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Evolving from the light...Reflections of Veridical Perceptions of an NDE

I believe we can learn from everyone in our path. EVERYONE.  Judgments may deny us this natural evolutionary skill.  Ego might as well.  Apathy certainly hinders us. Maybe not apathy as much as our incessant desire for a status quo of life that we think is the answer to our peace and harmony.  The sheer act of perception requires new concepts, new ideas!! It is the very definition of learning - learning requires something new.  It may just be the very purpose of you in the universe. To evolve.  To evolve is to grow.  Wanna learn about cooking?  You listen to a cook.  But funny thing is when you do listen, the sheer act of awareness, something inside you triggers the truths that I believe are inside each and every one of us. You don't just copy what the cook teaches you, you explore the concepts but you also create your own ideas.  These ideas we come to on our own are the most influential of all learning in our lives.  They are the absolutes.  But it does require faith in ourselves and a love for ourselves that is stronger than the dogma being fed to you.  You quite simply have to trust in yourself.  But we still need new data and it's important to seek it out.  Listen.  Be aware.  But make up your own mind. There are too many rules in life, or so we think.  It may just require coloring outside the lines to see better the creativity that lays inside you all.

 I believe it doesn't take a near death experience for you to evolve to a higher consciousness.  It's about trusting the simple fact that challenges in life are set before us, sometimes self-chosen, to create a spark of new in us.  Challenges cannot be solved in the same level of consciousness in which they were created, said Einstein.  Kind of hits home doesn't it.  It just makes sense.  It's about evolving.  Wanna know more about something, you ask someone who's been there done that, then frame your own answers and trust in them.  But don't be inflexible to evolving further every single day.  Everyone is our teacher.

If you wanna know about healing, you better talk with a survivor.  It's time we stop running from these people in life.  It is in this spirit that I write my blog.  There are several writings of mine in here that may benefit you on the topic of healing.  But learning about healing brings up questions on death and dying.  Most associate this issue with a heartbreaking loss we remember from our lives that brought great grief.  Is the grief just a lack of understanding?  It's possible, I believe.  The odd thing is that the majority of the world doesn't want to know about the only definitive item in the future in all of our paths - Death.  Wanna know about death before the lack of understanding destroys your life in grief and pain?  Ask someone who has experienced a Near Death Experience.  Oddly what you will find is that not only will they teach you about death, they may just teach you about life.  Ironic isn't it?  Find your own answers before you're forced to.

Here are some thoughts of my journey:

Werre all unique.  Everyone of us.  My calling to share my NDE (near death experience) has been consistent and overwhelming.  It just seemed something was important.  One of the concepts I have learned is "Veridical Perception."  This previously unknown term for me has caused a stir in regards to my story.  Affirmation for my experience for myself and others.  Undeniable for other experiencers and researchers alike.  People wanna know about my story, so I will permit the research of me and my story in hopes it helps others.  Life should be a daily commitment to helping others, I believe.  Life just gets a little easier.  Perhaps it's Karma, perhaps it's entanglement, but we do get what we give in life.  That much is for certain.  Have doubts on this?  Read the rest of my blog.  This is the definition of Veridical Perception.  But don't just take my word or the word of others, decide for yourself.  But do it by educating yourself at a minimum.

"Veridical perception refers to cases in which NDE'ers recall information perceived during their experiences that they apparently could not have otherwise known; the information in these cases can be independently verified."

My grandfather Thomas Trombley.  No, it's not a spelling error in my last name.  When my father was born his name was misspelled to TREMBLAY.  My blog name wasn't an accident either.  Tremblay wasn't available.  Trombley was.  Imagine that?  It turns out to be a good memorial to my guide - my Grandfather.  I am grateful for his message from the light.  "There is something important I am supposed to do."  I search everyday for that and probably always will.  I am ok with that. Sharing my story and thoughts to activate what is already inside of you might be part of it.  It's your free will to try.

The fact that I had never seen pictures of my Grandfather still astounds me to this day.  Shame on me for not knowing this branch of my family as well as I should have. This facet is a symptomatic response to a deep divide in my family in regards to my sister Jean.  It speaks volumes really.  In retrospect, if I had known my grandfather by sight, I wouldn't have been shown that my experience was in fact an NDE at that reported and documented three-year mark.  I was never a believer.  My experience was the realest thing I have ever experienced, but I rationalized it as a dream.  A very real dream, but a dream nontheless.  Oddly I had not had a dream for some time during my illness.  Still don't actually.  But I rationalized it either way.  

