Sunday, April 10, 2016

YOUR Twenty-Second Moment awaits

I think it is time to have a candid conversation about the future.  I realize I post about being present and every day I share something about the power of positivity. But at some point we have to be raw with each other to the degree that many won’t like.  I have conditioned myself and others around me to such a positive sense of belief that we forget, regardless of our attitudes, that 5 years ago I was diagnosed with END STAGE AIDS.  Although you know I resist labels, living long term with End Stage caught so late is a fairly new arena in medicine.  Many, many people with HIV and even AIDS can live a very long life these days if caught early.  My situation is a tad different, but not special so please don’t misunderstand me.  Since my Near Death Experience, I have experienced a significant increase in allergies and sensitivity to medicines.  Oh the placebo is strong in the awakened. I wonder if I am triggering it or the research nocebo’ed me into it.  Either way I am now allergic to 12 on the most common, across the board ANTIBIOTICS.  It has been that way for two years.  Every time I try a new antibiotic, my body melts down.  This is a common after-effect for a near death experiencer most of you might not realize.  Forty+ years of scientific research on the NDE has, by no uncertain terms, shown us about sensitivity to not only medicine but nearly everything.  Including our intuition.  I don’t know about you, but nearly all of my life I wrestled with my intuition, often times violently.  Maybe we all do.  We have been taught, molded and bent to the point of breaking in our upbringing by the general messages and etiquette of society. To fit into the norm. That break for me was the very day I stepped out of the box and realized the box was an illusion. I fully embrace not doing things the same way and expecting different results. 
I COMPLETELY understand our inherit connection to an energy field that works in harmony with our intent.  It is manifestation at its basic form.   So, I am cautious about talking about my future in regards to the pesky thing we all have been able to forget about - my END STAGE AIDS.  In this particular stage where my t-cells won’t recover - the very core of our active immune system for all intents and medical descriptions - I remain at 1/10 of the normal t-cell count and it hasn’t moved in 3 years.  Things pop up all the time medically with only 1/10 of a normal immune system - and with a guy allergic to so many antibiotics, it might be horrifying to some.  I don’t complain, whine, or spread anything other than positives to my friends and the people who surround me.  But Carol and I have wrestled with the understanding that sometimes I can be so positive I might be manifesting denial.  Lol.  I might even be forgetting an important aspect by not telling all about my medical situation and the steep and steady decline that Carol and I watch every day – that being the power of your prayers. We wonder what our responsibility is to our friends and followers for the truth about what’s happening to my physical body.  We never wanted sympathy for ourselves, we wanted engagement.  Many have gone to extremes to help us connect to share the story.  We weren’t expecting such extremes but we are grateful for those who went the extra mile.  We wanted it to be easy.  Twenty-seconds worth of time at the least. One dollar at a time if need be.  One post share.  One more connection.  One review. Invite friends to build the platform.  Anything that your gut resonated with.  I realize a lot of you are busy.  I even have had to explain that this isn’t just about selling books and making money.  It is and always has been about love and hope, and more importantly, ending a disease thru a collective effort.  I have had the awkward occasion to have to apologize to some who were quite literally offended at my pleas for engagement.  That part stops here.  Quite honestly, as positive as I like to be, I just simply don’t have the time any longer to apologize for aggressive marketing for a charity.  As my body weakens, the clock gets louder.  So do I. 

