and for all.  I went back in for testing and within three days of more testing than I can recall ever, I was told there was no sign of the blood infection, bone marrow cancer, liver infection or any of the other twelve things that had creeped into my body during the year long treatment.  Within two months of this I went back to work, contrary to my doctors wishes, and three months into it I was diagnosed with Cancer yet again.  I left work and began again treatment to include two major surgeries.  Three months later after being diagnosed cancer free, I once again dashed back to work.  I have been managing auto dealerships for the past 18 years and its a pretty time consuming occupation requiring a ton of energy and inspiration.  Again, three months into my job I was diagnosed with cancer.  Two more surgeries and treatment began.  I once again beat it and my last surgery was Jan 25th of 2014. I am again cancer free and have chosen not to return to work right figure...someone's trying to tell me something...I get it.

Around the time you and I first met, David, was about a month after I got the calender mentioned in my experience with the picture of my grandfather I had never met or seen.  Another colloidal collapse and I thought I was losing my squash.  Sixth senses flooded my brain and I had already moved from my apartment to a secluded lake house in the boonies because I was having difficulty controlling my brain in crowds.  I spent six months discovering myself there and putting together the NDE realization.  A month later I met a woman via facebook, whom I'd always had a crush on in high school, in a synchronized manner that I'll spare you from here.  But oddly her ex husband of 12 years and father of three had just been diagnosed and placed in the very respite house I was to attend earlier. On the exact day we met. Obviously, we are still together to date and I am sure we were placed together as there are a billion other synchronistic items that connect us. Way too many to discuss here.  Today we live together and are planning a joint move to Arizona...a place she has always dreamed of going.  A place I am drawn to actually.  I'll let you figure that one

The ex husband passed away on March 28th in the very same room reserved for me.  He passed away at 1:26 am.  I mention this because at exactly 1:28 am I was calling the emergency room from my lake "getaway" house after sustaining a "fall" down the steps that broke two in my hip and a zyphoid process in my back (whatever that is).  I say to everyone that I fell.  But later recounts of the accident indicated twelve feet and around a corner before coming to rest unconscious.  I had a moment before the fall that I'll spare you of but just know it was powerful and full of rage.  I went immediately to stay with my girlfriend so she could tend to me but obviously for other reasons. We made the move-in permanent May 1st and I never returned to the lake house to sleep again after the "fall".  I was guided by the same messengers as in my experience to lay out a seemingly predetermined plan to help her ex pass over and as of Monday his ashes will finally be interned by a clergy that I met on my path.  During the last couple months there had been great unrest medically recovering from my injuries as we traveled the path to internment of his mortal remains and spirit.  This includes a final atonement of his back child support he had ignored for years, that suddenly, is all being paid back.  His final atonement perhaps.

It has been a busy time to say the least....including another broken finger and continued back issues from the the past two weeks we carefully and methodically followed a path built by loved ones from beyond to lay this man to rest and in the past month we have all come to peace and forgiveness.  Obviously we never told anyone about the perception of his appearance in our lives and lovingly have just let him go.  I have to thank god and the others passed who guided me and this family through this safely and securely.  We reach our final closure on this issue and my time here in Vermont.  We look forward to the next chapter in Arizona and my job preference change.  I am certain my new career path will involve hospice or some other path that will benefit others.  The lesson I learned in my NDE are clear and succinct.  The very miracle that I am here is a testament to love.  A sign that all things are possible.  The very idea that I live by can be called into play....."never waste a minute" in my families healing.