The messages after my awakening from my long departed family members were clear in regards to this coincidence of my grandfather being my guide.  It wasn't just to point out communication from the NDE and to show me it was an NDE.  It was a burning bush in regards to the branch of my family that has chosen a different course in regards to family connectivity.  The need to repair this lost connection is a huge lesson and message for me that simply won't go away.  I have tried to listen to my father and grandfather in regards to this repair. I followed their direction. I set the table by organizing the reunion.  But most didn't want to come to the water, let alone drink it.  Forgiveness was overshadowed by blame and this bothers me tremendously to this day.  But I now understand it is not up to me to affect change in others in my family. or the world for that matter.  It's a personal choice.  So I make my own changes in regards to Jean. I weekly send her a message of love and forgiveness.  It still hasn't impacted our communication.  Her husband still won't let me through the door.  But I believe the intent finds its way into her heart.  I am certain she can feel my love and prayers regardless of her husband's iron wall of family denial. I effect the change personally in regards to Jean.  I forgive and love her regardless of her choices and her husband's.  This was my intent of the reunion as well.  Blame - it's an ugly thing.  The past can be even uglier sometimes.  Forgiveness doesn't change yesterday, but it does change tomorrow.  My family helped me survive.  My sister Kate quite simply saved my life for all intents and purposes. There were others who played a role.  But none were as selfless as Kate.  We will be forever bonded with energy and love.  A coincidence it was my sister?  Probably not.  A lesson for my other siblings - definitely not .  The love and support of family are critical to the harmony of life.  My experience should have shown my family the many miracles of this, but ironically it showed some nothing.  Free will I guess. But I am sure now you can understand the calling I have had to impact my loved ones with my story.  It's about healing.  How did I survive the impossible?  Why my Grandfather Trombley. Why my sister Kate?  There are many lessons for them all.  But they have to be open to the very act of awareness to truly understand.  Judgments are observations without love, I have heard.  But I wonder if that's true in this regard.  I know my family loves me.  But I wonder, do the biggest blocks in life revolve around loving ourselves?  You bet your ass they do.  Ego is a dangerous thing.  Confidence isn't.  Selfish ego is.  Regardless of their desire to support my journey or even listen to it, I will share the story.  I remind myself daily that I am responsible for what I say, but I am not responsible for what others understand of it, nor am I responsible for what they do with it. 

I don't think it's a coincidence that it took three years and another gift from loving family (mom's calender) to awaken to the NDE. Three years is the average time, according to PMH Atwater, for the experiencer to accept the fact that they had an NDE. This was compiled after 30 years of her research and thousands of cases.  Imagine my surprise when I found this serendipity.  Tied me forever to PMH.  Not to mention her recorded after-effects.  I thought when reading her reports on the after-effects that perhaps she hacked my computer and had been reading my journals.  LOL. They were just dead on to my notes on the recorded changes I had documented about myself after my experience, almost verbatim.  It helped me tremendously understand that I wasn't alone in my observation.  Assimilating these changes back into normal society is another story altogether.  Even my family doesn't understand it all for the most part.  But they still love me.  I am still working on accommodating my changes into real world life.  It's a process like all opportunities for growth are.  Amazingly, I had always found difficulty changing anything about me in my past, but nearly everything about me changed after my experience with seemingly no effort at all.  I need an explanation for this.  I will find it.  Exactly when and how I am supposed to.

The experience for me and the Veridical perception I experienced were not the telltale issues for me.  It wasn't the experience that proved my experience.  It was the after-effects. I often giggle at the famous words of Bill Clinton, "its the economy stupid".  It's the after-effects stupid, is a theme I repeat to myself everyday.  It is in this regards that I will focus my own journey of understanding.  I think it's an important talisman for others who also try to change throughout life, but can't. 

Everyone's experience is different in their NDE.  I still cannot bring myself to reading the thousands of NDE's out there. There are probably more.  Nearly 5% according to studies from many years ago.  There are millions of us.  I have read a few, most by authors that appeared along my path who were critical to my awakening.  But this number is a small handful of experiences.  I am not sure why other accounts don't call me.  You would think I couldn't read enough of them.  But every time I try, I just can't seem to get into it.  It bothers me actually.  But there is peace in pace.  I am sure at some point I will feel the need to read others' experiences, but for now I will keep mine pure and untainted by other accounts. I want to keep my experience pure from others.  All mine.  After all, it isn't the experience to me as I have said a million times.  It's the after-effects that validate my experience.  It isn't just the changes in me that can be ignored by choice by others, it's also the virtual miracle of my survival countless times.  But for some this is still not enough. 

