Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sorry for lack of baaaack

One of the harder things I've ever posted. I'm dreadfully sorry but it's time. 
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' website reports thatpeople infected with the human immunodeficiency virus who progress to acquired immune deficiency syndrome have a life expectancy of around 3 years. People with AIDS and a severe opportunistic illness tend to survive only for approximately 1 year.
We don't worry to much about it. Worrying is silly. We stole six years. Silly Doctors. But we do pay attention to the signs and have cut back our schedule due to Wasting Syndrome. I've lost almost 40% of my body mass. Doctors freak at 15%. Goofs. They underestimate the power of love.
We don't give up. But we do slow down when needed. Zero fear. Today is a new day. I'm grateful for each. Each day when the first sun hits my face. I breathe deeply and say thank you. Often tears well up and I do not fight them. It's clearly not sadness. I know I always am positive. Always will be. God knows I've survivedsome crazy things. I suspect many don't realize what happens behind the scenes. Many even have forgotten the reality. Many are just busy. I sometimes feel guilty about not telling everyone what's happening. Some say I'm so positive that I'm in denial. I couldn't ask for a better compliment. But it's unfair to ignore the power of a collective prayer. So here we go.
The Last few months the weight is peeling off. Whether I like it or not it is slowing me down. It's causing other issues. It's inevitable.
But I take comfort in knowing you all have the story from here. In fact you always have. It's all up to each of us to make our own difference in this fight. Catching this disease earlier is a profound message I share for many. But it's time to get a little more real.
Trust me were not propping up my feet and saying goodbye. No no no. I love proving doctors wrong. But we are adjusting a bit and paying attention. Wasting Syndrome associated with end stage AIDS is typically a three year journey. We doubled that. Ha. By and through your love and help, I get up everyday and move forward. Sharing our story with love and positive feelings. To date we are now up to 363 people who sent us anonomous HIV tests inspired by the story. That makes my day to think we had that impact. "I'm supposed to do something important" he said. I do it everyday.
I'm grateful for all of you and your impact with this cause and in my life. This Was never about money. Just engaging in anyway. I trust that what happens over the next few months that you will continue this legacy. It would be mean a great deal to me. Thank you all for your love and support shown to me and Carol. We couldn't have done any of it without you. Do not be sad please. We are not. There is too much to be thankful for. If your wondering right now what? Then I remind you that this very moment is it. It's all that ever matters. To be present and loved. I got that in spades. Love you all. Not an April fools thing. But I love the irony. I've waited for the words and time to post this carefully it has not been easy. Please keep it growing please. We need everyone. Stay well. Love to you all

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  1. Oh, Robert, this makes me very sad. You have helped so many by sharing. I know you don't want sorrow, but I can't help it; I'm only human. The good thing is that we know what's waiting for us, and that the end result is always good. Bless you on your journey.