Friday, September 18, 2015

The Collective....We are always better in our numbers

Meanwhile in Vermont….  The official Global PR Tour of Twenty-Seconds Launches

Where it all began

A lot going on this week that we wanted to thank everyone for.... so here goes!

First, Twenty-Seconds just became "SUGGESTED READING" in Amazon this week with still 100% five star reviews.  Now the book shows up everywhere.  That is huge for us.  Can't thank those for all the reviews enough.  Please, if you haven't yet done one - we would be grateful if you could. Amazon review Twenty-Seconds

This week we also had great news in our efforts to promote the book which launches the charity Give a Buck.  

GAB now is an official non-profit corporation to benefit HIV awareness and advocacy.
Gab Gear is now for sale on the website. See below. Proceeds to HIV awareness. Great pricing and quality material.  Give a Buck is still looking for leaders to donate their $1.  That's what this was all about.  It takes twenty-seconds to donate your buck to give a buck.  To say ..."you're in" on talking about this issue.  


Project Afterlife producers from Destination America are holding my story for next year’s lineup, so we were thrilled. 
Later in the week, we spoke with producers at the TV show The Doctors.  They want to host my story soon and we are awaiting filming dates.

But the most remarkable thing this week is the recognition of eagerness by a few select fans who have taken it upon themselves to lift my story up.  People as far away as China and the Philippines are writing to Oprah, Ellen, Dr. Oz, the Today Show… the list goes on and on, to try to get the charity and story the recognition they believe it deserves. It is obviously overwhelming for us to see so many people banding together to try and help us.  Truly the best part of the week.

Maybe our goal of a dollar from every human being on the planet is crazy, but nearly every great discovery was once considered the same.

My entire story was about engaging a collective to truly make a difference in another’s day. How remarkable these people so moved by the story that they join it.  The whole idea was twenty seconds worth of involvement was all we needed. But from everyone.  Just imagine.  These people gave way more and we are forever grateful. Our cup overfloweth. It is people like this that will get others involved.  Makes me really hopeful that more folks like this just giving 20 seconds and a buck will be easy.  It's important everyone get involved in some way.  Sharing a post is huge. Inviting friends to like a Facebook page is fantastic.  Anything works.  You don't have to read the book to donate or get involved.  But you may just wanna take a look at the book.  

HUGE---The GodMother of NDEs - Pmh Atwater Endorses twenty-seconds

Today we got an endorsement from the GODMOTHER of Near Death Research  PMH ATWATER.  This was way off the radar for us but there it was.  It isn't just an endorsement.  PMH has added our story to her main website under "Aftereffects" permanent tab.  She is planning on writing a review in her weekly newsletter.  Who knew that arguably the World's Best Known researcher would love our book so much.  Grateful for all of it.  Carol and I actually filled up with tears when we read it.  Thank you!

I have always said that I am not an expert on Near Death Experience.  I just tell the story. But if you're looking for honest and sincere, thirty years of research on the matter, pick any one of her numerous books.  She is virtually globally recognized.  It is a real thrill that she is supporting us so much.

FROM PMH Atwater
Here is a list of her books on the same topic...WOW
PMH Atwater on Youtube

Robert, I was so impressed by your book that I am recommending it as a perfect example of what happens with aftereffects – - - in the new pull-down on the Home Page of my website ( In that pull-down will also be what you ascribe to IANDS in your book, that actually came from a brochure on aftereffects I designed and wrote for IANDS.
Robert Tremblay’s book, Twenty-Seconds: A True Account of Survival & Hope is raw, honest, and smacks you right in the face. Be prepared. This book goes deeper into the full spread of aftereffects than others I have read, while opening wide the controversy of the medical industry, drugs, the placebo/nocebo effect, and the real truth about healing. I mean this book packs a wallop. Robert is not, nor was he ever gay. He was infected in a heterosexual liaison that shocked those who knew him, pushing him into the maelstrom of accusations, guilt, late-stage disease progression, and more surgeries and more pain than any human should endure. Just what he learned about the medical industry is almost enough to pay you for buying this book, not to mention what came next. His deep examination of the aftereffects following his near-death episode, and how they played out in his life is positively stunning. Yes, he quoted extensively from my work, yet what he went through, what he discovered, far eclipses anything I wrote. The book starts out slow, like he can’t quite deal with the situation at hand, his death, his recovery – but once he gets going – oh my – you can hardly turn the pages fast enough. Thank you, Robert, for sharing with us the journey you’ve been on.

. . . P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D., One of the original researchers in the field of near-death studies, and author of many books, among them Coming Back To Life, The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences, Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of The Story and Future Memory.

Thank you to Alice in Hawaii, Tracey Madsen Ash in Vermont, Noeme Mario in the Philippines and Penny Brooks in Kentucky for your consistent and relentless belief in our intent and all you do every day to make it happen.  Thanks also to my new Chinese fan club now forming. WOW...Blown away at your graciousness.

Meanwhile in Vermont....

                                                Here is Tracey meeting with WCAX

                                                         Tracey visited seven days

. We are getting excited about the Vermont launch. Monique Citro and Lisa Johnson chiming in to help. Nicole Begnoche is plastering UVM Medical Center as we speak with notices for the week's events.  How cool are these people?  We didn't ask for any of it.  That's an impact.  We are nearly moved to tears daily at the commitment and love these people have shown.  Some I have never even met.  What exactly do you say but Thank you.

 It’s the beginning of a global PR tour and it’s fitting it launches in the place it all began – the UVM Medical Center in Vermont. Just happened that way. Fall in Vermont. The smells. The colors. The apple pie. Oh my! Can’t wait to see my Green Mountains.  Going home just always feels good.

More sponsors joined us this week for the Vermont launch – Majestic Car Rental, Steve Connors Trust, UVM Medical Center etc – thank you all! The list of events are set in stone and soon the advertising in Vermont begins. But much is still being done around town.  We are always looking for poster people, flyers etc...anyone who can help us outreach our story and intent.  Thanks for thinking of us.

Also note to our readers of our Best Self Magazine article coming the first week of October.  Check us out in a featured article. The editor loved our story so much she helped write the piece.  Gotta love that intent and compassion.  Thanks Kristen Noel.

Fun Notes from the Fan pages
Kim Kardashian is now following us, and Ron Weasley of Harry Potter joined the fan club.  He loved the book and has recommended it to his fellow staff.  Thanks Weaser.

Also new to note the new Facebook site for me as an Author because I’m at my friend limit on my personal page.

I’ve also launched a site on Facebook for Phoenix/Mesa IANDS with an incredible line-up of monthly speakers.  Those in Phoenix, please connect and share!

Sorry for the shameless advertising plug stuff.  Just an update on the going’s on and the beauty around me daily making it all possible.

GAB Gear also launched to benefit GAB (Give A Buck).

Please make sure you contact me or Carol if you want to get involved.  We collaborate with anyone of like mind and intent.  Please join us on Facebook

GAB click here

Available now with more items coming shortly...

MORE PRODUCTS LAUNCHING THIS WEEK...Tote bags, Wine gift bags, Boxers, boy shorts...all with the logo GAB....its time to start gabbing about it


The CDC reports that the fastest growing population of new HIV infections are heterosexual FEMALES ages 16-24 yrs old.  In the US, 60% of these young ladies have no idea they are infected. 

WHATS YOUR PLAN?  How about anything...Give a Buck


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