Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Acupuncture Experience

I wanted to share with you recent new experiences I have had with different healing methods and techniques.  I remember when I used to laugh at holistic and other "out of the box" treatments...calling them "witchcraft."  I was very consumed with fitting in back in those days. Funny how surviving the impossible can make you reconsider   Trust me when I tell you that... when it happens to will understand.  Until then I hope I can plant a few seeds for you to consider.

Two months ago in my last visit to the Mayo I was told that they believed I may have Lymphoma. Cat scans revealed a significant increase in size and number of lymph nodes around the spleen and liver areas.  Lymphoma is very common in Aids and it has always been looming in the background since my diagnosis five years ago.  The treatment for most Lymphoma is chemotherapy which is not a healing method I wish to pursue so I declined further testing to get the "diagnosis" that Doctors are so fond of believing in.  Testing involves an invasive biopsy of effected lymph nodes which requires a minor surgical procedure.  As many of you know I have had enough surgery to last several life times so it wasn't the fear of the procedure that caused me to go without the diagnosis.  It was the perception of futility in the treatment that caused me to say "enough".  They highlighted their concerns and that's enough for me to go to work on the perceived issue.

As my weight slowly peeled away(50 lbs) in the past few months I once again found myself listening to my intuition on ways of addressing this suspected lymphoma.  The pain had increased as did the sleepless night filled with night sweats that woke me every hour. The bloating and pain after eating has been a significant issue for sometime now but it worsened over the past few months.  My appetite went with it. My glands even around my throat were painful and swollen despite hiding it from my loved ones.  My body temperature has been doing some crazy things as well.  Over the past three months it has steadily declined.  Two months ago it started slowly averaging in the 96 degree range...nothing to be concerned with really but noted non the less but it continued to spiral down. Last week I was averaging 95.7 degrees.  This week 94.7.  I don't worry too much about all of these symptoms.  Too many times we are directed to worry and panic, always fearing the worse with some symptoms. I don't think my temperature decrease is a negative when we consider that cancer cells do not thrive in imperfect environments.  Perhaps its my bodies way of getting rid of an intruder.  That's my story and I am sticking to it.

I have experienced a lamaze and exhaustion I am all to familiar with and then there was pain.
I have learned to find alternatives in dealing with pain. Often times I have turned to medical marijuan and found great success in finding the "now" moments and inspiration to redirect the pain into useful activities.  I have never been a fan of narcotics but must admit lately I have had to give into these to find some clarity away from the increasing pain.  Quieting the mind can allow the light in and pain is an issue within this realm.  Whatever you need to do is got to be long as we remember the frequently ignored aspect of almost everything these days....MODERATION.  We certainly have lost a great deal of respect for the dangers of excess.  Eating wrong? don't worry there's a diet for that...if that doesn't work there's a pill or even now a surgery.  Anything but take responsibility for our actions it seems.  It can be frustrating at times to watch it all.  We are all conditioned to it I assure you...even me.  The world has told us the value of making things easier and faster.  That's just to sell you more shit.  There are no shortcuts to putting in the work I assure you.  Nothing can replace the human experience and the emotions that go with it.  Those are the most important part to me.

Three weeks ago I followed the signs to Acupuncture.  I didn't learn about it or research it.  I just followed the signs after it repeatedly came across my path.  Which in all honesty has been the way I've done most of the healing without an immune system.  Some are too busy to see the signs and synchronicity in life.  I assure you I will always make the time.  If it crosses my path more than twice...I find out why.

