Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Red Sox

Paying it forward...  I always say that if you attach a great emotion to a new experience the raw energy created imprints in a different part of our brain, forever stored away.  It's why we remember exactly where we were on 9/11 or JFK...  In great spirit and stride I happily reached out a few times to a couple of red sox networks and emailed most of my story.  I had bought two tickets to Fenway for Carol's oldest son Jake for his graduation from High School. Such a good kid, hard worker, big heart with sights set on Arizona Sate University.  Enrolled and done.  His older sister Mercy is a sophomore there now.  Our coincidental move there will be of huge benefit to in state tuition costs next year.  Carol has always wanted to live there anyway...lots of coincidences I guess.  Arizona has crossed my path countless times.  I am never more amazed at beauty then seeing a desert sunset or sunrise.  I can't wait.

Meanwhile Jake, dealing with the recent loss of his father, is graduating on the 14th.  His tickets are on the 18th.  Two tickets, aisle seats in the grandstand, the real "gut" of fenway.  I gave Jake the tickets and said welcome to the cathedral of baseball.  He has always wanted to "catch a game" but things were tight growing up in this household.  They had everything they needed tho...lots of great connection with these kids and their mom.  It's quite remarkable actually at how each of the three kids is remarkable in their own many ways.  Anyway, on a few reflective moments thinking about Jake's newest adventure to Fenway. I reached out to a fan club and shared my story.  The calling I felt to make the experience remarkable for Jake seems overwhelming and with some luck I was contacted by email by an "ambassador" for the Red Sox organization.  Can't tell you how excited I was that they were itching to be involved in doing something remarkable in what I had originally dubbed an experiment in Karma. Gotta love someone who takes the time to notice the signs all around us every day.  This organization may have just impacted generations of this family's engagement as life long fans and beyond.  It takes vision sometimes....well...most of the time....

I'll keep you posted on the event as it approaches as time allows.  Packing packing Packing...writing seminar was re-written with an enlightened audience in mind and ironically it seemed it had already been written perfectly.  Aug 28th, my parent's anniversary day, I will be conducting my seminar in California at the International Association of Near Death Studies' annual conference.  An experiment in energy with a room full of arguably the highest consciousness on the planet. I wanna play with a big ball of energy and push it around a conference room...create something experiment in social engineering...a task of energy engineering at its rawest form.  The possibilities of putting these types of minds in a room in a collective "now " experience excites me to no end.  I suspect something magical may happen.  Keep you posted about that.

Seems the first house for rent that "called" to me just became available on the market again today so we jumped at the chance to apply for it...and it has my pool...yay...  Carol laughed at the various synchronicities involved in the journey.  They seem to be happening more for her these days.  Lovely when you notice things.  Family reunion on July 6th is taking shape nicely.  All going with the flow.  Amazing how simple life is when you stop resisting and others...the rest just flows...when ego is totally removed you are allowed access to a great clarity of mind...grab it.

more thoughts for record:  I suspect there is a significance to my accounts in regards to one major consideration.  I had no functioning Immune system...but here I am, nontheless,  today...right here.  Serendipity notwithstanding, it seems my previously planned seminar I postponed here at the University of Vermont has Magically been re-written to what I believe will be a fun experiment in energy building at the IANDS seminar in August.  Haven't been officially invited to speak yet...sort of waiting in the winds for an opening it seems...but the seminar idea is complete, coincidentally, just in case I get a  "A collective social engineering experiment in building energy".  A group dialogue and open interactive forum for like minded people.  To push around a big ball of energy in a "now" moment of interactive collective game theory. Raw creation...see what we create... I think magic happens.  What I do know is it will be funny.  It also seems my book will be finished by the 28th of parents anniversary...hmmm...another great coincidence.  My planned move to Arizona continues to lay out before me.  Looking forward to the creative experience that i will have on my drive out there with Carol.  Not planning anything but are gonna stop and smell the roses a lot on the journey.  A sort of "choose your own adventure" story.  I'm assuming it will be a fine end to my book.  All we know is we want to be in Arizona in two weeks...the rest we will allow to just open up to us.  Thank you all for your continued support and guidance in my path.  I think losing ego is the key to allowing the oneness we all are certain exists in this world.  I believe this seminar idea will be hugely effective if we remove our egos and just create something together...without judgment...with much love and good intention...for the betterment of mankind perhaps. I think it will be hugely fun and exciting to participate in energy building with arguably the brightest and most enlightened minds I have ever known in one room.  I can't pass up on that ball of energy to play with.  I hope others can make the Conference on August 28th.  I suspect its gonna be fun.  I am looking forward to whatever role I am meant for there.  I am certain of the many signs along the way.  Thank you for just one more day...

Interestingly the game came and went...Great VIP tour of Fenway for Jake and an ending that couldn't be scripted any better...a walk off extra innings back to back home runs for the Red Sox.  That's an impact...thank you for that day for Jake.  Just wow.

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