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2015 Iands Conference Reflections-San Antonio TX

2015 International Association of Near Death Studies Annual Conference
San Antonio, Texas September 3-6

My second consecutive year at the IANDS Conference was as filled with light as last year.  Perhaps even more.  This year the Conference increased its numbers to the largest in its 40 year history. Many were returning this year to the Marriott River Walk after being there in 1994 for the conference.  The headliners this year most certainly helped in increasing the numbers, as did the recent public awareness of the Near Death Experience.  Recent movies and TV shows have spotlighted the awareness that many of us have known about since long before 2015 or 1994.  For centuries, the mystery has intrigued many.  For Experiencers, this conference is our opportunity to unite the collective. To be surrounded by other like-minded and like-hearted people to celebrate our uniqueness and contribution to the field of Near Death Studies. 

Anita Moorjani stole the show with her heart and story, which is pretty much routine for her and her travels around the world. I was able to spend some time with her and her husband Danny.  It was during these moments that one of the most intuitively moving moments of the conference happened for me.  Sorry, it wasn’t Anita, or even Eben Alexander that caught my attention.  It was their partners.  The behind the scenes folks that support all of us NDE’rs.  The proverbial third leg of the tripod in my opinion.  In my book, I talk about recent studies by Harvard Medical School in regards to the placebo effect.  Turns out the study shows it wasn’t just the placebo.  It was the caregiver and nurturer that held the power of the placebo.  That caring, nurturing loved one, doctor, nurse, hospice worker, or spouse who holds so much power unknown to most.  No it wasn’t the swarming masses of people who wanted to see Anita or Eben.  It was their loved ones quietly in the corner with such love in their eyes.  You could literally see the energy flow.  Danny holding up a small flashlight in the back of the room that Anita left out of her speech this time.  But there was Danny holding it up in case she needed it.  He watched every move she made and evaluated every person that approached Anita. 

 He wasn’t a bodyguard or gatekeeper. He is her protector and nurturer. You could taste it. He is her rock and you could feel it.  It made me realize my own life partner, Carol, who has done so much for me and my life.  I filled with tears thinking of the impact of these people in our lives.  The unsung heroes of it all really.  Some spouses do not support our need to connect and live our experience and purpose.  I heard that from a few people this weekend.  But there they were regardless.  They found all the support they needed for a time this weekend.  But it did make me wonder and certainly appreciate my own support network in Carol, and in the Dannys of the world. Even Karen Newell who kept tabs on Eben.  How very important they all are to our journey.  Thank you for that moment Danny Moorjani and others.  It was inspiring for me.

The whole oneness was the key as always to the conference and I connected with people who I had not met and each moment led to engaging conversations filled with synchronicity.  Laughter filled the room around us all comparing our paths and finding quickly the reasons we all came.  It was heartfelt and warm.  I could feel the energy and constant flow of ripples in the flow of consciousness all weekend.  I saw “Ah-ha” moments more times than I can count, but more importantly I felt them.  I was visibly and graciously moved on more occasions than I could possible share.  I wonder if folks can really appreciate the absolute and limitless energy that 380 highly conscious people can bring to a room.  That is power.  The oneness of it all is awe inspiring. The potential…

Things are happening in the world in regards to consciousness and science is paying attention.  Dr. Eben Alexander is a Harvard neurologist, and NDE’rs believes that the NDE experience is the virtual spearhead of what I call the evolution.  But I do have worries, which is odd for me considering I find positive everywhere. I have been troubled by it and thought I might mention it.  The most common denominator of our experience as NDE’rs is a “oneness”.  Perhaps a clear definitive understanding that all who cross our path do so for not just a reason but a purpose. At least that is my belief.  Then I wonder.  The percentage of people that did not connect at the conference.  Busy schedules and running around led me personally to miss chatting with many.  I worked nearly every room and did nearly everything as a volunteer for the weekend from being a “handler” for the speakers to room monitor and introducing many speakers, which was an honor. I noticed the busier someone was, the less they connected.  Those who did connect realized quickly and efficiently if ego was put aside, they could all help each other.  To collaborate their books, their stories, their research.  To lift each other into more light of the world in any way.  Many of us reach thousands of people every day.  For example, last month my website had 32,000 visits.  Some at the conference had way more.  So why in heaven with that much outreach would we not connect and work together?  Is that not really the reason we came back, potentially?  It is to me.  I feel that if you succeed, I succeed and vice versa.  That should be such a simple thing really.  Even Anita was once picked up the very same way by a man who has touched many.  

