Saturday, August 29, 2015


Let's play a Game.  I think often of the old phrase and a topic in the book - that is..."you want to heal...GO PLAY."  It was a resounding message in my journey of survival.  This game has a facet that is directly related to the theme in Twenty-Seconds.  Connectivity.  Twenty-Second Moments. Re-connection. To impact another and yourself. Here is how it works

Step 1

1/ Visit Twenty-Seconds Facebook

2/ Just below the Title Picture is a link to invite friends.  Click on that link.  Now hold on - I know what you're thinking. Don't judge just yet. This isn't just about me.  This is for us. As you scroll down the list of friends, pay attention to your intuition.  Allow the connections to rebuild and memories to flow freely and positively. You might just find a friend or relative or two that has gone unnoticed in our very, very busy lives.  Sometimes just a twenty-second message to tell someone your'e thinking about them.  The difference that can make in someone's day and yours.  How about a conversation that begins "REMEMBER THAT TIME"...  You don't need to apologize for a lack of contact.  People will be thrilled so much no one cares.  The ripples in the fabric you make for that person and nearly every person they encounter.  Imagine.  It is the whole theme of the book.  The difference we can all make in twenty-seconds.  It is OK to visit the past on occasion.  These "friends" on facebook have all been uniquely involved in some way in your evolution as a person.  They are the elite of your world.  Visit them today by scrolling through your list.  Invite who you want, but do pay attention to your intuition during this game.  You may find things popping up you hadn't expected.  Another connection reimagined. Smile and enjoy the journey.

For me, selfishly, I get more likes on my facebook page which helps with the connectivity I need to really make an impact.  Not just my book, but the true passion - Give A Buck .  The book is a mechanism to launch Give a Buck, which is our charity for awareness.
For each book sold, we contribute One DOLLAR.  No less.  We ask others to match our contribution.  Whether you buy the book or not, we encourage engagement and each person to involve themselves in some way.  Share a post...invite friends. Give a Buck...One dollar.  Imagine 7 billion people.  Sound crazy?  Ha.  All the new great movements were.  I am grateful.

The unpleasant truth of the matter is without everyone's engagement, HIV continues, alarmingly changing its focus to the child bearers of our society.  You do the math.  The largest growing population of HIV infections are females ages 16-24. Worse yet, 60% don't even know they are infected. What happens to these numbers?  Exactly.  What were you doing at 16-24?  Sorry to be so brutal, but without a collective movement this fails.  Everything in life requires team work.  I hope you see our dream.  To connect everyone in one movement.  This isn't about a book or a buck.  It's about standing up and getting involved.  To stand up and say...."that is ENOUGH". This disease ends by and through human consciousness.  Like a test for all mankind.  This is not difficult to understand.  We are better in numbers.  The fear of getting tested is an illusion.  Infecting someone unknowingly is forever.  It is just that simple.  I am fortunate to have been lucky not to hurt anyone.  I am forever grateful of that.  But the thought of it haunts me.  And had I been tested earlier, the outcome would have been different for me medically.

Please invite others to get involved and don't even consider being sorry about it.  In fact enjoy inviting the people.  I think you will like how you feel on a number of planes after the game.
Let's remember this isn't about me getting famous.  If you think fame is the driving force of telling the world you have AIDS, think again.  It is obviously important we talk about it.

This disease is screaming for us to pay attention.  It can happen to anyone and it is.  These are our daughters.  Our future.  It's begging you to pay attention.  Trust your gut but get involved.  Visit us at if you'd like to collaborate in any way on reaching the masses.  I believe in collaborating with anyone.  I want us all to succeed, but I have to be honest - I am not looking for followers, I am looking for leaders.  Please join us in inviting friends and sharing posts that resonate.  Together we can and will make a difference.  Jump on board.  We are also recruiting Speakers for our Global HIV Speakers Bureau.  Give A Buck will fund this organization with Speakers acroos the globe.  These speakers are real life teachers of HIV awareness.  Seminars are sculpted to meet the needs.  But they do bring emotion to the table.  We are challenging High Schools everywhere to get involved with our seminars.  Otherwise, please tell us your active plan on addressing this near crisis in our children 16 and up.  What is clear is that whatever we are doing right now isn't good enough.  The disease changed while we were busy categorizing it into a gay disease.  Did we take our eye off the ball?  Nearly all marketing seems gay and trans-oriented.  I get that we still have the issue within these communities and we need more here too.  But if you want an entire human species engagement, we might just want to at least understand the truth of what is happened to the evolution of the disease.  It does not discriminate.  It never has. The average person is getting the disease. This doesn't make it worse than just the gay or iv drug using population.  It just makes it damn relevant to those of us who all but ignore it. The numbers are growing. You tell me?  What does your gut tell you?  70% of people infected are not on viral reducing medication.  How is that possible?  I would love any comments or proactive statements posted in our comments below.

The one with the most likes collected will win.  Prizes will be decided together.  Sky may be the limit. Please feel free to comment or follow us at all major social media for once a day motivation and inspiration.

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