Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Political Correctness of the Spiritually Awakened

Political Correctness of the Spiritually Awakened

Seems like the term "Politically Correct" is making a bit of a come back or maybe a resurrection these days.  I suspect it might be about time. Lately a lot of my friends have encountered and dealt with situations that, to put it frankly, just pissed them off.  Many avoided the conflict as the spiritual tend to do. We do understand the collapse we need to actually expand, but it seems we, not unlike many, avoid it at all costs.

The varied leaps and bounds, the stumbles and rolls, even the careening into a ditch is such a part of our inherit right to evolve.  To learn from our experiences.  You just can't get that from a book. Conflict and collapse are just part of the deal whether we like it or not. So why do we run so fast away from it?

Somewhere in our awakening, we might have taken too much responsibility for "turning the other cheek", so to speak.  To reflect what we know to be so critical about our energy - our positive attitude and need for peace. All of our experiences, whether perceived good or bad, are critical and the spiritual know it. Always at the right time, manner and sequence, best to impact our involvement, it happens. Sometimes like a 2x4 in the head, but it is an inevitable part of life - without the collapse there is no rebound.

God only knows when we started blaming ourselves for any of it, but we were taught fault and blame early in life and it is deeply rooted. Although I think some of us have an idea where that  Whether we like it or not, change is inevitable - it is really one of the only constants in life.  The whole entire deal with evolving requires new experiences, new challenges, new dreams.  It is raw hope manifesting. But those experiences require the ying and yang - the very essence of perspective to me.  Can't know the beauty of one without the other.

It seems obvious to me that the spiritual community gets the need for collapse and the definitive conclusion that without it there is rarely ever a rebound or expansion. Learning requires putting some skin into it and we know it. Sometimes literally. It is obvious to many that at moments of great emotion we do learn.  Like a bullet it sinks into the very fabric of our being.  It stores in a place we never forget and it does ignite a change.  It brands our soul and in return ignites us. That fire can rage can't it?  Sometimes we wonder if we can keep up with the expansion.  But we do in retrospect - often looking back later and being grateful. It is never the collapse we celebrate, but we do find joy in the rebound. Ironic really.  One thing many forget in that crazy expansion is the wake we create in our path, the energy current that follows our expansion which often engulfs others around us, dragging them, if need be, to their own conclusions.

So why then do many run from conflict?  Is it because we see it as conflict instead of a critical part of the path of life maybe?  Even the spiritual run from it.  Look, I get it - the collapse sucks.  It hurts and it's painful, but usually oh so revealing. Some spiritual folks are so in-tune with energy, they can feel pain on the other side of the globe.  I get it.  We feel things most don't at greater magnitudes.  But we still know the collapse is inevitable to expand.  We know it in our hearts.

So why are we so politically correct in the spiritual community about it? At what point have we let our understanding of positive reflection and light shield us from the collapse and the valuable lessons they teach to everyone involved.  Because it sucks...I get it. We have been through some shit, haven't we, to find our magnificence?  We're tired of that part although we still understand its importance.

No one likes conflict or pain, but I suspect we not only rob ourselves of the experience, we also rob those involved with learning as well.  The spiritual are the first to turn the other cheek when hurt by others.  Maybe we run to meditate or find balance when our boundaries are violated.  Maybe many haven't even set boundaries, and I encourage you to consider that.  Spiritual people feel things differently and we must respect it or we will be forced to learn These boundaries are a matter of survival, but I wonder - are our current boundaries are own, or the ones we adopted from others?

So the age old question comes into play.  When do we decide to defend our boundaries? When is it OK to engage in conflict?  Is it Ok?  That's really all up to each of us, obviously, but let's dump the political correctness at least long enough to pay attention to our intuition while reading this blog. Let's just be pliable for a few moments. Honestly, I always remind myself how little we actually use of our brain.  I remind myself every time I think I might be right about something and it reminds me to not be an idiot.  Defending a position allows no new ideas.  Let's at least respect that.

 It is great to be able to turn the other cheek. More often than not we do and are better for it.  But when someone hurts you and you walk away, maybe that's the point where we take on too much of someone's energy. Turning the other cheek is very noble and respectful to the values of our community.  But I wonder - is it slowly polluting us?  Is the lack of  processing the pain out loud and raw fair to those that feel so deeply?  That's rhetorical by the way. We have been taught that a part of processing is verbalizing, albeit tactfully we hope, but nonetheless a clear message in modern day psychology.  But here comes many in the spiritual community that just eat it.  They take it on and never process it completely.  Ignoring possibly the powerful teaching moment for themselves and others involved.