Wayne Dyer passed last week with a full heart knowing he did much for many. I felt his presence this weekend.  The unseen baton in the hand of Anita with his name all over it. It was never just being famous and popular - that was just the mechanism.  He lifted up others like Anita with that mechanism.  He paid attention to everyone who crossed his path.  Never too busy to listen to his gut and his deep profound belief that what we give to others is exactly what we get back.  A lesson I hope find many more in our world, and at our conference as well.  Life gets busy, I get it.  But here’s the deal with being popular or even famous – it’s your outreach, silly.  The masses that you bring along with you that hold the power of oneness. Your power on this earth to help.  I found when I was in hospice a few years ago that in the very end of life here, the only thought for me was “have I done enough to make a difference”.  It was clear and profound and constant in what I assumed were my final days.  But I had no fear of it.  I was mindful at all times with everything along the way - each animal, scene, emotion and person.  Everyone had a gift for me and it wasn’t just one.  I, in turn, had gifts for them and we shared and collaborated as human beings.  Love poured freely and I survived.  I survived by being present.  But most importantly, I survived because I was loved.  So here’s to all those who ignited that love spark this weekend in San Antonio. 

 I knew the moment I arrived and saw the River Walk splitting at the front door of the Marriot that this conference was going to be an impactful event.  Water flowing right under the conference center provided a constant energy flow that was palpable.  As was the 98% humidity!

 When Carol and I checked in, the flow continued as we were given a room on the synchronistic 22nd floor.  Gotta love the double deuce.  But better yet, our room number assigned by the friendly front desk clerk that I had fun with was room 2222, quite randomly.  He said it was the best room in the hotel.  It was indeed.  Our room 2222 overlooked the split in the river that contained the endless boats and floats of the tourist trade in beautiful San Antonio. The bustling stone pathways were filled with tourists of all makes and models, shaded only briefly by the skyline of San Antonio.  The city’s River Walk is lush and green and so remarkably built with such foresight.  A true collaboration.  The River Walk at night?  Unreal.  If you want a little romance, this is the ticket.  I spent some time in San Antonio in the mid 80’s and it has definitely changed.  Wow.  It is beautiful.  Carol and I did get a chance to tour the Alamo. We could see it from our balcony.

 The reverence still hauntingly present.  A reminder of the tenderness of life.  We enjoyed our visit in so many ways.  I plan on writing more about individual events this week and amazing new authors I met and collaborated with.  As always, I encourage you to comment on the blog and share with friends as you see fit.  Collaboration is what this world needs, once again the major lesson seared into my very soul at the IANDS conference.  So I encourage you to reach out to me if you’d like to share your experience or story on this blog.  We welcome the intent to share others’ stories and experiences and, more importantly, courage.  I believe we all need to work together to make a difference.  That was the whole deal for me.  I hope next year at the conference to do a presentation uniting everyone there to see their relevance to everyone else.  Imagine that.  The very town hall seminar I designed is built to do just that.  Serendipity too great to ignore.  More to come on this.  Please join us and follow us on Facebook at

I look forward to continuing my journey about the conference and with the many I did connect with.  That was the takeaway highlighted by those beautiful spouses and partners who support us all in the background every day.  I salute you the most.  You are all beautiful.  In case someone forgot to mention lately - Thank you for all you do to allow these beautiful people to share a piece of their soul.  To all those who worked at or helped to make this conference work - We love you.
To the Carols and Danny’s of the world - I salute you.  You are so loved but sometimes forgotten.

For those interested, I am posting this year’s conference schedule this week so you can see the variety of events at the conferences.  A little something for everyone.  We love any feedback on how to make it better.  There are streaming videos of the conferences available also.  Next year, the conference will be in Orlando, Florida.  Join us.  Explore the extraordinary. This year, I will be joining the IANDS Board of Directors when my publicity tour is complete. We are going to work on making the conference more connected.  NDERF, NHNE,, etc.  We all are working for the same cause.  It is time we unite once and for all and I have a plan.  Just need some open minds.  I was also asked to head the book store at the conference next year, so interested Authors should connect with me if you want to be involved.  Love and peace to you all.  Stay tuned this week as I will highlight some of the individual stories of the conference.  I met and connected with fabulous people that I know you will all love.  Please help me share the blog and reach the collective.  I am grateful for everyday meetings and connecting with each and every one of you.   

