These red lights might indicate you need to remove people from your life.
Having the right support system can totally elevate you, 
but the wrong one can destroy you. 
So many people advocate for surrounding yourself in a
 positive environment with the right friends. Sometimes it is
 hard to let go of friends, we find excuses for them and ourselves
 but you can’t ignore these seven signs. 
If they do any of these to you, cut them off. 
You will thank yourself in the long run.

1. Money is always the issue

These people will constantly borrow and ask for favors
 but don’t return the favor. They will think you can cover
 the bill and somehow try to make you pay. 
They only look to you as a wallet. Stick with people who
 support each other financially.

2. They don’t do what they say 

they will do for you

In other words, they never mean what they say. 
A person with real character will follow through. 
Cheap talk will just drag you down.

3. They are too busy

If you want to make the time for someone, you are able to. 
If they are too busy for you, reevaluate the friendship.

4. They don’t care if you are struggling, 

just what your success gives them

Once you’ve reached the top, they all of a sudden flock to you. 
They don’t care about the struggles and challenges you have faced. 
If that is the case, they won’t be there for you when you actually need it.
 Real friends are proud of how far you have come.

5. They want to compare

They are always trying to one-up you. A real friend wouldn’t try to
 make you feel uncomfortable and they don’t compare, either.
 They’re always happy for each other.

6. They feed on drama

If your friend is constantly gossiping and backstabbing, 
they aren’t a real friend, or even a good person. 
Real friends are mature and act like adults.

7. You start to question yourself 

because of them

If friends in your life make you question yourself 
and your lifestyle, then leave them. Find friends that inspire
 and elevate you. Don’t lie to yourself; you know how you feel.