Thursday, February 5, 2015


I wanted to drop a quick note and apologize for those who follow my blog as I have taken the last couple months writing my book "Twenty Seconds".

It is going well but it is a commitment of time and an emotional tribulation I hadn't considered.  Retracing nearly three years of medical treatment and suffering is the raw edge of vulnerability and it indeed has taken its toll.  I took nearly a month off after writing my medical resume if you will because of the depression it created.  It seems a good number of things I went through re-surfaced into my soul after research and reliving the story.  My medical progress slipped as well and it was clear some time off was needed.  I am back at it for the past week and finding peace with pace.  It is really coming out quite nicely.  I am continually guided by the unseen as I write.  My mindset is back in place and the daily gratitude is back in full force.  My life continues to shine and is still flooded with daily epiphanies of majestic divinity that I am so thankful for. There is still much to disclose in my book and I have purposely left it out of my blog pending the publication.  Like it was meant to be I suppose.  I assure you the full disclosure will shock you to the core.  You're about to understand when you read my book why this entire journey is not about ego or profitability.  It will all be clear to you soon for those who haven't judged.  I hope it makes a difference.

Carol has agreed to become a more active participant in the writing of the book and we agreed to her co-authoring the book.  Seems so clear to me.  Her organization and detail orientation has been a god send as has her beautiful heart and soul along my path.  I am indeed a very lucky man.

Life in Arizona is just spectacular.  The beauty of a sunset or sunrise in the desert is something you just have to see.  I am so grateful for all of you along my way.  Thank you for all your kind words and thoughts.  Please feel free to comment or e mail and I will return it accordingly.

I will have details soon on the arrival of the book.  Just know for now that you remain in my heart. The book will highlight and launch a foundation for a worthy cause and some proceeds of my book will also go to the foundation.  It is my hopes that it will truly make an impact for others.  When you read in the book what it's for you will understand. Thank you all for your patience and understanding of my temporary leave.  I look forward to your comments and questions.  Thank you all

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  1. You can only spread yourself so thin!

    I always thought I'd love to live in Arizona but for some reason, I'm in freezing cold Pennsylvania!

    Do you think your book will be out this year?