Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hay House Radio with Anita Moorjani

The seeds of unconditional love that were planted what seemed like months or years ago are beginning to bloom. All that is meant to happen for the highest and greatest good of humanity will indeed happen in divine timing...and this is one reflection of that.
I am grateful and humbled to see my soul brother and John Masiulionis: Empowered By John alumnus Robert M. Tremblay align with my dear friend Anita Moorjani this August on Hay House Radio. Their stories of hope, inspiration, and healing, along with their commitment to service and to humanity will touch your heart and soul in a way that cannot be expressed in words.
When two or more unite together in the name of love, miracles happen. The energies coming from this broadcast later this summer will no doubt transform the lives of countless souls around the world forever. Thank you Roz Brooks for being the Earth Angel that you are, for providing the opportunity for the powerful message that is Twenty-Seconds to be heard by the Hay House community across the globe.
More information on this empowering interview will be ‪#‎ComingSoon‬, so be sure to stay tuned. In the meanwhile, remember that you are the Universe, that you are what you have been seeking, and yes...this is heaven. ‪#‎SatNam‬ ‪#‎Namaste‬

Some of you know that Dr Wayne Dyer and I had a scheduled meeting to discuss him supporting our book and intent prior to his passing. Not unlike Anita's story that he lifted up. Wayne thought our book was "an important moment for humanity." The meeting never occurred sadly. I looked forward to meeting him and thanking him personally. Not just for his intent to help me with the book but for the inspiration he gifted to the world with his presence.
In his spirit we have been guided to Anita who was passed the baton from Wayne on a number of planes in my view. We just kept crossing paths. Lol. Imagine that.
We've been invited onto her radio show by and through spirit as well as intent. Thank you Roz Brooks for your vision and efforts in bringing together myself and my friend Anita for a conversation on ‪#‎hayhouse‬ radio in August. It's a thrill and an honor to share a dialogue with someone so similar and so loving. If you haven't read Anita's book- you might wanna check it out. Her ‪#‎nytimes‬ bestselling book was one of the few nde books I've read. Laughed all the way through it because of the synchronicity. It's a moving account with similar medical backing like our story that cannot be ignored. Today I look towards the heavens and whisper to Dr Dyer. "Thank you" .
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  1. Wow - you literally crossed paths (or airline isles) with Anita. How cool is that! Good luck on the radio show.