Saturday, October 4, 2014

No Drama...Dull Plot

I am amazed everyday that my blog has been read and shared thousands of times. It isn't an ego thing to stand in the light of humility and share my new world. It isn't fame I seek. It's done in hopes that I might spare some the harsh journey I took to get here. To learn from my experience and remarkable journey. What I find amazing is the fact that more people are interested in reading about the experience than anything else on the blog. By a remarkable number I might add. Drama sells I suppose. "No drama, dull plot" was the famous line. I suspect that rings true. Each of our experiences are different and each individually remarkable. The odd thing for me is I don't believe the truth we seek is in the experience. It's in the after effects. The effects of our changing personalities and views about life and this universe. A collective voice that sings to us. We nearly all report the same messages over and over. Millions of us. I doubt the synchronicity of this is accidental. Yet, most everyone reads and studies the experience instead of the after effects. I find this fascinating. When I attended and spoke this year at the IANDS conference, I found it interesting that the majority of speakers spoke about their own experiences. Even I did it. There was little to do with these after effects in content. I have found through my years of teaching and lecturing that the answers we develop on our own are always the ones that carry the greatest impact. I guess that rings true in most things in life. It is in our own journeys that we evolve. The path of life appears to be a "toll road". It requires us all to pay the fee to evolve. The greater the toll the bigger the bounty. It still screams to me to try and tell the world what we have all seen and know. The lessons are many, and they are profound. Importantly they are almost all nearly the same. This is not an accident. It is my hope that others realize this synchronicity and find the answers they seek about life and death. In understanding death, we might just live a fuller life. I realize it's a topic most don't want to deal with. We associate it with sadness and a great deal of fear. But I assure you the lessons of many can help you here. Death is not the end. Our consciousness continues. The after effects that we avoid on the blogs of life now will not be denied in the afterlife...thankfully. I wonder what your thoughts are on this matter - please feel free to share your thoughts.

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