Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Book of Kate

This was a writing for a book constructed for my sister Kate's 50th birthday this year.  Kate obviously had a great deal to do with me being here.  Here are some lessons I learned from Kate. She has always been the ultimate teacher of love.  With love all things are possible.  If there is ever any question as to why I am here, know that it's due to love and always will be. Family is everything.  On occasion I tried not to bother her, but she wouldn't stand for it.  She communicated every day with me mostly.  Simple fact: without her, I wouldn't be here...period.  Tom and Ann either, all of my family played a role.  Yours does too.  Don't ever rationalize a family problem.  One day it will all be about family.  It's supposed to be, in this life or the next.  In the end, all you have is family.  Fix it !!!

Clear your mind.  Do not recognize the flow or manner of writing or by whom it was penned. Recognize the context or aid this journey know it was :  Made by god ! "herself"!

Happy Birthday Kathryn Lynn Tremblay.  Here is your birthday gift from me.  But as you may see here I believe your real gift is the gift to the world.  This may be the best gift you ever had because it is your gift you gave...your love is the sermon...the sermon is the gift.

"You have not lived full until you have done something for others that not only they can't repay but that they may never know that you did it."  anonymous writer

Here are some of many of the lesson I have learned from my sister:

Her love being my scripture she taught me that often Man thinks he stands alone often in life, but never is really alone.  He faces challenges that will define and shape him, polish him to a perfection of awareness, empowering his soul to accomplish his dreams.  But no solitary stance is complete if their goals are never identified and set in stone.  Man must define his goals, derive a plan to achieve his goals and work everyday on that plan.  The strength he needs is incidental to his concentrated dedicated power of will and faith.  Faith and will are the  key.  Faith is never negative...negative begets negative...negative will never allow the true potential of the mind...negative will affect the clarity of the path...and all life is a predetermined path from whomever you perceive is your higher power.  All things in life happen for a reason and happen at just the right time and manner.  This is the definition of the path, this is the faith in the path.  To think positive and find beauty in everything, then the perfect clarity will be the riches beyond your wildest dreams.  Every question you had and even the ones you didn't know you had will be answered.  Never fear anything along the path or the sharp rocks ahead.  With better clarity of mind your path is better illuminated to ease the journey, enlighten it and this will in turn better define you.  This is done with faith & love.  All things and thoughts of positives!  All things for a reason and you must reap what you sow.  She taught me that there are no judgments on this path except your higher power's judgment on your soul.  Everyone you meet on your path, EVERYONE, is a teacher brought to you for a purpose, a lesson, at exactly the right time and in exactly the right manner.  She said Never judge one another.  The need to categorize people or things robs you of the opportunity to see their true gift to the world, steals away your positive and clarity, your love and the enlightened road.  Understand everything about the things you once judged, educate yourself of them, make an "educated decision" and you will find the beauty and their gift to you and yours to them.  Great clarity of thought is needed to truly see.  She said release the negatives in your life and  you will see everything you need.  Everything and everyone has a purpose and effect on the universe.  Embrace it, see everything.  Don't just stop and smell the roses -  realize their teachings, and maybe even plant some for others. And the world will be a better place.

Here are motivation lessons she taught me about all of life, stolen from the illuminated pages of her gospel.  Here is merely one chapter in a large book I urge you to read for yourself:

