Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The book..."Twenty Seconds" nears completion with a heavy toll

Writing the book and reliving the three year journey and the pain and suffering I endured has been, to say the least,surreal. It has brought mood swings,exhaustion and a depression I had not considered and clearly underestimated. I had forgotten all the things I battled. Reviewing thousands of pages of medical records over the past two months brought memories I had perhaps chosen to forget to resurface and I recognize the impact. I apologize to those around me that paid the price for my behavior over the past few weeks. If I only knew someone with great writing discipline, editing talents and organization that could assist in the completion of this calling. Someone to remind me why I was spared and healed from a myriad of ailments that include, diabetes, retinal detachments, two varieties of Carcinoma several times, a blood infection embedded in my bone marrow and organs that mimicked tuberculosis, and brain damage to name just a few. The list of ailments are nearly three pages in length during the height of it all and some are even more severe than the few I have listed here. The very razors edge. One thing that has been realized is that my brain doesn't work like it used to. If I just knew someone who could help finalize the book, organize it, and help me physically and emotionally deal with the history.... Imagine that.... I do!!!.Carol Begnoche has been editing the writing anyway but has agreed to co-author the book at exactly the right time and manner needed to finish it. Imagine that. Like it was meant to be. We will finish it and publish it together as a team. Like we were supposed to. Once again someone beautiful in my world steps forward at exactly the right time to save me. How lucky am I? The foundation we will be starting will help many and the proceeds of the foundation and most of the book will be going to help others. In the end we hope it will make a difference. The biggest thing that can happen to promote a book is a national TV appearance and that is already happening without effort at exactly the right time of the release of the book with two separate TV shows and others waiting. No one gets rich writing a book and its clearly not the intention here. I have NOT disclosed everything in my bog or postings as to all of my medical issues that brought me to the brink.There are significantly larger concerns than I listed here. But I will face them in the book and it will shock you. You will understand immediately that my calling isn't about ego or being famous. It will take courage and a commitment to accomplish it all and with Carol at my side it will be easier to manage and complete. Almost like it was all planned really. I love my life and am reminded not only of the horrendous medical struggle these past few years. I am also reminded how very lucky I am to even be here. My journey isn't complete medically and my time on this earth may be limited but I assure you what time is left will be inspiring. No one really knows how long I have, frankly none of us do. So I continue to be thankful for each new day surrounded by the loving people that got me and keep me here everyday. Thanks for one more day.‪#‎twentyseconds‬ coming June 2 to bookstores near you. Thank you Carol !!! I love you. Some have asked what they can do to help and it is simple. Continue to show your love and support for our endeavor by sharing when you feel moved to do so. Not just to sell more books, but to reach more people. Sharing is our gift....all of us. I thank you all for your presence on my path. Love and peace.
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