Friday, November 28, 2014

Things I learned in hospice

Things I learned in Hospice !!!!
Thanksgiving Eve. A holiday about thanks and gratitude. How fitting!!! The house is full of energy with my whole new family and life here in Arizona. The majesty of it all. Look how far I have come. Most of you are aware of my travels in surviving a terminal diagnosis twice and a journey through Hospice. I thought it was a great opportunity to mention how it's all happened. It happened when Family stood up and carried me and showed a love and commitment that is rare in this world. I found gratitude in everything suddenly and still do every day. I deal with pain every day still to remind me of my journey, but yet I still find the gratitude to thank the universe for it and more importantly each and every day I am allowed the beauty of this world and everything in it. For just "one more day". It might just be enough. Why be thankful for pain? It reminds me to stay in the "now" and keep busy helping others in any way I can. To let go of the past and count on a future with hope. I shout to the world about my journey and my miracle of being saved not for any other reason than to inspire you that anything is possible if you just realize that it's not just thinking outside the box, but that there is no box. Screaming without raising my voice through intention and love. I am reminded today that I am not near any of my immediate family physically this holiday, but we are forever tied in our energy no matter what the distance. I love them all so dearly. I will celebrate another Thanksgiving tomorrow with my new family that fills my heart with such joy and gratitude that it seems important to mention how very blessed I am this holiday. But more importantly it's just as simple as being grateful every single day for ALL of it. I fear nothing as all is meant to evolve me and make me better than I was yesterday. I send ripples of great intent to the world in everything I am, say or post. Thanksgiving is for me you see, an everyday thing and the world knows it and responds. This is how I healed the impossible and how I remain loving and positive for others today, tomorrow and beyond. Each and every one of you has been an intricate part of my journey and I am thankful for that as well. People ask me if I went to heaven -they want to know what it is like, If it's real. That's the funny thing about it - I am not sure I went to heaven. But the things I saw made me realize that this event is nothing to fear and I believe it's important to share that with the world and I am not alone in this calling. One thing I am sure of is that Heaven is all around us everyday in nearly every element of beauty we see daily. "On earth as it is in heaven". The heaven you seek may be inside each and every one of us if we find the peace and courage required to step into the light of vulnerability and stand for something beautiful without fear of judgement or condemnation. To understand that our own thoughts and emotions create an energy that ripples throughout this universe and mirrors all around us. Bringing us and others the reality we experience everyday. Losing fear and finding gratitude aren't just good ideas. It's the law of the universe that delivers you to the heaven we seek I believe all around us. We reap what we sow in this life. It is a choice. I hope you chose beauty and love this holiday and every day.I hope life brings you joy beyond any words. That you find peace that delivers you a tranquility unmatched in history. Laughter so pure and rich it brings tears, and love that knows no fear or boundaries. I am grateful for today and each day for all of you. Thank you for the time you shared to read this. Thank you for your love. I love you all.
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