Tuesday, February 24, 2015

a call for help from the collective...together we can do anything

Direct publishing leaves approximately $1-2 per book in profit for an Author. This isn't about getting rich as a portion of proceeds of the sale of the book will be going towards a foundation to help others like me in dire medical need. The book will also launch a foundation called "GIVE A BUCK" which all the proceeds will go as well. It's with great humility that I pay it forward the same love and compassion provided to me by all of you along my Journey. Especially my family. I will need to raise money to self publish my intent to raise more money for people in need as a collective. I don't believe I was saved for a reason, but a purpose. "There is something important I am supposed to do." If you feel you can't help financially I understand. But you can help by sharing the post for others. Thank you so much to all of you along my journey.

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