Monday, August 17, 2015


ATTENTION PARENTS-Speakers Bureau Available NOW!!!
Pay Attention.

40 % of New HIV Infections are Heterosexual ages 16-24, mostly female. 60% don't even know they are infected.( What exactly were you doing at that age? It is time to act. New policies are being introduced. These numbers are alarming. Understand that at 16-24 (child bearing peak age) and not knowing your infected. The numbers of infections become 2 for 1 and skyrocket. Babies do not need to be born with HIV. There is a way to stop it.
See my friend Andrew Pulsipher, who was positive since birth and has three beautiful children. You call follow him to his Blog on The Huffington Post.
Andrew will be joining our newly formed Speakers Bureau. Speakers are currently available anywhere in the world to host an interactive seminar with audience engagement in problem solving and team building exercise. We can do things the same way and expect different results or we can change and expect better. These speakers all share their real life HIV stories and information in hopes me might understand whats happening with this disease. It is not a "gay Disease" .... It is a Human Disease. Started by a collective and we feel begging for a collective to stop it. A test for all humankind. What if one dollar from every person on this planet were to be thrown into the mix. 7 BILLION people. imagine. That money ends it.
It is important to understand that 70% of people infected with HIV are not on viral reducing drugs that will nearly end the possibility of spread. How is that even possible when 4 people die of Ebola and we shut down airports.
These speakers not only live with HIV but thrive. They have a fun energetic way to involve anyone in the audience who wants to participate. At the same time the speakers take statistics real world with the audience participation. The Speakers Bureau is challenging every High School and College to find a way to start a dialogue before this disease. Speaking fee's are negotiable and will never be the reason we cant meet with any group. We specialize in custom fitting the presentations for our clients. Each Speaker is minimum 15 years of experience before being considered as a speaker. Please contact us for scheduling and free consultation. The time has come to pay attention folks. There are currently no advertised speakers for HIV. We wonder why we aren't talking about it.
Also speakers are available to discuss Near Death Experiences and how they impact Medical Professional's. This is a topic we teach in medical Schools and pre med to invoke thought in a new generation of medical professionals. The most important resource and passion are the Nurses. They are the ones who see and feel the patients, the real heart beat of healing. They are the key. We love speaking to a group of nurses. The same type of interactive collective dialogue or town hall is an important way to teach adult education. By engaging themselves in problem solving. Human nature is to follow through with what we create. One speaker specializes in Spiritual Awakening and unexplained healing's. Yet another is a gifted Psychic that can hold a program for fun or truth. We have a Speaker for nearly every facet of spiritual experiences. Please contact us through our website at
to schedule a free consultation…
All we thought was $1. From every person this reaches. By sharing it with everyone. 7 Billion people. That could end the disease. People crazy enough to believe they can change the world, usually do. Join me. It will take everyone.

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