I could give you twelve pages of lessons on what I learned but as in anything in life, I believe conclusions are best fitted when derived from on our own.  I believe every answer to any question in life is already inside us.  The epiphanies I experience every day continue like crazy.  Things like energy, quantum mechanics...things I'd never cared much for are clear and concise.  I spent months at first proving each theory that "popped" into my mind.  I was relieved to find these epiphanies were already documented in  My clarity of mind sometimes, frankly, freaks me out.  But I do get a kick out of it.  My speaking and training career I have realized is directly related to my experiences and lessons.  I have designed interactive seminars that provoke thought and demand interaction.  A collective experience.  Almost a game if you will.  I have scheduled one at the University but have postponed it until I have better control over what I have defined as my psychic emphatic state.  I have decent control but I suspect flipping switches in a interactive group seminar is something my poor brain needs respect on.  Not to mention I am not sure I want to do my first seminar in a venue so close to home just yet.  I have been a public speaker and national trainer in the automotive industry management for the past 7 years.  I have no problem with public speaking.  In fact I enjoy it and can really wear out an audience with my high energy, fun approach at teaching.  But feeling 200 plus people's hidden pain and secrets while doing it....that's gonna take some more  I'm ok with that.

In the interim, I write and research...write and research.  I have come very far since my panicked contact with you five months ago but still have some work to do.  The creative flow states I get into just floor me.  I am not writing a book...its writing itself.  Not sure if I will ever publish it but it sure feels good to document some of these ideas.  Ironically my preparation for my interactive seminar makes a hell of an outline for a knew?  Anyway...I wanted to thank you for your kind support and gently nudging to available resources.  I still to this day have only read a few NDE's.  Just can't seem to do it for some reason.  I did however avail myself of after effects books and research that were critical in my journey.  During my three year battle I had been wise enough to document my perceptions and observations.  Imagine my surprise in January when I read yours and others patterns of after effects and discovered my documentation was identical....and then some. Thank you so much for editing my content...obviously I am grateful for your guidance as always.  Please feel free.  I realize I am among friends indeed.  I will never forget your influence along my journey and wanted to personally thank you.  What you are doing for us is invaluable.  Seems I may have a similar calling...who knew?  WE DID.  I look forward to future dealings with you and if there is anything I can do for you do not hesitate to call or write.  Sorry this got so long...I could have backed up everything with 500 more examples but I suspect I have done enough.  The details of many many more lessons I have been drawn to are too numerous to list in a blog here but they flow into my book with such ease that they devour it.  The fact that I am here at all is the burning bush of a miracle that needs to be understood.  Even doctors cannot explain it.  I am sure I and you can.  There are and have been hundreds of signs for each member of my family in the past couple of years.  The very sheer act of awareness is lacking on some to see them or at a minimum recognize them.  It's perception.  If led with love it will be clear to them all.  On July 6th I will share my findings and experience and hopefully touch them all with the level of emotion needed to "pay attention".  It is never too late to reach out to your family.  Your very bloodline.  Respect and tolerate differences in all of them.  Love them...Forgive them...Life is just too short should be one of these many lessons. Pay attention to what you put out into the will clearly be reflected back.

Today is my Fathers birthday.  I feel him at his peak energy level.  Today is another crossroads for my sister and many in my family.  Please listen.  It's beautiful to live in the past, but we can't live there.  No forgiveness or change happens yesterday but only today.  It's a choice.  For those non family members reading this today, please stop for a moment.  Take a deep breath and consider who pops into your mind.  Call them today.  Call them or reach out to them and tell them you just wanted to say " I love you."  Someone else from beyond taught me this.  Another impactual figure for one of my sisters.  I call this a "drive by Hug".  It was his favorite thing.  He is near everyday and guides my sister as do all who have passed.  Just call to say I love you....see what happens.  Life really isn't that busy where we can't find 2 minutes to do this simple but moving task.  I wish my Father a happy birthday today and thank him for his continued guidance.  Every memory I have of him is his energy void of a body touching me and guiding me. Those who think it's just a memory miss out and grieve.  It's so simple really, death.  The one thing no one can run from.

