Saturday, August 15, 2015

NEW CDC REPORTS 60% of young infected with HIV (ages16-24) do NOT know they are infected. What were you doing at that age?
The fastest growing population of new HIV Infections is Heterosexual mostly Females ages 16-24. These are our children, our future. The disease has evolved and it does not discriminate. We must lose the stigma and fear of being tested which has caused the very problem. This is not a GAY Disease. It is a human disease. 70% of those infected are NOT on anti viral drugs which would reduce the virus making spreading nearly impossible. What is happening by not talking about it? Seems obvious. These new statistics posted this week kick off a new approach at the HIV campaign for the US. President Obama announced a new policy last week. Imagine that it involves a collective of caring individuals speaking out and getting involved.
I wrote this book to try and make a difference. To honor the collective effort that saved me should be the same collective effort that stops this disease. This was I learned in my NDE. We are better in our numbers. When we team up we can do anything. I see this disease as a test for humanity. One of the few times in history that human cocsiosuness can stop a disease in its track. Imagine.
I started to try to make an impact and collect a simple dollar from every living person on the planet. The change in your couch cushions. The shocking aspect of the book that took humiltiy to share was to shock you into understanding that this disease can happen to anyone and has changed. I believe if every person on this planet Gave a Buck. We could literally stop this crazy mess. 7 billion people. $1. It finishes this disease. Please, visit Give a Buck. You don't have to buy the book to donate a dollar. It takes about ‪#‎twentyseconds‬ of your time. Each book sold will donate a buck. We hope you match our intent. Join us Please. Get involved. Shaare a post. Tell a friend. This isnt a is a movement. Action is needed.

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