Monday, July 6, 2015


Things are certainly heating up now.  the book is complete and in production at the publisher and it is getting real now.  Soon the World will know the truth about what brought me to the edge. It is humbling for sure.  I hope in the end it makes a difference.

By now my story has been shared around the world thousands of times but the truth is the most remarkable part of my survival is in the book.  The part that truly makes it a medical miracle will startle those readers and make it's impact. I think it is important enough to talk about.  I have had so much support along the way I can thank people enough for their beautiful comments and thoughts.

If any portion of my story resonates with you please feel free to share it.  a good portion of the proceeds are going towards helping others in dire medical need like I once was.  This isn't about me and you will understand why when you read the book.  Please follow my journey on facebook, twitter or at my web site all listed below.  Please like and comment freely as this is how we share good intent I believe.  It is a collective.  Thank you all so much

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