Saturday, April 30, 2016

Whose Comfort Zone are you in?

The most shocking information I've ever shared. If your waiting confirmation from the news media you will have to stand in line behind the pharmaceutical industry that pays the advertising tab. Good luck with that.
You might wanna sit down to watch this short video. 
Western medicine and their lack of belief. Oh my🙈. 
The field exists and is real. Changing the history books is not a belief our world can afford perhaps. Is western medicine too big to fail? 
I've always believed faith was important. But trust was critical. Like it's already happened and the emotion that goes with it. Manifesting isn't hard. Shedding the dogma that it's not possible is. It's time this video found its way to the right people who believe. As you can see. Believing is everything. But believing in our numbers is absolute. The power of it all will change everything. Are you ready? 
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You see. It was never about a book. It was the message and the power we have to share it. Please share this 👍🏻🎯
Is it too much responsibility for some do you think? 
Or is being a victim a comfort zone we've grown attached to? 
I find the irony in healing to be the very belief required. It's quite ironical to me. Even funnier is the team aspect needed in healing in a time when our world has become divisive. 
Let's be honest. Countless accounts of spontaneous remission are showing us the potential. Millions of people. The shear placebo effect is constantly teasing us. Nders coming back telling us the same irrefutable thing. We are more remarkable than they led us to believe. What will it take I wonder. The mushroom plan (kept in the dark and fed shit) is no longer enough to quiet our intuition. It's screaming at us to pay attention. Big pharma is counting on your apathy not to share this. They feed on our fear and depend on our need for conformity as the most basic illusion created to "fit in."They are stealing your power. This is more important than anything I've ever posted. I ask you this. Why do I and others come back from a near death state understanding this very modality in healing. I'm not a scientist or Doctor. But non the less I wrote about this very thing. So certain that I scream it as loud as I can. To whomever I can regardless of what others think. Why are countless people now standing up to do the same? We are evolving as a species. Something big is about to happen. We all feel it. This information will be a mandatory requirement for the journey. 
So how deep is the hold of dogma? To find out how deep they have you I suggest this. Watch this video and pay attention to your gut. It will tell you what you need to know. But. Take it one step further like a caring compassionate collective should. Share it to save others. Wondering what some might think of you when you do? Yea. They got ya. They got you good. Taking back your power starts with standing out -not fitting in.‪#‎imaginethat‬
Imagine if we all just loved our self enough to realize. That loving our self was the whole ball of wax.
Take a look at this video
Curing Cancer

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