Sunday, September 21, 2014

Death isn't the end...its the beginning !!!

Nothing ends at death other than the limited body our souls wear like a wet sweater. Your departed loved ones are not departed at all.  They see, feel, hear, think and love. In fact, they become love and light.  Your grief, I am sorry to say is not only painful for yourself, it's a pain I believe the "departed" cannot take.  It's our own missing that causes the grief.  Because someone told you they're gone perhaps.  They're not!!!!

Open your heart to peace and balance and they will use this energy to show you their presence. It is loving energy and thought that highest concentration of power exists.  Let them use it to show you.  Your tears drive them away.  They cannot tolerate your pain.  Celebrate them and use your love and peace to see.  They are watching everything, I assure you. Everyone grieves.  It's what we're conditioned to do from an early age.  Had we been taught the truth all along, we would celebrate. We wouldn't term it death, but a molting or a change.  They are right there folks.  At a moments prayer.  Nothing paranormal about it.  It's just fact.

 Let yourself decide how you want to grieve - it is a choice.  Just know what the pain means to those beyond this world.  Remember one day you will find out if I am right.  Until now you just have to believe what I am telling you.  These angels are everywhere waiting to be released from your pain.  They will help you and guide you in ways they couldn't in this world. Trust me.  I am spot on with this one, I promise you. We all are dying, but releasing the fear of death just may be the answer to truly living.  Your time is limited and it is precious.  Importantly, it is not guaranteed.  Don't waste a minute worrying about the inevitable.  It's really quite beautiful.  It is nothing to fear.  Spread the word.  Make a difference.

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