I went into acupuncture with a completely blank slate of opinion.  The best way in my view.  I like to experience things, not read about them. That's someone elses experience and it has zero impact on mine unless i allow it.  I have been pleasantly rewarded for my open mind once again as my weight has steadied and even an appetite has returned somewhat after only three sessions.  The pain has lessened and I am again finding peace and pace in writing and other activities that bring me joy.  This to me has been the secret to my healing.  Lately we keep seeing new scientific studies reporting that music, dance,walks in nature, the sound of the sea, exercise, even reading and writing are good for the immune systems.  All very lovely thoughts and ideas with one common denominator.  THINGS THAT BRING US JOY are,  and always have been the key to healing.  Another important aspect of why its so important to support each other in each persons individual choices in how they believe they can heal.  Whether you think something will hurt you or harm you.  YOU WILL ALWAYS BE RIGHT.  But I urge us all to take pause when we try and warn others of our own beliefs in one healing way or another.  Your fears should remain just that...yours. Your not helping in spite of your very best intentions. The importance of a positive input to the world can never be understated.  It is one of the most important aspects of our time.  We can literally activate the epigenetics of our very own dna when placed in fear.  So please, next time you warn someone on social media or in person about this and that that might kill you or harm you.  Reconsider please.  Those who love you and trust you the most will be impacted the greatest. It is time we have some responsibility with our fear to not make it someone else's.  

To dispel any concerns, cause I hate needles too, there was no pain associated with needle placement. There was however reverence in understanding when various parts of my body seemed to activate no where near where the needles were placed.  I could feel muscles elsewhere contracting and what even felt like "skin crawling" in completely different areas of my body than where the needles were.  To me it was some proof of the process although I had no preconceived notions on whether this worked or not.  But I can tell you it has.  Without a doubt worked.  I was surprised after each treatment how tired I was.  I rarely allow myself during the day to rest.  Plenty of time to sleep later, but this was not an option for post acupuncture.  I fell and fell hard after each session.  I found that liberating and captivating actually.  I was warned after the first treatment that it might actually get worse before it gets better.  A common theme I am all to familiar with.  It did just that.  During the first week after treatment I would have severe cramps in different areas of my body but the pain was different.  There were spikes not constants and to me I actually felt myself smile....Like I knew it was being released. The pain increased actually but I keep an open mind having been warned previously.  By the second week I had noted an increase in appetite and the pain less stringent along my day.  My mind and thinking got clearer as the pain decreased and once again was able to access a quiet and resonant peace back into my days.  By the third week I had found an increase in energy and a virtual disappearance of some pain related areas I had previously been so concerned with. Whether I am experiencing a placebo or actual effects from a timeless healing method really doesnt matter to me.  I have found relief and with it a "belief" and with that I have been given everything.  I love my love so...

Really quite remarkable to me actually and I thought you might appreciate the experience.  As always its up to you to decide what treatments are right for you.  I assure you if you have a preconceived notion something might not work.  You will be correct.  Your body will respond to what the mind is ready to comprehend.  That's why I am cautious about over researching anything until I have my own experience.  Lets be honest, things we read will not convince us of anything without resonance, and resonance requires an experience.  Those damn comfort zones really aren't doing anyone any good in my opinion.  It seems to me when we actually step out of the box is when the light actually warms us.
 Here are a few articles for those researchers and data gatherers for you to consider.  Turns out that acupuncture has been around for thousands of years.  Lost in a pharmaceutical feeding frenzy designed to make things faster and easier...Ironic to me that we find in a society filled with convenience that the easiest things in life are rarely the best things.  It is indeed time for many to wake up to the responsibility of our magnificence. Its easy to get cramps while stuffed into those boxes.  lol  Maybe acupuncture can help you with that. Ha

So my overall rating of acupuncture...two enthusiastic thumbs up...or the litmus test I consider the most powerful in my heart....Yes I would and did recommend it to my

Hope your day is filled with magic and possibility...its a fresh new day to try something new....and expect different results...Go get em

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  1. Thank you for sharing your acupuncture experience. I am quite frightened when I see needles and it is encouraging to hear they are painless. Following your heart and listening to your body is great advice.I believe you really arrived at the heart of the matter when you said the easiest things in life are rarely the best things in life.

    Leonardo @ US Health Works

  2. Thanks for sharing your time I hope it helped..