No one wants to be an asshole, but it just doesn't have to be that way.  We can tactfully and graciously tell people when they have gone to far.  Hell, I suspect it's not only critical, but a poignant and definitive part of our survival.  So why is it so politically incorrect for our community?

It isn't about blame or fault (two of the nastiest words in our diction, robbing us all of forgiveness) or, god knows, changing others.  But it is about embracing the collapse of energy, for we know there is no expansion without it. Oh, but we have to be "spiritual" and all that.  Well let's be honest - to be spiritual is being human to me, nothing more.  To understand that being human is divine was a critical epiphany to me.

So I wonder if it's time to shed the political correctness of defending our boundaries.  It's not only OK to tell someone they violated your peace, it is a gigantic part of healing.  Forgiveness for ourselves and others and the healing freedom that accompanies it is being delayed often by our lack of processing things. We stuff it down in until the next time, then the next time, then the next.  At some point you can only stuff so much into that envelope before it blows.  Therein lies the significant roller coaster ride of ups and downs we all feel so deeply in the spiritual community.  You're not manic. You're trying too hard to be what others believe is the "spiritual way". It's not just the spiritual either. At some point our desire for peace has stolen from us our very right to be human.  To dot a proverbial "i" once in awhile.  I am not suggesting we fly into a rage daily here.  But before you run off to take the energy on your own, I just think we should consider the need to release it to those who can benefit, without apology or regret, for the betterment of ourselves and the ones that hurt us.  How dare we rob them of that highly emotionally-charged encounter that may lead to their own expansion, not to mention ours. Our inherit desire to be nice is stealing away the very evolutionary process needed to learn for all of us, in my mind.

It's funny how others perceive the spiritual community from the outside.  I hear a lot about "what a lovely person that awakened individual is". Meanwhile behind the scenes that "lovely person" is still human and feels pain, frankly more than most.  The difference is they often carry it around after swallowing it, and more critically, hide it.  Even more remarkable to me is that they continue to emit positive energy and peace even while carrying around baggage others created.  That is remarkable strength to me.  But I think it's time to give ourselves a break on that deal. To unburden ourselves just a bit.  God knows many of us need a "pass" these days, to be OK to process the pain by verbalizing it, releasing it, and forgiving all, including ourselves, then moving on free of the chains of burden. We just don't "move on" without the process. I think it's high time to stop sparing others the perceived conflict that comes with defending our boundaries.  We are sparing them of a valuable moment in evolution to me.  We are doing the same to ourselves it seems too.

How many spiritual people have you noticed disappear on occasion, sometimes for weeks at a time? Yes, that envelope does overflow. Ignoring what we shove in there everyday does have a way of reminding us. It just doesn't go away on its own. Meditate all you want. Eventually it just might not be enough.  That might be your intuition talking.

So I think we need to find the strength and social acceptance of being real and raw in our community of "spiritually enlightened".  Maybe it is time to be "human" more than "spiritual".  Turning the other cheek and fighting the intuition is not healthy.  If you are good with it, so am I .  This isn't info for everyone, but I wonder how many resonate with what we're talking about here.  I also wonder who will admit it?  LOL!!!  Take a deep breath.  You might need it.

Some might take a position here, as does happen in this world, but we must find solace in the fact that taking a position cannot supersede our ability or need to have our own experience. To listen to our very intuition.  I remember exactly where I was in the world when I realized there was one way to learn something new - to admit I was wrong and forgive myself for it.

This world needs honesty.  It is exactly why many of us advocate telling the story.  But I ask this question - is the idea of burying our own pain a great example to the rest of the world?  Or is it our talisman that we think separates us from the rest of the world? One thing is clear... people smell fake. Whether they speak about it is another issue, but they do smell it.  The view from that horse can be grand, but that's the height of the horse maybe, not your current evolutionary position.

People need raw and authentic people to learn from.  They are practically screaming for it.  Just look at our ongoing political race.  I often have wondered with such incredibly enlightened people in this community, how is it that the rest of the world hasn't come along joyfully into the understanding we all share everyday.  Yes, I realize they need to have their own experience.  But I also suspect it may be a lack of leadership in the spiritual community.  Maybe many have fogged over being authentic by labeling themselves spiritual. We dove head first into the box blindly, just happy to have finally arrived.