Excerpts from:  The book of Kate

Chapter 724:  Understanding faith and the dedicated power of will.
Her love as my scripture taught me to understand the faith in the path of life. There will never be a point in your life when it's the right time to do something truly great.  If you're waiting for the perfect moment, it's never gonna happen . You have to create the perfect time and exact moment. Most people become comfortable with life, they stop growing, they stop wanting anything. They stop seeing the beauty around them everyday. They become seemingly satisfied and perhaps even complacent.  People everyday getting ready to do things they don't want to do. Things they don't like.  Things that have no goal of bettering the world around them. Jobs that are literally poisoning them. Tasks and duties that were never part of their goals. She told me that if you aren't pursuing your goal or bettering your fellow man you are literally committing spiritual suicide.  When you do have some goal you are reaching for, it takes you out of your comfort zone.  Loosens the soil around your tethered roots and gives you wings.  This allows you to find some talents and abilities you never knew you had . Talents that you didn't know you needed.  When the negativity of life visits you,  What are you going to do?  What will keep you in the positive? We often in life think of some things  you are taught you will never really need to know. We rationalize a laziness.  We may think that you only need to know something perhaps only one time in our life.  But that one rationalized thing could actually someday save your life because you had that knowledge and faith to see.  Unless you attempt to do something beyond that which you have already mastered,  you will never truly grow.  It is the essence of a growth and the purpose of goals.  Growth is the basic purpose of man to the universe, she taught me.  She asked me,  What is it that you looked at at some point in life that you decided you couldn't do it? That you talked yourself out of?  Identify it and deal with it immediately.  If in life you wait on others to make it happen for you, it will not happen at all. They may be at a different level of consciousness or ability, they may lack your vision in yourself or other things. Does your goal have a benefit to mankind or just yourself? Does your goal have truly beautiful purpose? she asked.  You get everything you want in life by helping others get what they want, she told me.  Use this law to shape your goal and you will indeed be rewarded.  In life you don't beg other people to be phenomenal,  they just are phenomenal and in turn you are phenomenal. You will perpetually attract phenomenal!!!

What reason can you remember that you can call on or reach for that can make you get back up when knocked down in life?  You will be knocked down, she reminded me sternly but wisely. The depth of your fall will be defined by your perception and only your perception.  Find the lesson in each stumble. It isn't about becoming perfect, you are perfect.  Gorgeously human, flawed and fabulous. Trial and error are a defined existence in life.  Let your "try" be for love and beauty.  For the betterment of the world of others.  If you're not where you are. If you're not where you wanna be.  If you don't have what you want or need.  If you're not where you think you should be.  It has nothing to do with the system of life or path,  but it has everything to do with the fact that you're not making the sacrifice perhaps.  You may be lacking faith in all things and all faith begins and ends with the faith in yourself.  You can make any dream become a reality but you must believe in you first.  Stay the positive.  Make your dream involve helping others make their dream a reality and not by accident.  Do it on purpose and change the world, she shouted.  Quietly she lowered her tone and almost whispered, Sometimes you may feel everybody is against you in life . You will think they don't believe in you anymore perhaps.  You may think they never even did.  That's a very lonely feeling and a negative that shouldn't be considered ever. You obviously are not alone....ever!!! Your higher power and others are always with you. Understand the importance of family on your journey, she said.  Recognize family and trust in their unconditional love.  Trust in the faith that family is one constant in life that grounds you to this earth.  Families are the compass that helps guide us.  The foundation of your belief system. The inspiration to do great things, and the warm rain of comfort during our storms.  Have faith in them as you have faith in anything. Need them like the very sun that warms our face. And the endless heat of  this true beauty will always keep you warm.

