Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sharing with the world...Touching everyone

It is with great pride and humility that I share my story.  It's not ego or fame I stroke here.  It's for others to be inspired by the truths that I have been shown with the precious time I have been given, however long that may be.  I don't know how many more at bats I get on this deal.  But who does really.  Regardless, I believe everything happens for a reason, my survival from two terminal diagnosis included.  I share it with great intent.  I believe you get everything you need in life by helping others.  I hope the time commitment you give today touches you as much as it has me in writing this.  There is so much more to my story I haven't shared yet here. I will in the book I am nearing completion of.

I am in hopes of finding a publisher or literary agent with the same vision as me to help others.  I also hope to publish the book and donate most of the proceeds to further research on this field.  I believe it is important.  It is in this spirit that I hope you will join me in spreading ripples of good intent by sharing my story.  Wherever and whenever possible.  I trust it will find the right people at exactly the right time. It does, however, take a collective.  It is in sharing that we truly allow in the light of this world.

One person shared my story with a simple cut and paste and three seconds of her day on a website and facebook page other than her own.  It was shared 480 times in that one day.  It's really the simple things in life done with great intent that can change the world.  I'm grateful.  Thank you so much for your commitment of time to read,  and your love to share it with the world.  I am truly grateful.

At the end of the day I ask myself...
Have I done enough?
Have I made a difference?

I am supposed to do something important it said.  I am doing it everyday.
Thanks again for sharing your time and my story. Please feel free to comment or follow me directly on facebook or twitter.




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