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"I can see...I can really see".. Dying to Fit Erica Mckenzie


Author Erica Mckenzie  BSN, RN

I met Erica last year and was excited to re-connect and spend time this year volunteering together. A remarkable story very well told by a magnificent woman.  I love her.  I want you to love her too. This was a lovely letter she sent me and wanted to share it with you all.


It was a pleasure to be able to connect and volunteer with you at the IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies) Conference this year! I had a blast spending time with everyone at the conference and let’s be honest…the energy there was contagious!  I want to thank IANDS for working so hard to bring to the table what was in my opinion the most powerful conference yet.   
Robert, a special thank you for the personal effort given to ensure those attending felt welcome and truly a part of something much bigger than all of us. Your dedication to sharing with others the events for the week on your inspiring blog is such a gift!  Congratulations on joining the IANDS board members - you will most definitely be a valuable contributor of great things to come!  I am so excited for you to have the opportunity to grow your platform with Hay House!   Now that you have me hooked on your blog, I look forward to going on that journey with you by reading many inspiring blog posts of yours to come.
My NDE included a trip to Heaven, Hell and the In-between.  During this time, some of the most important lessons learned was our uniqueness in our value.  Our value is our contribution here on this Earthly journey. 
In addition, it is important to be quiet and listen to those our creator puts into our lives.  At times, I feel it can be a challenge to do the personal “work” necessary to embrace these lessons and sometimes, we may even find ourselves scratching our heads searching for the purpose of such a task.  
However, if we choose to embrace this knowledge with the understanding that in fact these lessons apply to each of us, we are blessed with a multitude of learning opportunities.  Several of these opportunities come from some of our most unexpected teachers and have the potential to become our greatest gifts.  
 People, this is “Earth School”.  I don’t have all of the answers but I do know that we are here to learn to love ourselves and others.  So, with love in my heart, I intend to do my best to be open to learning each and every day. 
 I would like to express a most heart-felt thank you filled with boundless gratitude to some of those unexpected teachers in my life; my husband Derek McKenzie, my kids, Jennifer Owens, Virginia Hummel, Nadia McCaffrey, Bill Guggenheim, Kenneth Ring PhD., PMH Atwater, Dr. Jeffrey Long, Dr. David Brownstein, Dr. Pam Smith, Dr. Rajiv Parti, Dianne Corcoran and last, but most certainly far from least, my five dogs. 
I can’t wait for next year!  I love you God!  I love you IANDS!

Love and Light to all,
Erica Mckenzie

More About Erica

Erica McKenzie, RN, BSN, is a inspirational speaker, messenger, advocate, researcher and  author of her soon to be released book, Dying to Fit In. 
"In middle school I had  a  "dirty little secret".   Desperate and alone I was convinced that I was destined to forever be a prisoner to it and then twelve years later something happened.  I had replaced that secret  with one I would take with me to the grave...or so I thought.   This  secret had a name...  drug addiction.  The drug was Phentermine.  It is a class  IV narcotic.  This drug was designed for short-term use under doctor supervision to aide in weight loss.  I developed an addiction to this drug and I took it for nine years.  The Phentermine took a toll on my health and eventually led to my near-death experience on October 1, 2002."
There was a  series of events that unfolded just hours before Erica left her body.   During these events the lessons with God began.  Just before she took her last breath, she felt her lungs collapsing and unable to fill with air.    She had been so close to death before but there she stood this time right at death's door and there was nothing she could do.  In desperation to force air into her lungs, she jumped up and down hoping to restart her body but instead she knew she was dying.  She collapsed to the floor unconscious.  She floated to the ceiling and watched her lifeless body from above  as the paramedics came in and began life sustaining measures to revive her. 
"It was then the most incredible thing happened.   I let go and when I did  I knew where I was going.  I was going Home to Heaven.  It was there I  spent what felt like a lifetime learning many lessons from God.  While I was there I was given tools of knowledge and wisdom that I would need for my new mission.  I thought I was staying in Heaven but God revealed to me that now I worked for Him."
Upon leaving Heaven, part of Erica's training for her new mission on earth required her to take a trip to the edge of Hell.  This profound Near-Death Experience was life changing.  She brought back gifts that God gave to her designed to share with others.
Before she would be able to start sharing her gifts, she would go on to face several medical challenges:  endometriosis, a total hysterectomy which led to surgically induced menopause, thyroid disorder, hormonal imbalances, panic attacks and anxiety attacks, Raynaud's disease, heart and lung issues, a tonsillectomy, and basal cell skin cancer.
"It took me dying  to learn that our uniqueness is our value.  Our value is our contribution on this Earthly Journey.  There is power in our uniqueness!"
"When I was able to shift my perception of these issues and realize that I am an Advocate for my health, my body, my wellness, it was then that I discovered I could overcome any challenges by refusing to let those challenges define my potential greatness.  Finally, I  was able to see that for me greatness meant embracing and truly loving myself no matter where I am on my journey.  For me learning to advocate for myself meant utilizing every resource I had to gain knowledge."  "Knowledge Is POWER!"
"Every person deserves to truly love themselves.  To be able to embrace, empower and awaken to their true uniqueness!  I am determined to help you to remove potential roadblocks and shift your perception of yourself so that you can begin to access the tools of knowledge that will start you on a Journey with YOU being an advocate for valuable YOU!!!"
Check out of the most beautiful people you will ever meet.

The book....FANTASTIC

The first time I ever met Erica was here watching this.  Yikes!
She is a powerful and moving speaker. But one thing was clear from first meeting.  She is remembered. i think you will find the same.

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Namaste Erica,
Thanks for sharing your light with the world

In case you missed the rare and daring Chinese TV interview at the Iands conference

Love to translate it...anyone?


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