Sunday, November 9, 2014

Alive Again...TV Broadcast

I just signed a contract to be featured on the new TV show "Alive Again"...Before you jump to an ego thing let me make sure you know that I sold the rights to my life story for the bargain price of $1.  It isnt about me obviously.  It seems every-time I open up to share my story. The world opens up to allow it. Exactly in the manner and time needed...imagine that.  There is still much I haven't shared yet with my story. Shocking secrets I save for the book.The book will tell it all.  Gotta read the book.  Like I planned it all it seems. lol.  I didn't.  I am just following the path.  The TV show will begin filming soon and I imagine it will air at exactly the same time my book is due to be published...Imagine that.Please join me in supporting this fantastic show for allowing us to share our stories for the world by sharing the news and promoting where and when you can. Thanks

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