I do have a great deal of faith in the path of life - that all things come when they are supposed to.  But in my case and my disease, many have waited too long.  This disease never discriminated, but I sure did and I am not alone.  The latest report that the fastest growing population of new HIV infections are women ages 13-24 is an example of how we have been lost in the original epidemiology of the disease. The fear and stigma is stopping people from catching it early enough. That has to change. NOW
Some of you might still scroll past a post about HIV/AIDS.  We’ve literally been conditioned to it.  I understand how it works.  It will take strong emotional connections to break that chain.  To educate the world on what’s really happening takes a village. 
You see, that booming voice in my NDE that said, “There is something important you are supposed to do” lingers in my brain, seared by the very emotion of the experience.  A lot of you have asked and wondered what that “something important” is.  So I hope you will allow me to say this - the “something important” is and always was showing the world what a caring and compassionate and fully-educated collective of people could do when unified as one.  The same message that nearly all NDE’rs come back understanding.  The oneness.  It seemed obvious to me the importance. Maybe we aren’t ready to save the world from every negative, but we most certainly can take one issue and make an impact by and through our conscious engagement.  Recent studies have shown that if everyone on the planet got tested to know their status, we could nearly end the disease.  This is the moment I believe we need to recognize.  It’s time.
In the spirit of a simple twenty-second moment for those who were waiting for a rainy day to engage, I tell you this without detail, description or guttural heart wrenching pity – it’s sprinkling.  It is time to ask each of you, without regret, for another or the first twenty-second moment of effort.
We need this discussion to have a broader audience.  To that end, we have designed a form letter that we hope you might cut and paste into the link we provided.  The link, as you will see, is to someone we know can help lift us up to that broader audience.  Someone with a simple yet powerful message - to be kind to one another.  Although I would be thrilled if each of you wrote your own letter with your heart and soul, I am not unrealistic about how busy we all are.  Everyone has had great intent in helping out, but perhaps not the time.  So we wrote the form letter for speed and ease to limit any excuses or time crunches.   How you do it is up to you, but we are asking for your help to actually do it.  This letter appearing at the producer’s desk in volume is a synchronicity that can’t be ignored.  Even if it’s the same exact letter - it screams of synchronicity. We even suspect it might be found funny to the producers, if not impactful, that so many people banded together for a cause.  We believe it is time to engage those that have a platform that reaches more than the 25,000 people we currently share with.  How far we have come in a short time.
If you know or work for or with someone with a large platform, we ask that you share our intent.  Many people I have known for years know famous people.  I don’t want their money.  I want their voice. Last time we tried this, I am not sure I did a very good job explaining.  Many were offended at my request for donations, albeit $1.  It was never about the dollar.  It was about the connection, the information, the fear and stigma about getting tested.  We wanted to spark conversation, to share the evolution of a disease, to help people understand we can end a disease without 20 more years of research while people continue to die and spread the disease.  To us, it seemed if people were taking the time to just donate a dollar, it would mean they were thinking, and hopefully talking about this message.  I apologize if my passion over a cause was overshadowed by my attempts to make it simple. 
We can all do something.  Anything.  Here is an easy opportunity I hope you all agree makes a ton of sense. Please click on the link below - it will take you to the BE A GUEST part of the Ellen DeGeneres show.  You are welcome to cut and paste the form letter below or feel free to use your heart to write your own.  The space they allow is limited and it’s too difficult explain in that short space all of the angles that might benefit others in this story.  We are grateful if you want to try, but we again want this to be easy for you all.
Thank you all for your understanding, patience and grace during this journey. I realize the story takes time to digest for some.  I hope time has allowed that evolution.  My passion remains stronger than ever.  My body not so much.  But I assure you down to my last breath I will never give up trying. Thank you all for your continued support, vision and courage along the way.  You all inspire me every day to get up and try it again.  Purpose is a life saver.  Hope is powerful. But these things as a team - Unstoppable.

The link:

The letter:
Be kind to one another
An open Letter To:  Ellen DeGeneres
Do things keep crossing your path repeatedly?  We all need to understand the power of synchronicity and paying attention to the signs.
I am a member of a collective group of people who, by and through the book Twenty-Seconds, A True Account of Survival and Hope by Author Robert M. Tremblay, have all engaged in some way to help bring this story to others.  It is time to spread the message as far as possible.  His story is a testament to what we can do by collaborating and joining together.  He has connected people in an inspiring, fun way that makes us all realize what we can do to make a difference in this world.  The purpose and intent of this collective is about all of us discovering our own power to impact. That’s real power and it is how he survived the impossible.
Robert’s book is his own true story of an ordinary man who traveled an extraordinary road from near death to healing after a terminal diagnosis, including a journey through Hospice and a Near Death Experience that changed everything.  He tells his tale with truth and courage that will change the way you think about death, healing and love.  His book isn’t just another NDE story – it’s a story of remarkable survival and a love story that redefines hope.  The shocking part of his story was revealed in the book, which is that he was a married, heterosexual man diagnosed with End Stage AIDS.  The power of a disease that evolved while we weren’t looking has become the cornerstone of his mission.  Do you believe a disease can be virtually eliminated simply by the power of collaboration?  If we can get away from the fear and stigma of getting an HIV test, when people know their status, and take the medication to suppress the virus, we can literally stop a disease without 20 more years of research and the loss of any more lives!!
Robert’s story will move people, it will connect people on an issue that has been discriminated against long enough.  His story brings a new perspective desperately needed and it’s making a difference. The remarkable part of the NDE isn’t his miraculous healing like many others near death experiences.  It is in the fact that his healing happened without an immune system.  It was hope and love, pure and simple.  The people who helped him survive were the most critical aspect of the story.  The same aspect needed to impact this awareness campaign.  Today the fastest growing population of new HIV infections are in females ages 13-24, but no one talks about it.  Many people don’t even know that!  
We humbly ask for your consideration in helping Robert bring his story to your platform. We are certain you are and always have been the most appropriate messenger of hope for this calling.  I attach these links for your consideration.  We hope the vision you share everyday finds its mark with Robert’s. We believe you will find the synchronicity too great not to. One thing is for certain - Robert is an entertaining guest we know your viewers will love, and so will you.  The most powerful thing I have learned personally in this endeavor is - together we can most certainly do anything.
Thank you for your consideration and continued efforts to connect the world in kindness.

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