Saturday, September 20, 2014

Reap what you SOW

I am Reminded this morning of a story of a boy who was told great benefits would come if he did things for others. So the 8 yr old set out on a snowy day to shovel the 76 yr old widow's driveway. After an hour of labor he finished, looked around and said " great benefits? All I got was exhaustion". On his way he went, dismayed. When the 76 yr old women awoke she was stunned at the graciousness of her driveway shoveled. She thought and thought about who would have done this. Not knowing, she chose the three most likely candidates and commenced on making cookies that she later delivered quietly to their door steps. These three upon discovering the fresh homemade cookies were overjoyed. They thought and thought about who would do such a wonderful thing anonymously. So each of these three chose the four most likely candidates and they each made them pies and bread and assorted goodies. They, in turn, repeated the anonymous gift giving without a word. Just the gift. This story continued on and on and on. The boy missed the ripples of effect that he created with one act of kindness and his shovel. But it's obvious that you don't have to see the results of your actions to make an impact that spreads to many. It's good to remember that doing for others unconditionally can make a difference we may never see. But not seeing it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. This is true I believe of all of life. A thought for the day - try doing something for others without them knowing who even did it. Start your own ripples. Have a great day.  Thanks to Jeffery C Olsen for the story he shared. We do reap what we sow.. Jeff asks himself daily like me. Have I done enough? Have I made a difference? Indeed you have sir. I was told I'm supposed to do something important. I'm doing it everyday. Just without a shovel. Lol. Phew.  Enjoy and share if it moves you. Create your own ripples today. I believe we get everything we want in life by helping others get what they "need".  

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