Monday, August 18, 2014

A plea to the ENLIGHTENED...yes, that's YOU

A PLEA to all NDEr's, Spiritually Enlightened and the Enlightened!!!

If you are attending the IANDS conference this year or more importantly, if you are not., this is a chance to contribute. There is a workshop on Sunday at 3:30 pm that is highlighted below. It is titled " FANTABULOUS".  This is not your typical lecture of listening to one person's beliefs and experiences.  It is a collective experiment in energy with a room full of enlightened people just like you. We will explore our collective consciousness together.  We will play with and explore our synchronistic beliefs and intuitions as a group and record the statistical results.  We will make connections that I am unaware have been attempted before.  We hope to develop a plan on networking and develop a plan to spread the word on a Higher Consciousness to better the world.  If you knew a room was filled with these types of beautiful minds and hearts, what would you like to see tried or experimented with? A topic you feel needs attention?  A game that will spark connectivity? As you read this, something may be sparking your intuition and I would be honored if you would share your ideas.  I believe everyone along my path is my teacher.  Here is your chance to contribute to the whole at the conference and beyond. Nothing is off limits. Please comment on your thoughts and ideas in this post or on my blog.  I am grateful for all of you and your contribution to the light.  Together we are one.

Sunday, August 31, 3:15-5:15 PM
This an interactive seminar that requires a collective experience in unlocking shared theories and ideas to better our earthly mission. This is not a sit down and listen seminar.  This is a collective dialogue experiment designed to provoke thought and invoke action and results. It is time we get our collective brains into a room together and see what we can create. We all have experienced profound changes in our minds and how they function.  Isn’t it time to take it out for a test drive as a collective “one” and see what we can do with it? We have many topics to discuss in a fun, energized manner that should be not just an education but an experience. We will explore synchronicity live and in person and capture it.  I believe if we push a big ball of energy around a room with arguably the most enlightened minds of our time, some great things will happen.  I am certain of it. There is a big question lingering for some of us as we continually adjust to our new minds, “What do we do with it?”  It’s time to find out our own potential for real on this issue and others.  It’s just simply time.  The speaker is a twenty year national trainer in the automotive industry and a former Chief of Police and decorated US Army Veteran who has practiced all of his life what he calls “Energy Engineering.”  Using his experience, he will guide us into groups and we will explore our theories and epiphanies for the betterment of our world.  Let’s be honest, we all have these ideas.  Let’s just see what we can create with them.  Attendees should come prepared to participate in a dialogue that will continually build onto itself at their discretion for the collective.  Let’s send out some ripples of energy and see what happens.  Free will to try.  Come prepared to play in the light!
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