Saturday, November 29, 2014

Get Rich quick...Heaven has a drive through :)

Things I learned in Hospice..."Its all about the money...$$$$ !!!!
I am often asked about heaven since I decided to share my experience to others. I am cautious in force feeding my opinion to others in regards to this. I am aware from years of teaching that the conclusions we arrive at on our own are the most powerful and long lasting. Seared with heat of ego and stored accordingly. That being said, it does take new information and thoughts to evolve to a higher consciousness. So I offer the lessons I learned since my experience in hopes that it strikes your intuition. Strikes it in such a manner that it may lite a fuse for you. Judging these new trinkets of information is up to the individual, but I assure you one of the biggest lessons I learned was. That the moment we judge a new piece of information or person while avoiding how it resonates within us is when the gift of its miracle ends. We all cross paths for a reason. Everyone can be your teacher. All things being equal I offer this trinket for your consideration to answer the many who ask me about heaven. What you do with it is a choice. I hope you choose to make it beautiful. Bare with me as there is a point to the following comparison.
The one thing that rings true about our placement in the heavenly realms is currency or $. Religion has told us for generations that there are many mansions in the heavenly realm and the quality of your mansion like here on earth is directly related to your savings account I found. Like in this world, currency plays a part in our placement in heaven as well. I often comment when it comes to money that "you cant take it with you" to the next life and that is true. But is it? I think the currency in the heavenly is considerably different than here on this plane. Thankfully for some.
You see, I believe the currency in the afterlife isn't actual Money. It is the amount of love and compassion we showed in our mortal life and to me its absolute. Our entire life experience is an opportunity to build your account. To save. I believe it determines which level of experience you can expect in the afterlife. I believe the views of the afterlife are in direct proportion to the love we experienced in this world. Nothing more or less. Love is the money in the heavenly realm. The Universal Bank of karma is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is never too late to save. There is even a drive through. 
To me, this is why we all come back from an NDE with such changes in personality without even trying. A calling to share this information that is irrefutable and profound. It may explain to many why it it so important for me to share this information. Why I stand in the light of vulnerability and shout to the world my experience regardless of what others may think. I now consider myself a financial planner for heaven. For Near Death Experiencer's , One look at our current balance and we quite simply evolved to a different financial planning quite simply. It wasn't a choice. It was a necessity. But it does take a awareness in the account balance to understand what we may need to do to save better. That can be painful in all honesty on both planes. This awareness traditionally is forced upon us upon news of a bounced check sadly. A crisis or collapse of energy. When we are forced to pay attention. Like here on this world, many can share their wisdom and ideas on saving currency. But until you see the need for yourself. Its all a mute issue. My desire is to save you that bounced check fee. It can get expensive and embarrassing, I assure you. I will tell you another lesson I learned in my experience. Do not fear the balance in your account. Its never to late to save. Its a choice like everything. I hope you chose wisely.
As I prepare to release my book "twenty seconds". I am reminded that I am responsible for what I say. I am not responsible for what you understand about it. I do hope it makes a difference.
"Some people are dazzled by wonder, instead of silenced by Dogma." Try something new. Expect different results. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with the currency of life. Rich beyond your wildest dreams.

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