What will be enough for others to pay attention?  After all, I am just trying to show others the things I have learned in the light.  To better their understanding of death and grief.  To better understand death I believe allows a better understanding of life.  A peace and harmony I had only previously read about.  It also speaks volumes about healing and the ability of all of us to change our perception and heal nearly everything.  Yes, I said everything.  The mind is a beautiful thing.  Energized by whatever source you want to call it.  Down to each cell of the body.  It's time for you to read up on the new science of Epigenetics.  It's about to change the world, I believe.  I didn't even know what it was or care prior to my experience.  But everyday I relate to my own survival journey to keep concepts emerging from this science.  It isn't the DNA that sets our path, it's flipping the light switch of energy to each of these coded genes that cause illness.  This switch is activated in pure and simple belief and the signals from the environment. We mirror what we see,and sense with our five senses, and a few more in fact.  But that's another post.  Science is spending so much money on DNA research now that the growing fact that we are discovering it isn't DNA but the activation of the coded genes that's important is going to be a raging battle in the scientific community fueled by money.  Imagine if the world understood how the mind's decoding the environment and activating healing messages to the very gene affected would cause the world to pause. Not sure about this?  Research Placebo effects.  Why is it in every pharmaceutical study for the development and research of new drugs.  Every time.  Millions of research trials everyday on new drugs to make money.  Ever read a study on the PLACEBO EFFECT?  Ever wonder why?  I do.  It's time to put aside high school biology and things you hear about in the media as your only source of inspiration in understanding medicine.  The field doesn't want you to know what I know.  Frankly, some of you don't either.  Maybe it attracts attention to step outside the box of understanding in life.  Some people might think you're strange.  Ironic, really, that the edge of survival might actually involve shedding your ego and stepping onto the limb of vulnerability.  Your life actually may depend on it.  But there's more than just your life, I assure you.  Wanna know what I mean.?  When you're done probing the aspect of Placebo, try probing the term NOCEBO.  It's about others' affect from your belief.  I think it is the most critical problem in today's world.  It may be just killing us all.  I am not even kidding!!  Being positive isn't a sports theme, it's a law of nature.  Our very perception is our reality.  Isn't it time to change yours?  It's about learning something new, believing something new, evolving.  Want the same results? Keep doing the same things.  When you're ready, color outside the lines of what you've been told.  Create your own perception and reality. It's time.

One thing I theorize now is that to affect change in ourselves, it may just take a huge tragedy or collapse of a current energy field within us.  A loss or a challenge that shakes us to the core, perhaps rock bottom, to evolve us.  Tragedy and challenge are opportunities for growth, pure and simple truth.  I think perhaps you have to earn the right to evolve to a higher consciousness.  It is here that things become clearer.  The search for the light quite simply requires a dance in the darkness.  I have had mine and it changed me.  If I could spare others their tragic journey, I would.  Hell, I even tried and still do try.  But it occurs to me that it may be impossible to change anyone until they have to.  Like trying to force a drug addict or alcoholic into rehab. It doesn't make a difference until they hit rock bottom, we often hear.  So I will find my peace in pace on this issue and others, but I will continue to tell the story.  I hope it make a small difference in someone.  It takes an open mind.  Some say it takes faith.  I have learned perhaps that the term faith invokes some potential for doubt in its very definition.  So I say perhaps it doesn't take faith - IT TAKES TRUST.  But only at the exact time and manner in which it will make the most impact.  Pace is good.  Status quo, maybe not so much.  Evolving is a growth process.  By definition its...well...NEW!!!. That doesn't come yesterday.  It comes in moments of NOW.  It also comes tomorrow.  I hope my words today spark some intuition for you here.  A glimmer of answers already inside you.  It isn't about believing me.  It's about trusting yourself and the instinctual intuition inside you sparked by words like mine and others of a higher consciousness. It's about trusting yourself, and it is certainly about educating yourself at a minimum.  I urge you to read more of my blog.  Not because it pays me.  IT DOESN'T.  Not because it helps me.  IT DOESN'T.  But because I believe I survived to share these thoughts about life and death.  It's your free will from here. Color outside the lines.  Save yourself, save them all.  Love, peace and light to you all.  

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  1. So true, every word, I have found in the after effects also of my ADE. I never shared it it was sacred I felt only to me, after 24 years I just have shared, it was to be in its own time, as I felt I needed to. I rarely read others nde's also, not that I didn't want it to taint mine, absolutely nothing could ever do that short of Alzheimers. But as I shared it, in a group on FB, I realized the after-effects of many nde'rs there was quite vehemently judgemental, and quite frankly angry. So I stepped back in utter shock actually, to see the proposed nde'rs, I just observed a bit and not angry because it wasn't just me, I saw they were frequently angry with others, and none actually could agree. That was a huge wake up for me again, to just keep what happened to me pretty much to myself. Why I'm saying this is, mine involved epigenetics, and Dr. Bruce Lipton is one of my friends. It hasn't always been called epigenetics, and it is as old as the universe, and as simple as "as a man thinketh, so is he" Once back here, in the chaos of being human, with all the emotions of family, life, death, illness, suffering, that humans are here to experience, it's very difficult NOT to trigger the dna. Trying to tell other nde'rs was more difficult than trying to tell non nde'rs, and truly begs me to question the after effects of nde. My after effects continue to evolve, and things in myself seem to come as I need them, I trying to live and do everything from love, that was the biggest, and to acccept others as they are, never trying to pull anyone onto my path, because we are here to walk our own... If we pull someone else onto ours, they will miss what they came here for likely, or take a long round about way getting there. Sorry to be so lengthy, thank you for the blog, and thank you for the book, you truly make me think!