 I hope I never have a “gatekeeper” that shields me from connecting with any of you.  I quietly snuck in under the wire with my new book Twenty-Seconds.  Not many have read it yet, and I didn’t mention that it has been in the top 1% in sales on Amazon in the 4 weeks it’s been out.  Ironically, my book is currently outselling some of the keynote speakers at the conference this year, but many don’t even know.  I don’t know if that’s funny or right, but it does have some irony.  It did allow me to be open to all and for that I am eternally grateful.  Thank you to all those who hugged me this weekend and held me in their hearts - I felt every bit of it.  I am feeling great and have enjoyed my entire body buzzing after the conference, so filled with love and light.  I hope you all enjoy the Labor Day with those closest to you.  Don’t forget to reach out to someone you miss today.  No apologies needed if you haven’t been in touch.  It all melts away with the beauty of the contact.  Just tell them you love them.  Remember – twenty seconds is all it takes.  It can change everything. Spread your own ripples today.  

One last thing - Thank you for ONE MORE DAY!

“Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” 
― Apple Inc.

We were even featured on Chinese TV which is a bit risky for the country.  Watch the interview here
China News Coverage

A lovely letter by my friend Anita
Thank you to Robert M. Tremblay, who wrote a very moving account of the International Association For Near-Death Studies (IANDS) event that took place this past labor day weekend! What moved me most was his recognition of how much my husband, Danny Moorjani, does behind the scenes. I would not be able to do what I do without him! Thank you for acknowledging him, Robert! reading what you wrote about him brought tears to my eyes! heart emoticon Also, so many of you write to me, who have experiences of your own you want to share. Robert offers a resource for you to do that. In addition, there's plenty of information in this article for anyone who wants to learn more about Near Death Experiences, or who want to get involved with the various NDE associations. smile emoticon
Anita Moorjani

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  1. What a beautiful life affirming, loving, mind-expanding conference! It was a joy to be there! I talk to angels and have been on the other side on numerous occasions without dying, and it felt like a bit of heaven on earth to have so many who know who and what we truly are in one location!

    I intended to attend as a guest but ended up pitching in to help my friends on the livestream crew - they film me too but it was SO much fun to hear the comments and the appreciation of those online who attended “virtually” and still felt the energy and the love. Such beautiful work you are doing! I will continue to spread the word about IANDS to all who can benefit from your work and will hold you in my intent and prayers for your continuing work in helping not only NDEers, but also humanity wake up to the brilliance of its true loving nature! Bless you and may you find incredible joy in all you do! - Ann Albers -

    1. Thank you for helping out and these beautiful thoughts

  2. Robert, I am so blessed to know you - what an amazing man and author! Although, I could not attend this year, I hope you also felt my heart and hugs as well! Yes, I know that the San Antonio River Walk and the waters flowing through the area are so conducive to the energy flowing through the conference. San Antonio is Larry and my second most important recharging place, only just behind the river waters of New Braunfels, Texas.

    Reading your book "Twenty-Seconds," I can see how it has been in the top 1% in sales on Amazon in the 4 weeks of publication and know why it is currently outselling some of the keynote speakers at the conference this year. I am so excited to be able to share your blog, book and information on IANDS with everyone. I am so grateful for the live streaming through Ann Albers' and other's efforts!

    The next conference will be in Orlando, Florida, where my son lives - so I will be attending and look forward to meeting you and all the IANDS's members and guest speakers. What an amazing coincidence that it will be that area!

    I too, will be spreading the word of your light and energy and that of IANDS. Through my three NDE's and two Nearing-Death Shared Experiences and my column of National Near-Death Experiences, I have a voice to be able to share the truth with your and others' work, inspiring hope, love, oneness connecting with all humanity. When you have felt the essence of the Light, Love and Truth through our NDEs and other experiences, you and all those who have experienced and researched these experiences, do have a mission to share this beautiful communion with humanity. You have done this so well, Robert. I, too, pray for your continued work as a messenger of hope, love and peace through your incredibly loving and blessed spirit. All my prayers and blessings sent to you, dear Robert! Sherryjane Cooke - National Near-Death Experiences columnist -

    1. You are truly a beacon of light Sherrjane. I am so grateful. I look forward to your final book thoughts and working with you in the future. Orlando will be a blast. I will be taking over the book store responsibilities for Iands next year. So ill have a comfortable Looking forward to meeting and collaborating

  3. Robert,so blessed to be at my first IANDS conference in San Antonio,Texas. Met the most beautiful ecclectic souls/angels there. The energy was uplifting & empowering and the video of you and Yvonne Sneedan and others was so very healing to say the least. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart <3 . Josephine LoRe

    1. Meeting you and your daughter was a moving experience for me. Your light is so bright. Love and peace to you both.

  4. Robert,so blessed to be at my first IANDS conference in San Antonio,Texas. Met the most beautiful ecclectic souls/angels there. The energy was uplifting & empowering and the video of you and Yvonne Sneedan and others was so very healing to say the least. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart <3 . Josephine LoRe