Sunday, August 2, 2015

Fifth Surgery-No Big Deal

Morning sunrise over the desert as I contemplate the next week. Day after tomorrow I have my fifth surgery in two years in the same area. But I still found the words..."Thanks for another day". Disconcerting timing but I believe it is telling me many things. Pace is the key. But I am reminded today just how I got here. The love of many that picked me up and continue to do so every single day. Each person that appeared at exactly the right time and manner to help me. I hope in return that I helped them in some way. We are always better in numbers and one of the keys to my survival. Now my focus has changed to what difference I can make in this world. I wrote the book initially to honor those select few who cared enough. We did it together. The success of this book will be exactly the same way and has been all along. Sometimes it only takes twenty-seconds to impact someones day. Thereby changing the day for many more alone their path. It all seems so simple to me. What we give...we GET. That is why I am asking again for all of my friends on facebook to help out while I am recovering if you can. It would be a great help to reach many more. As you may know we are donating $1 for every book published to the campaign to raise money to help others. We hope if your moved by the book you might be inclined to match our pledge and donate your own $1. It takes only twenty-seconds ironically to contribute or share the intent. Also I was hoping you might visit my book facebook page at and invite your friends directly to join our outreach to help others. Book placement is tied to the likes on your page...who knew? It would be huge if you could get me as many likes as possible while I am away. Mayo Clinic is the best in the world so I don't worry much. I do worry about Carol and my loved ones who will worry. Please check in with her if you have a moment on Tuesday. I think these things are harder on family. Please don't fear any of it. It is all meant for a reason. The reason for me is to allow others to show how much they can impact. I am certain of it. Together we can make a difference. I wanted to thank you all for what you have meant to me and my family during these past 4 years. We are so grateful. Thanks for being by my side and caring. Hope your Sunday is awesome
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