Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Something Important I had to do...READ MY OWN BOOK

Something Important I had to do...READ MY OWN BOOK

It was quite an experience for me to record the audio book of Twenty-Seconds.  I had been trying to avoid reading my own book in all honesty.  I don't ever listen to my radio interviews or TV appearances.  I rarely even read the reviews.  I never wanted this to be about getting popular or famous.  Certainly didn't and wont ever have it be about getting rich as we donate most to charity. Often times I, like many, can be my worst critic.  I don't want to ever be so hard on myself that it stops me from the true intent of this book.  To show what a caring collective can do-united as one.  It is the basis for my very survival.  It will be the basis for the end of this disease.  Not appealing to one segment of society or another.  But the whole of society.  Each and everyone of us has power.  Even twenty-second moments can make a difference.

Carol insisted that I not have an actor read the book.  She loves the rumble of my voice.  So I spent 12 hours recording the audio book in a studio in Tempe and finally read my own book.  I have to tell you I was a bit surprised that the first day of recording we had to stop 10 times or more because I broke down in tears.  Perhaps this is really why I avoided reading the book.  The producer, William, was tolerant of the emotion and in fact many times was effected himself.  It wasn't just a business task, it became an emotional experience. We love emotional experiences.  They have a way of lasting don't they?  I value having taken the time to do it myself.  As always Carol was correct.

I present to you Twenty-Seconds, the audio book in all it's glory.  Recorded in my own voice, with my own emotion, in my own style and manner.  Including cracking voices and obvious emotional parts without apology or regret.  If you have read the book you will understand the emotion.  I didn't just write this story.....I LIVED IT.

I hope you enjoy the Audio Book as much as we did in bringing it to you

It will also be available in a few days on Itunes

For those interested in the Arizona area I highly recommend the producer William at Bradford Creative in Tempe Arizona.  he did a spectacular job and his dedication to perfection was a marvel to watch...we listened to harry Potter audio book and others after ours was complete and i must say the quality William made was far superior. Here is a link to William if you need it...Trust me...he will not disappoint
facebook-Bradford Creative Studio

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