That shouldn't mean we take on others' shit and carry it around like a chain until it breaks us.  It's time for some truth and rawness in this community.  Quite honestly, I believe it may be what is missing. Hard not to mention the very definition of insanity... We have all been trying to educate for years in a polite, lovely understanding way.  Hmm.  When was the last time you saw an inspirational speaker disagree with someone?  Right!!!  I don't ever recall it actually. I suspect if we did it might be described as "a melt down".  But I wonder perhaps if it might be what the world needs right now. I am not recommending it just yet. It will require a teacher that can run with the big dogs, so to speak.  I am not sure I've met that in the spiritual community...YET.  But let's talk about it at least.  Maybe free ourselves of a little stress.

So I wonder if we can let go of the label of spiritual and all that we've been told goes with it.  To find our authentic selves and just be us, instead of what people want us to be or the box so conveniently prepared for us.  Snapping someone into place tactfully and smartly is important not only for them, but for us.  It's time I think.

As always, these are just thoughts and ideas that I hope begins a dialogue.  A positive and free exchange of learning. I value that part of life more than any. I hope this gives you some food for thought.

For those who might be reeling with this truth and severely troubled, I say this -You are cordially invited to go FUCK
I'm totally just kidding, but I wonder how many spiritual people think that under their breath more times than they care to admit.  I have seen it a hundred times.  The spiritual agreeing with a fan then walking away rolling their eyes.  We really are just like the rest of the world, but we are more sensitive.  I hope this idea might help us find some peace and acknowledgement that we are not afraid of the very oneness we all stand up and shout about. We are not better.  We are not hypocritical.  We are human so by definition, fabulously flawed.  Our way doesn't mean it's the best way. Sparing them the conflict, and ourselves doesn't mean it's the best way, but it might be considered the easy way, albeit temporary. If there is one thing in closing I have to agree with is.... Rarely is the easy way THE BEST WAY.

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  1. I think we get the mistaken idea that we are SUPPOSED to avoid conflict. We are supposed to avoid harsh words and anger, but being at conflict with a person or idea is an opportunity for exponential growth. Sharing ideas and opinions in a loving way to resolve a perceived barrier to understanding, is a good and right thing to do. Evaluating our motives to see if we are somehow at the root of our inner conflict is also quite valuable as we navigate this realm.

  2. Agreed...that box has been built for a long time...that box doesn't exist

  3. I'm with you, Robert! What I see (and what I experienced) was that while I was operating with low self-esteem and low self-love, I put on that façade of trying to please, not getting angry, letting people walk all over me. I was afraid of not being loved or accepted, so I'd "go along to get along." (Yeah... I'm not like that now! LOL!) As I grew into greater self-esteem and self-love, it became easier to set boundaries, and hold them, and easier to speak my truth whether others agreed or not. We owe it to ourselves to do that, and we have to be concerned about our own feelings at least as much as we are concerned about other people's feelings. I've also found, as my self-esteem and self-love grew, that I no longer have to be "right" in other people's eyes or convince people to agree with me. I can allow people to do what they do and believe what they believe... and sometimes we walk away and sometimes we do need to call someone on their behavior. Stuffing our feelings is very detrimental to our health and well-being and most of us are carrying around way too much of that; it forms the foundation of dis-ease. And to me, I always thought "turning the other cheek" meant to just walk away, rather than stay and be abused some more! Being spiritual does not in any way mean being a doormat or not having feelings or rights. And hey, sometimes anger is the point of balance! But most spiritual people are very uncomfortable expressing anger (it takes practice); but suppressed anger (and any emotional energy) will always come out in some inappropriate way eventually!!

  4. I am new at this at least my awarness is.That is I have been in resistance to the gift that has been given,most my life. Gift..Lol it can be hell because my looking good immage was more important to me,fear of being discovered! an elution that I made so real to myself and loved it, so I took the beatings and more beatings,I knew the truth. Unhealthy boundaries slowly ripped out my inner soul and I held my spirit inside and protected it for many many years while the beatings continued. Self-inflicted from the illusion of fear. few boundaries for soul and bodys. Spiritual what the hell does that mean anyways? It seems to be becoming a religion. As I become more aware of my true self I become more aware of everything and Truth. Today I would live in truth there's no box big enough to put it in because it's everywhere I see it good or bad right or wrong it's still the truth not my truth God's truth.

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  6. I remove that previous comment because I put it in twice as I'm writing this I'm wondering why I need to explain it? Wells because of the illusion of fear of somebody thinking or making up a story about me! my case and point I'm saying this because I really don't care as much today, next time I just leave it in twice. so what!

  7. I remove that previous comment because I put it in twice as I'm writing this I'm wondering why I need to explain it? Wells because of the illusion of fear of somebody thinking or making up a story about me! my case and point I'm saying this because I really don't care as much today, next time I just leave it in twice. so what!