Thursday, October 16, 2014

Walk Away....

Walking away from a six figure job isnt an easy does it kind of thing.  You cant just wade into that type of change and action in life.  You just take the leap and step into it.  Like jumping in a pool really. Some would say its foolish to walk away from that type of money. There is one thing I am reminded of about my trip through hospice two years ago.  I actually uttered these words.  "I sure don't ever say I wish I spent more time at the job."  Lately the medical information I have hidden has reared its head yet again for me.  My health diminished greatly over the past few weeks.  So much so we made a decision to remove me from the negative environment causing the strife.

So I gave my notice and left my big pay corporate job. Its no accident that I have failed three attempts at returning to my previous industry.  All three times I had my carcinoma flare up and need surgical intervention. On Nov 4 th my appolitment at the Mayo looms closer.  We are supposed to discuss surgical time needed.  So once again we dance.  No big deal really.  Just cant do that and work 14 hour days.

Coincidentally it seems my calling to share my story gets louder.  I have several invitations for interviews and speeches that I never had time for. Radio shows...TV shows...documentaries... A book needing attention. Things that I can do to help others perhaps.

Nearly everyday I hear from someone who reads this blog. People who have spent the time and invested in experiencing the synchronicity needed to find relevance to my writing.  Then they shared it.  Sending ripples of good intent into the world.  My story is about healing the impossible.  I think its obvious that in sharing for other may be one key reason I survived countless times. My blog has been viewed thousands of time.  I wonder how many others days were effected by my story of hope.   Its about loading up the Karma train selfishly I might add. I am OK with it.  Hope you catch the same train...I am all about getting everything we need by helping others.   I am all about making hay when the suns out.

There is much more to my story that I haven't

shared yet.  It makes the possibility of my story even harder to understand.  It defies medicine actually.  It most certainly challenges the things you know about medicine and it will shock you.  It's deeply personal and requires respect and understanding.  It requires faith to stand in this light.  But I am nearly certain that in this light I will find the true gift.  I know it.  The time is coming as I prepare those around me for the upcoming events that seem to be destiny.  My book will contain the entire story.  It will set me free.  What others do with it.  This will be fate and hopefully compassion that will take this writing to the world its meant to be placed in front of.  There is a populace of people in my proverbial shoes.  Many lack hope.  I hope my story shows them some of what they may have lost.

I look forward to how this blog shapes my book.  It is a collective , so please feel free to comment and share it if your so moved.  I hope my words find the right people at exactly the time and manner needed.  I look forward to writing more in this blog and finishing my book.  My search for a literary agent continues.  Any thoughts or referrals would be greatly appreciated.  It is a collective after all.  Helping others may just be the key.  I certainly could use the experience and support of my friend authors here.

Anyone can walk away from a six figure job...what matters is what you do with your time.   I will open myself more to the truth of my story and I will write about it.  I hope it helps someone, somewhere in this world.

There are paths before us if we are bold enough to pay attention to them.  I look forward to finding more examples of why we crossed paths.  the synchronicity of our thinking.  Please feel free to reach out to me here or on facebook or twitter...hope your day is filled with moments of "now"...tasty and refreshing...

PS:  Looks like my schedule just opened a great deal so please feel free to contact me about speaking opportunities and research projects.  There are a few I missed due to work schedule. A few I need to schedule as well.  Writing helps me tremendously.  But I am a face to face kind of guy.  People generally remember meeting me. lol. I look forward to more interaction with all of you.  You are all my teacher...please feel free to comment or share at anytime.   Grace and peace to you all


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  1. I'm sorry to read about your health issues. You'll be in my prayers on Nov. 4.

    Unfortunately, I don't have any literary suggestions but I am looking forward to reading your book!