Monday, September 15, 2014

"Something Important..."

"There is something important that you're supposed to do!!!" I am doing it.

I live with these words everyday.  All of the epiphanies that cross my mind daily, and this most important one, had eluded me for sometime.  I have realized it isn't one important thing, but perhaps an accumulation of many little things done over and over again for the benefit of others.  I have always said that you get everything you want in life by helping others get what they need.  So I share my story in the light of humility in hopes it makes a difference for others.  I realize there are skeptics and doubters.  I think they are important in life.  I was one.  I also realize that we all must make the journey to evolve in life.  There are no short cuts to it.  The search for the light.  More often than not the search involves visiting the darkest darkness before the light is revealed.  Each of us has to experience the tragedies and trials of life to truly see this light.  My only purpose for sharing my story is in hopes that others will be spared the pain.  It's just not that easy to evolve to a higher consciousness, to see beauty everywhere, to be the light.  We all must travel the road of darkness, it's a cover charge.  I don't like this idea much but it may just be inevitable. We can't pay this charge for others or travel the road for them.  We can, however, walk beside them sharing our own light along the journey.  Share our experiences, our ideas and, most importantly, our love.  We most certainly can inspire them through our own actions and vibration. We cannot change others but we can hope.  But I have an issue with the word "hope".  I think it infers the possibility of failure.  The word "trust" is definitive.  I trust that each and every person traveling the dark road eventually finds their way to the light of life.  I know it in my heart.  The journey can be painful, obviously, but it's essential.  I have found resisting the natural path of life not only conflicts with the rules of this natural transition, but the very rules of energy that enlighten our universe.  Everything on our path is meant to teach us something. It's best, I believe, to accept this quickly, find the lesson in all put in front of us and then let it go.  One thing someone once said (Einstein), is that the problems of life cannot be solved in the same level of consciousness in which it was created in.  Evolving is our purpose, our natural birth right, our mission on this earth.  The rough moments of life are a matter of perception as well as perspective.  Each is a choice of free will.  Not an easy task, I understand, to alter these states of mind, but if we all accept the fact that each trial in life is for a reason then I think it naturally becomes easier to deal with it.  To go with the flow as they say.

How do we change our consciousness, one might ask?  I hear it all the time.  I paid my dues and it happened for me. So too must you.  Here's a secret - it's still happening to me everyday.  I love that about life.  It is a journey after all.   Here is a tip, however - I didn't do it alone.  The love and support of others guided me along my way.  They lifted me up when I fell.  They carried me when I couldn't walk.  They spoke for me when I couldn't speak.  They cried for me when I couldn't go on, and they prayed for me when I lost all belief.

My sister Kate did all these things for me.  There were others.  But Kate was critical to my evolution and my healing.  Because of this we are forever aligned in our energy.  She may not realize it yet,  but it's irrefutable.  Her pain is now my pain. So too is her joy my joy as well.  Forever.  I haven't slept well for days now.  Not a coincidence that she is now travelling her own journey of darkness.  Not nearly a life or death journey, but a journey nonetheless for her.  It is change that can shock us into a higher consciousness.  A star isn't born without an implosion or collapse of energy and matter.  A butterfly isn't born without a change from a caterpillar.  So too are we expected to change after undergoing a collapse of energy, a colloidal collapse of energy. Everyone fears change in this world when in fact it should be celebrated.

I can't make the journey for her, but I will make it with her if she allows. This won't be easy for Kate.  She has spent a lifetime doing things for others.  Now everyone tells her as she is released from a majority of her responsibilities as a full time parent to "do things for herself".  I wonder though, does she know how?  It's a lifetime of service to others that is my sister's gift to the world.  She knows this to be true.  Everyone who knows her knows it.  It's difficult to me to argue the fact that she is truly due a time in her life where she takes priority in herself.  But I wonder, is this not resisting the natural gift in life bestowed upon her soul?  It may be easier for a leopard to become a vegetarian than it would be for my sister to expel her beautiful heart in regards to the well being of others.  It is the very fuel that ignites her soul.  I suspect the worse thing for Kate might be to try and abandon this way of life and the beauty it brings to the world all at once.  I do believe she should find herself after many years of carrying others, but I suspect this needs to be a slow withdrawal surrounded by love and beauty.  I pray she finds new experiences in this endeavor.  Perhaps volunteerism - it strikes a chord to me for Kate.  There is something magical in volunteering to help others.  It's a karma thing I suspect.  Kate is rich with it.  But new experiences are critical, I believe, for her regardless.  Spontaneous things.  Things outside the box of her comfort zone.  Impractical even might be better and refreshing.  I pray she finds the beauty in the now moments of life, to never live too much in the past, to never look too far ahead in the future, but to experience the everyday beauty of life surrounding her.  I trust she will find great support in those around her that she has carried for far too long, myself included.  I hope she can find solace as well as strength from her gift she has shared in this world.  I'm certain she will see it when she sees the signs that surround her everyday.  I trust that others will lift their divine countenance upon her, and give her peace.  She deserves it.

Tonight she asked me on Facebook, "What do you have for me?" as she struggles with a new reality.  Well the answer to this has many answers.  I will share a few.  #1 - The first is the very thing I have been writing and sharing with the world to start with.  May they help her see the light she helped create for me that has impacted others with great intent and love.  #2 - A round trip ticket to come see me and my family to be surrounded by positive loving people that drink each day like it's the nectar of endless bliss, in hopes the vibration mirrors within her to show her what her work, commitment and love has accomplished.  #3 - The most important thing I have for her is the most valuable thing I possess in life - my never-ending love and respect.  The limits of what I would do for Kate are endless.  But I share these three in hopes of support alone.  Like she did for me...countless times.  I hope she won't mind my intent.  It's random thoughts that pour into me that I share, filled with love.  Change isn't's inevitable and it's beautiful.  Peace with pace is critical.

