Saturday, April 30, 2016

Victim? Horseshit !!!

I rarely purchase things for myself. I knew before it arrived it would be broken. A few asked me how I don't get angry over things like this. Just look. How could you possibly be disappointed. Lol. I now have three amethysts and One is a message for all. 
I love my life so much. Thanks for another day. Finding gratitude isn't that hard. Is it? 
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Recently on a radio interview a caller called in to tell me what a scammer I am.  He said its a whole lot easier being and remaining positive when you could die at any time. LMAO
 He went on about my immune system deficiency.  Explaining at any moment a virus could wipe me out.  It must be easier he explained.  He noted that my body temperature lowering (currently 95.6) was indicative of my time remaining.  He thinks I cheat the system and its easier for me than him.

He is right...that was all really all I could say. But how much different are the rest of us...if we all lived life like it was our last day, how much differently would we see the world? Maybe it is easier for me these days...each day is a gift...but easier?  I'm not sure about that , but he is right about one thing.  At any moment with 1/10 of your immune system I could be taken out by a bug that you find a nuisance.  But I don't live in a state of fear...I live in a state of grace, and that my friends is a choice...pure and simple.  I know that any moment I could get hit by a bus too.  But I don't walk around worrying about it.

I have survived the impossible medically.  When that happens, you suddenly find anything is possible.  I have learned one constant in this world.


I hope you find peace and beauty today and everyday. Thank you for sharing your time
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