Thursday, June 12, 2014

The house

The House...When we started looking for our new house in Arizona, we realized patience was the key.  Most places would not be available in mid-July so we understood that.  A couple weeks ago Carol and I played a game in drawing what our future house would be.  We both made rough blueprints on layouts ideal to each other and compared them.  No surprises when we discovered the things I missed in my rendering, she did not.  Our combined plan spoke volumes of our symbiotic manner in our lives together.  It just works perfectly.  Regardless of the fun experiment in drawing last week we came upon a house picture that struck me oddly at first glance.  I just said "that's the exact place".  It seemed not only was the later discovered layout correct to our drawing but the house was exactly what we were looking for, at exactly the right budget, with exactly the same layout earlier drawn.  Excited but premature we responded with our Realtor no avail.  The house was already under contract by someone else...we snoozed.   We continued our search with many options.  We both found other houses but never one we both agreed upon entirely.  I mentioned to Carol after we settled on an alternate house that the "journey" wasn't done just yet.  That same night we got a call from Dennis telling us that the original house became available again as the contract had dissolved.  We immediately placed in under contract and were approved the next day.  Amazing how the synchronicities of life just find a way to work themselves out.  I remember last week when we tried to post a picture of the house it came out blurry on facebook.  I remember commenting that you just have to focus hard to make it become reality.  Well imagine that, final approval pending documented proof of income, tax returns etc.  And exactly at the right time of the application procedure, social security came through this am with the back child support and the documentation needed to complete the house contract. At exactly the right time and manner.  Amazing.  One less thing to worry about although we never worried.  Just keeps laying out before us. Life gets so much easier when you don't resist the natural flow of it.  It becomes simple really.  A famous man once said there is Space, Time and Patience...the very root of all matter perhaps...Patience...not really a vurtue as much as a law of nature.  Rest assure all comes to you at exactly the right time and manner.  Always does.

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