Death as you may have realized for the prize.  It doesn't end there. Energy just allows more freedom for those departed to move and affect the ones they love.  Question potential...Create your own reality.  You do it every it with love and you will see.  Realize that there are no coincidences in life...there are only signs...your ability to see them is in direct proportion to your sheer act of awareness and shedding a perceptional prejudice of what you were told is acceptable or not.  Step outside of this box and you will see.  Stop judging others as we all contain the same basic route of energy and even dna.  Its about the light and energy of this world.  Scientists have proven that at death the human body losses approximately one ounce of physical weight.  And no it's not bodily fluids.  That was accounted for.  It's our souls and they are all closer than you think.  God's funny that literally have to step out of the box of cognitive bias and face scrutiny perhaps to see everything you're intended to see.  Without this you will never see.  But I assure you one day like me you will.  It doesn't take almost dying to evolve to a higher consciousness.  It's a spiritual awakening.  It's not about religion I assure you.  But it is about your god...whom ever you see as your higher power.  The only rule of heaven is to not allow others to see direct proof of afterlife.  But we have all had glimpses.  Some greater than others.  Evolution of your consciousness is your destiny.  It is your purpose on this field we call life.  Once its allowed.  The momentum of change steam rolls you and there is no turning back.  Being in the now allows access to a higher consciousness.  We have all experienced epiphany moments where we solve a problem while doing some seemingly meaningless task that just "pops" in our head without warning.  The pop usually has nothing to do with the current in the "now " moment, but there it is.

I believe the answer to every question we have is already inside each of us.  It's in the very fabric of the universe all around us and can be accessed in these "now" moments.  The purer and more loving the moment, the stronger the epiphany.  I will tell you this - access to this super consciousness is not only possible...its endless.  But the ironic part is you have to step out of the box of what you have been told and taught all your lives. Color inside the lines they said.  Little did we realize that this was perhaps the beginning of our masking the real world around us all.  No one wants to be labeled weird.  But if you love yourself enough without ego., this too shall pass.  Take a chance...educate yourself with numerous sources.  Realize everything and everyone along your path are not just for a reason but a purpose.  Get into the flow and try not to resist its inevitability. Go with the flow.  You manifest the very perception of the reality before you today.  It's free will to decide how in depth it can be.  Nothing great happens without taking a chance.  Take one.  All of your answers to every great question of the universe is already within grasp.  Reap it...Grab it.  If you're waiting for someone to do it for you...don't fear...that will one day me...but don't wait...please.  Try and not waste a minute of your others...thank your higher power everyday for just "one more day".  It will be enough.  Do not judge others.  It's not just a billboard or religious doctrine.  It's natures law and the very hinge of the door that accesses a higher consciousness and a clarity of mind so clear and perfect it will make you laugh.  It's all so simple really, the flow of life.  Our resistance is our only obstacle.  Your destiny awaits you on the very road you choose to avoid the perceived calamity and conformity ahead of you.   Research today "spiritual transformation" . Perhaps this will guide you on this day.  You don't have to hand out daisies at the airport but you will eventually understand we are ALL connected.  To the very core and smallest atom.  The same energy.  What you send out in energy you get back.  It's all so simple.  Lead with love and you will get it...without even trying.  Take a walk out onto the limb today.  Do something different and expect different results. New experiences are the key to understanding Creation and the raw energy created in these moments.  Create at least a new thought today...EVOLVE.  It's your destiny and me...I'm certain of it.  It's about a collective....pure and simple.  One energy...many hearts.  The power of the collective is well documented in history...teams, family, the sheer energy created is the keyhole.  Find it today. Feeling sad or blue...volunteer somewhere...give what happens.  It's about a collective...resistance is futile and painful.  Tell someone today how much they mean to you....participate in a "drive by hug".  Do something for someone who can never repay you...then do it so they never knew who did it and you just might be there.  Hope all of you have even a tenth of my joy and energy today.  The act of awareness is important.  See beautiful today...just today even.  Then try tomorrow.  It's all around you...every blade of glass...every cloud...ever ray of light....see it.  Trust me when I tell you if you experience something new today and attach it with great emotion it will impact you and store in a portion of your brain that never forgets.  It's why we remember 911 and exactly where we were.  It's all so simple...just see what you're supposed to see. Breathe deeply, love widely and enjoy your day. But touch someone you love today...then tomorrow...then the next day.  Before you know it, you have what we call a habit.  It will push open doors you have only heard about.  Enjoy your day

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