As for the rest of the world, I offer a few things I think are important to know for your own journey and evolution.  How do we evolve to a higher consciousness? The sheer act of awareness may help you. Pay attention to the signs put in front of you everyday.  It also involves understanding that the things you've been taught to believe most of your life may not be correct.  In fact, most of them are not.  It's not really malicious intent by teachers and parents that this happens, it's just maybe our constant desire for a status quo in life that numbs the brain to sleep.  It is in this lesson that we realize learning something new involves a consistent and definitive belief  that we may be wrong.  This requires a new perspective on ego.  Learning something new involves crossing this plane.  Learning something new involves another secret that I share with you here today.  It's a big one.  It's important.  Pay attention.

"Learning something new involves doing something new".  Believing something new.  The very edge of what you thought possible is where the answers begin.  It's just that simple really.  One can't continue to do the same thing over and over and expect different results in life.  We have all heard this famous quote.  That comfort level we believe is so important in life might just be the most destructive thing for our own evolution.  It's crippling.  The ego defends it, and the signs before us meant to teach us , dissolves. I remind you that the human being only registers 10% of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Your missing more than you see.  The edge of possibility is surely expansive.  Some want to keep you in the dark.  I stand in the light of humility daily to share with you these thoughts and teachings from beyond.  It doesn't bother me one bit.  I am certain of these teachings.  But there are skeptics who will try to keep me and others down through judgement. Dont let them effect you.  My story is for believers filled with light and love...Not skeptics who one day will go through there own calamity and seek truth.  Resistance really is futile.  I just hope to spare some the painful parts.  Judge what I say for yourself.  Don't let others humiliate you into dogma.  Trust your gut on these things.  I assure you the answer is already inside you.  I am simply trying to help you access it.

Everyone is our teacher in life.  It's resistance to this fact that makes us miss the gifts before us everyday. This is an opportune time to mention judgement.  You quite simply wont evolve if you judge others.  This goes back to our ego I suspect. Perhaps its a tool some use to deflect the need to evaluate themselves but the practice of labeling others is an issue if you want to evolve.  We are all made of the same light and energy. Before you ask yourself "have I loved enough"? I think you should remind yourself that this should start with yourself.  This is important.  We do get what we give in this world.  Love yourself allows you to see the gift in front of you.  Everyone has one for you.  The beauty of life is finding it.  I have said this before.  "It may not be just one gift"...

Perception is another big one.  Our perception virtually defines our reality.  It's not just a concept, it's physics.  Each of us is made of energy down to the very cell that operates primarily in two modes: one of growth and health (peace and balance), and then there is the one of closed cell walls triggered by fight or flight.  It's just about metaphysics I suspect.  If you haven't learned about this science, it might be time.  It could save you.  It could save us all.

One thing in life we can control is our perception.  All else in life is out of our control.  Control is, in fact, an illusion, but the control of our perception is a choice lined with the love of all things on our path.  If we all just realize the purpose in everything on our path is not accidental, including the things we don't see.  The moment we judge, we lose the ability to see the gift before us.  It's the humor of the universe perhaps, but it is definitive I believe.

Paying attention to the signs surrounding us may help you see better.  It's all not just for a reason, but a purpose.  See everything with beauty sculpted in this lesson.  I believe this is part of the key that turns the lock on the door to the universe.  This belief and faith illuminates other things along the way.  If we can all agree to put aside the things we have been told that may not be correct, and we see everything with the love intended, the reality of the real universe appears.  Combine it all with a spirit of non-judgmental behavior and you are allowed a view of this world you may not believe.  Synchronicity of life seems simple and constant.  It will amaze you.  There are other things we can do along this journey to help, but I offer them slowly.  Peace with Pace.  Don't just take my word for it, trust your gut.  The things I suggest may spark your intuition and instincts.  They may sound familiar.  They are, I suspect.  That's synchronicity.  Trust in your gut, it won't steer you wrong.  The answers to evolving to a higher consciousness are already inside you.  Access is the key.  If I trigger some for you I am indeed happy.

At the end of the day I ask myself, "Have I done enough? Have I touched the hearts of others? Have I loved enough?  Have I made a difference?"  I hope so.  My intent is forged in the fires of the love others have shown me along my journey.  The people like Kate that got me here today.  All of them for that matter.  I didn't pray during my dying days for a cure or life itself.  I prayed everyday for "Mercy".  I got it in spades.  Since my illness I still give thanks, but none of it is for things or possessions.  I thank God everyday for just one more day.  It may just be enough to allow the light of heaven to shine upon us all.

I strive to make the world better around me.  To share my story to enlighten the world.  I ask you all to do the same if it moves you to do so.  It's not about me, this blog or anything other than sharing the light of all things love.  You don't have to hand out daisies at the airport, but I would like you to share my story if anything touched your heart.  Share it with the world with good intent for peace, for LOVE...  Perhaps the ripples in the water of the intent you throw may make a difference for someone.  I hope it does and the karma you feel is worthy of your beautiful mind.  Please feel free to comment as well.  Your inspiration is mine. .  I do try and take a piece of everyone along the way.  I think it's important.  I don't write often enough but I will try to do better.  I hope the light of all things beautiful shine upon you and yours this day and forever.

 More on Kate in a previous post titled "Book of Kate"...

There is something I am supposed to do.  I am doing it.
Now it's your turn.  Please share.

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