Be great at everything!!! she shouted out loud.  Most people take their greatness, their ideas., there ability to effect the world to the grave.  "if it was easy everyone would do it"mortal people often say. There are people right now doing things they dont wanna do. People who hate their jobs. But they keep getting up to do it.  The "wealthiest place on the planet is the graveyard" she quoted.    In the graveyard we will find inventions that never were invented...dreams that never became a reality to enrich the world...hopes and aspirtions that were never acted upon.  More death than the death of body lies here.  The question really is: What are you going to do with your time? she asked almost begging.  Your time is precious but limited as you can see she reminded me piercingly.  On your final judgement day when god looks at your life...will it have been good enough?  She said It is important to define what drives you!!!! To Have faith in it.... greatness she reminded me is a lot of small things done well day after day after day, our father taught us this she reminded me.    Its a pattern of human conditioning to better yourself and the world.  When things dont work out for you. When things happen you could not anticipate .  What are the reasons you can think of that can keep you strong? ..all things do happen for a reason she said...some of these things that teach the most in life...shape you...define you...polish you to an sharpened edge are hot as lava and burn. The hottest fires forge the sharpest souls she said.  It should be love that keeps you strong.  It should be beautiful.  You will never ever be successful until you turn your pain into greatness.  Understand even the sharpest most painful lessons will make you better and stronger.  Our pain articulates the true beauty in the good things of life. It is the natural balance of life she taught me.   How would we know the joys of sun without the emptiness of darkness.  The true joy of laughter without the mercy of tears.   You must allow your pain to enlighten you on the possibilities of what can be she urged. Push you to the place you need/want to be.  Stop running from your pain...embrace it...learn from it..conquer it and let it go freely. Pain will become part of your pride, your love , your life product to the world she said. It is beautiful. Challenge yourself to push yourself harder each and everyday she urged .  Its is to easy to be on the bottom. It doesn't take an effort to be nothing or do nothing. She reminded me that my entire life I have striven to be the best and often was.  Lessons taught by our father and mother she said.  It doesnt take any motivation or drive to stay down at the bottom level.   When it calls on everything in you. You have to summon your great concentrated power of will to save you and faith in all things will be critical... challenge youself that what you did last year doesn't count today.  Today is the only thing that matters. The only important day of all days is this day she said. To begin all days and end all...there are 24 hours in a day .How you use each hour...each minute is critical.  Never waste one in anything but bettering yourself and your world. Choose wisely your time and always remember that "all glory is fleeting"....Remember too that no one will remember what you did yesterday.  No effective change takes place yesterday most importantly..the biggest enemy we have to deal with is yourself she said with a laugh.   An old proverb say' s " if there is no enemy within; the enemy outside can do us no harm" . You have this rare opportunity that means nothing if you don't take advantage of it she said Be phenomenal..when life knocks you down find a way...know the way ...have faith...start small if need be , but end big...become achievement...become beautiful!!!  If your down on the ground and you can look up,  then you can most certainly get up she said.  If you want it bad enough to go out and fight for it. To work day and night for it. If you sacrifice your time and your old ways. If you challenge yourself to change if need be...If in all things you dream and believe.  You will always succeed .  Without sacrifice and faith benefiting the world it is all pointless she quietly reminded me...Always for positives !!!. Always!!!  Rid your world of negatives and you will truly see.   It is always time to make it your hour, your minute.  It is quite simply a choice she said coyly.   With an increasingly sharpen tone she said ...You have to start by saying yes to life . You have got to start by saying yes to your dreams.  Yes to your unfolding futures and potential to do or be anything.  Yes to your faith!!! No does not exist on any plane of belief ...Please  she begged ...leave no dream left behind!!  Seize each day and be thankful for the same.   Leave no opportunity left unrealized or uncultured. When you leave this earth she said softly , accomplish everything you can possibly accomplish to better your self and the world.  Find great achievement and own it! Be beautiful and remember you will never get there if you give up.  If you give in ! if you quit! If you strive for mediocrity you will be mediocrity. You are phenomenal!!! LIVE IT !!!    You have to want to succeed as bad as you want and need to breath air.  And oh how you will breathe she said with a tear running down her cheek...Breaths so deep and pure it will burn your insides with the fire of love and peace.   See beauty everywhere Bob, including inside you and you will be the richest man in the world. She said the rest in a sullen whisper as if praying to god.  Be hotter than fire. Be wetter than water. If you lose righteous beauty, then all peace will be lost like tears in rain.  Be beautiful Bob! Be phenomenal ! Save yourself ! Save the world!.
I remember those final lessons and how they burned into my very soul that day. I made choices that brought me here on this glorious day slowly and with purpose of faith...I fought and clawed and scratched everyday and never far behind was Kate's guiding hand of love and support.  I often think now in my moments alone when I am faced with so many beautiful things.  What it must be like for Kate to have had such an impact on my continuing life. If she could only see my life through my eyes now and the true beauty I see and feel everyday.  How different I see the world.  There is no possible way to describe the ineffable gratitude and love I have for this human being; this angel;  this sister and my friend.  I thank god for you Kate. I thank you with every fiber of my being. My testament to your commitment and love will be my legacy  back  to the world to make it a better place.  My gift may never equal  yours,  but I need you to know that l will always strive to be phenomenal. Just like you.  I will never quit, I will never give up.    I will cherish everyday and strive to show everyone in my path as much of your lesson as humanly possible.  I will thank god everyday for you and for the blessing of each and every new day I wake.  One more day is all I need. I Love you so very Much.  Happy Birthday.
Your Brother

The end? Not even close  ! There is so much more in her teachings !

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