Saturday, October 4, 2014


Releasing expectations may be the key to never being disappointed. People ask me often. "How did you survive multiple terminal diagnosis's "? The key was I stopped trying to. Resisting the flow of life and shedding the fear was critical. All I ever said while sick and still today is " thanks for one more day". Expectations can kill you. Let me tell you the key to a healthy life. Negativity causes disease. Is there anything more needed in life than this information? This is the message I scream to the world daily. It's important. It's not theory, it's science. I hope this strikes your intuition enough to save yourself. Please remember that our thoughts and emotions affect others. We mirror as a biological consequence of life. It's not about your well being, it's about others as well. Save yourself. Save them all. Have a great day.  Thanks for one more day .

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  1. As Edgar Cayce said: "Every time a thought goes through your head it changes your whole being."