Saturday, May 14, 2016

The GIFT of your voice...a message to the famous !!!

One of the greatest and rarest gifts we are given as an Author or Public Figure is a platform.  The platform is your number of followers/friends or even fans that support your achievements and journey.  It is a gift like no other in the universe and it has little or nothing to do with the amount of people you can sell something to.  The collaborative connection of a group has been a resounding message in all history.  It is power multiplied by thousands if not millions of followers.  The ability to reach a large collective is a divine gift,  pure and simple.  So the question continues to arise.  What are you actually doing with your platform?

Many of us think that the more famous we become the happier you become.  I am certain most famous people might disagree with you.  With a platform also comes a quieter aspect many of them forgot about.  Responsibility... Hardships and tough times plague many famous people regardless of the illusion they give to the media and the world.  What is it all trying to tell us?  How could people with endless supplies of money and friends possibly not be in the best mood possible everyday.  I have always assumed its a Karma thing to be honest with you. What exactly are they doing with their platform to help others is the litmus test I use nearly everyday .

Everyday I try and grow my platform to reach more people. It all started with one and today its thousands.   Not to just sell a book,  but this very message.  "Gathering a collective is the key to collective consciousness and a power that is in direct proportion to its numbers." To effect change it does take a village. But there is something greater in the platform that many famous people might be missing.

What you put out to your platform is all you will ever get back.  

Take a look at some of the famous ones that post things everyday.  Does any of it actually help anyone else?  Is it this lack of understanding that quietly haunts them in their successes? I wonder.

But is it just famous people who should question? I doubt it...although numbers are more powerful we each have our own platforms today.  We always have, but today we just have more access to it. Each of us has hundreds of friends and "fans" of our own on social media and e mail lists.  An awesome tool at our disposal we may be taking for granted. We are all famous in our own circles.

I firmly believe if we are given a gift this powerful then it requires a responsibility to actually do some good with it.  To lift up others into the same light is one way this gift pays dividends.  Almost everyday I try to help someone rise.  I use my platform to do it. Selflessly and happily.  I don't want some of us to be successful.  I want all of us to be.  If we assume success is stature or money we may be missing the point.  That boomerang will revisit us I assure you.  To humble us to the truest gift of all.  Helping others.  The ability to connect people is one of the greatest powers in the universe to me. We all underestimate its awesome grace and power.  Imagine if we really understood it all.  What a different world it could be.  We are connected at a rate never seen before in our time.  What do we do with it? Clearly not enough.

Many stars support charities financially or with their presence.  All lovely concepts and ideas.  I commend you and salute you.  But what about your platform?  The cheapest and easiest and arguably most important gift in our grab bags is the connectivity we share with others.  I try to highlight others work that resonates with my own thoughts and feelings.  To life up one-lifts me as well.  It keeps my karma pipes clean of intent, and selfishness. I cant help them all but every single day I chose at least one with the best intentions.  Not the intention of getting rich.- the intention of reaching more and helping more.  If I can be a part of that magic, I will every time.

So why don't the famous people get that.  Do they think to much with their checkbooks and forget the most valuable thing they have...their voice?
The twenty-second moment for one human being to lift up another is an energy stream of creation that ripples into the world.  They don't need money...that's just too easy.  They need your intent and your platform. It is cheap and it is easy and many have ignored its power for far too long.  You don't need to commit a ton of your time to help someone...sometimes it just takes twenty-seconds.  So why isn't that happening more in this world?  Well we will all have an opinion and it is easy to find blame and fault in this world.  trust me...everyone does it.  Whats harder and more rewarding is finding the positive. There is no gift for those that find the is not an Olympic event I assure you...all you will ever get is more of what you create.

When we are old enough to get a drivers license we are mandated to a school to teach.  Perhaps this is a golden rule we should consider more when it comes to the famous. With a power like connectivity in our holster it begs the question...should we educate the famous on what they could do with it? Would that make a difference on what they will do with it?  Understanding its power has got to be the most important part right?

 What if everyone with a platform was made to take a class on the awesome power in their reach that quite honestly most haven't even discovered yet.  Sure they feel the power of the hundreds of likes they got on a post about their courageous choice in nail polish for the day.  But when they feel the divine power of lifting up just one person with intentions of helping others.  Those ripples will change their entire life. It irrefutable the energy when we I wonder...What exactly are you creating?

Everyday I sit and consider what I can do to help just one person.  Doesn't matter if its a complete stranger.  I just focus on their intent.  I have always been guided by the quote..."we get everything we need by helping others..." Zig Ziegler....and I don't think its just a good idea....I think its quite possibly one of natures golden rule.  The oneness that is crying out , quietly weeping inside each of us...Life has become so busy it seems for the famous and all of us that many of us have forgotten how little we would actually need to do to help others.  But like all things in this world.  It isn't just what you do once in awhile, its what you do consistently that eventually pays dividends.  So I leave you with this one question today....


If you wanna truly make a difference in this world.  If your certain its important like I do...then put some skin into it...find the time to give will reward you with too many things to write about in a blog.  Don't give money...give of your time and most certainly your platform...the connections we make in this life all are for a purpose...and its not just one purpose, but an endless supply of riches...

Hope you take some time and join us on facebook...or twitter
The more we grow...the more we reach...the more we reach the greater our love...

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