Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Twenty-Seconds Coming Soon A True Account of Survival & Hope


Twenty Seconds is a true story of an ordinary man who travelled an extraordinary road from near death to healing after two terminal diagnosis, including a journey through Hospice and a Near Death Experience (NDE) that changed everything. At exactly the right time.
Author Robert Tremblay tells his humbling tale with truth and courage that will change the way you think about death, healing and love. Twenty Seconds isn’t just another NDE story.  It’s a story of remarkable survival and a love story that redefines hope. 
This story has been shared around the world but the most remarkable parts were missing until now.  Twenty Seconds details the real reason the Author survived and continues to survive every day with barely an immune system. It’s a testament to our magnificence as human beings.  Amazing synchronicities throughout Twenty Seconds highlight just how important it is to pay attention to the signs in life, perhaps just like the reason you picked up this book.  How just a twenty-second moment can change everything.

Robert Tremblay grew up in Vermont. He is a veteran of the US Army and Law Enforcement, eventually becoming an accredited national speaker and trainer in the automotive and finance industry until his life-altering illness. Robert now lives in Arizona where he continues to teach and speak about his experience and survival.

Here is a free sample

..........I suddenly found myself in an open expanse of darkness. Oddly, it surrounded me and, even odder, I could seemingly see 360 degrees without turning my head. I just knew it was endless. It filled me with the vision of vast potential. A blank slate. Limitless. There was a noise or what may be best stated as a vibration or humming. The noise didn't scare me; in fact, it seemingly calmed me. I remember experimenting with the noise and trying to speak. Only to hear my voice garbled with the beat of the humming. Much like when you sit directly behind a fan as a kid and speak into the blades. That type of distortion exactly. In the distance, there was a soft and peaceful reddish glow or horizon that had a slight bend to it outwardly and seemed at a great distance, softly radiating, even pulsing. It grew larger and larger. It seemed red; but as I got closer or it got closer, it appeared peach colored -- pink and orange even. To this date describing the colors is still difficult for me because I just can't say I have ever experienced colors so vivid and brilliant. Almost like the phases of a cloud-cluttered sunset or sunrise, how the colors evolve with the slipping sun and reflect onto the clouds except sharper and brighter, almost alive like you could inhale them and actually taste them. In fact there was a taste which I am unable to describe completely from lack of reference. Salty, sweet, bitter, sour and spicy all at the same time, if that makes sense. I didn't move but could certainly feel the glow getting larger and larger as if I were rushing to it without effort. There was no tunnel as some report, but it did feel like I was moving, weightlessly and effortlessly. The glow emanated from what appeared to be the lip of what I perceived as like the edge of a volcano, for lack of better previous memory recall. I remember thinking I was dying and was on my way to hell. Right then and there. It is almost ineffable really to describe the events and even try to compare them with anything from my previous memory. It was like my memories weren’t real. This was. But a Volcano? Is this what hell is? So I tried to piece it together with the framework of my current memory data banks -- a volcano. Solely because the edge curved only slightly and was vividly colored in a sea of blackness with the gentle edge curved outward only slightly, but definitely rounding in each direction to an expanse that seemed limitless. If it were a volcano, it wasn't filled with heat or lava, and it was definitely endless all around and appeared bottomless except for one pin point light that looked like a faraway star.
Suddenly I was on the edge and then some. My feet dangled so far over the edge that it would seem impossible to maintain balance but that wasn't a problem, not even a concern. I felt weightless and at great peace. There was no fear like one should have peering over the edge of a supposed volcano, just that peace that I have still have trouble explaining. It was like nothing I have ever experienced. A loving familiarity that is still undefinable. The glow of red now seemed pinkish and orange and was clearly not a volcano; but as I peered over my toes there was no end below, nor was there an end to the lip or the darkness around me. It was a void. There was no heat or lava -- just a harmonic hum and a specific odor that I didn't recognize. I remember thinking, "I don't ever recall smelling anything in a dream." The smell I could actually taste -- like after a thunderstorm -- that crisp but refreshed smell. It was almost lightly like ammonia, but I later realized it was almost like the smell of an ozone machine, just crisper and cleaner. It was refreshing if not curiously addicting. I have experienced nothing since that comes close to the joy that this odor provided. It sounds weird to me to explain an odor as joy. But there it was.
The edge of the glowing expanse curved out of view endlessly making me realize or "know" there was no end to it. It wasn't the mouth of a volcano, it was obviously too expansive, but it did bend. I wasn't frightened. The vibration and breeze were soothing. I wasn't confused either. In fact, I was at the greatest peace of my life as I've known to this day. My feet were three-fourths of the way over the edge, but there was no balance issue or fear. Amazement, but a calming amazement. Awe!
Without any hesitation, that tiny star in the expanse below began changing. It began to grow. A bright white, light-shaped ball or mass was suddenly in front of me. It started small and grew so quickly, as did the vibration or humming I could hear. There was a breeze it seemed being created by it as well. I remember thinking it was not unlike the fresh spring breeze that occasionally you encounter in life that just makes you realize life is so beautiful. The light grew larger and it seemed just out of reach, although I didn't try to reach it. It was like a giant ball of light swirling into itself and rotating in seemingly multiple directions but yet all heading for the center point. It was highlighted by blue streaks as it swirled in what seemed to be every direction, but mainly I remember counterclockwise to be the general direction of most of it. It wasn't perfectly round - it appeared almost jagged and occasionally squeezed occasionally into almost a thick doughnut shape structure of light. When this happened, I could see what appeared to be the center of a whirlpool, for lack of a better term, where it all seemed to merge. In the center it was a darker blue/black center. Everything seemed to go there and disappear with streaks of light blue indicating direction. As I focused on this center, it began to distort and glow brighter with streaks of blue that began to outline the shape of a face emerging. The "mass" of light increased in brightness continually, but it didn't make me squint or shield my eyes. It made me feel better and more peaceful as it grew in intensity.
As the light intensified, so did the harmony and the vibration. Every hair stood on edge. Suddenly there was a face that was definitive and energized that emerged slowly, not unlike the reflection in water -- the face of a man -- older and weathered in appearance. The face appeared and consumed the mass of lights whole. The high point and low points of detail were expressed in tones of light. The high points were more bluish. His hair was longer and had gentle waves. Not tight, but rolling down past what I assumed were shoulders but unseen. He looked somewhat familiar, or felt familiar I should say. There was a burst or vibration from him that I could feel down to the very core of my body. I felt it in my teeth. I remember it made my nose actually itch but I felt no need to itch it. It was like the most comfort I have ever felt. It was like a summer breeze in your face without a care in the world, like the last day of school in spring multiplied by a million. I no longer felt the pain that in my awakened state had been so intense. It was only peace to the extent of nothing I had ever experienced. Still seems difficult to explain the love and peace at that moment actually.
 He had no facial hair to speak of, but the weathered look of his face was clearly defined in tone and texture. Like a thousand years of weathering. I felt security and warmth all around me. There was no fear or confusion or even the slightest panic. Just a peaceful sway and hum and a light so bright it would seem impossible to look at. But it wasn't. Realer than anything I have ever known in fact. Time seemed to stop during this event. In fact I remember thinking time doesn't exist at all so pay attention as I have nothing to fear here. I wasn't told that. I just knew it. I wondered if this was the face of God.

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