Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Opinions are NOT like assholes....

"Opinions are NOT like that they should be examined everyday"

Although I try to NOT take positions about the bible. I do take a position on change and evolution. Many can argue the bible and it's manipulation by man. Although if it provides you hope. I'm all for that. But as time changes. I think it's important to be able to change with it. It brings up the question to me of our second amendment "rights". We are all about protecting our rights. Regardless if it was designed and written in a time of barely functioning muskets. As times change. So to must we. We can almost hear our founding fathers debate the second amendment if they had the information and tools we have today. Assault rifles firing 13 rounds per second. Would it have changed the debate. ? 
In contrast I think of the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor. The Japanese emperor had his eyes on the prize of invading main land usa. But was deterred by the" many gun owners in the us hiding behind every blade of grass". There are certainly pro's and cons of rekindling the debate of our barely functioning muskets. But today there's money involved. I've looked throughout the constitution. I've studied it through and through. No where is there mention of "lobbyists". Lol. This issue troubles many. To me it's where we went off the rail. In today's day and age of connectivity I wonder if there's a better way for politicians to abide by their commitment to "the will of the people". Not the money. How is it possible that in regards to voting or even bill passage. We can't have an Internet system connecting the country for their input. What if every bill was decided by our vote. Not our elected representatives. It could be technically done today. It would engage many who wouldn't normally engage. What if we each had a say in a direct link via the net to make our voice heard. In everything. Democracy has been contorted with money. What if we banned "lobbyists". What if indeed. 
Further more I've had an idea about our gun debate. What if we didn't target the guns. But we secured and changed the bullets. We have the technology to attach a micro chip to bullets that triggered a satellite every time it's fired. The satellite would record by video the action and report it to law enforcement immediately. If it's done out of malice there would be a recording of it. An instant notification. A significant deterrent to anyone considering a mass shooting. Keep your guns and assault rifles. But every time you pull the trigger let there be pause. I realize the idea needs debate. But I'm nearly ashamed of my country these days in regards to the violence we experience. I'm a veteran and a patriot. I've stood on a wall to defend these rights. But I am believer in change. Whether we like it or not. I think of the many who gave the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our rights. But I wonder myself lately if it's all for a system that's gone terribly wrong . I've stuffed body parts back into people all the while wondering. Was it all worth it. 
We all watched the political race this year. Many in complete disbelief. But regardless of your views. The message was self evident. We are literally "dying" for change. So desperate for it were willing to try anything. It's fairly clear doing the same thing and expecting different results are not gonna get it done. Our country weeps at the violence then seemingly moves on to the race of life trying to forget it. Who could blame us. We have lost our ability to effect change and we know it. Money stands in the way as always. I hate being a sheep. I despise it. Although spiritually many say "let it go". That's not spirituality to me. That's apathy. I'm not sure anyone has the answer. But I've proposed a couple. I hope many of you can as well. But what I really hope and wish. Is that we might all slow down a tad. So we might pay attention more. We are all intertwined into a system driven by money. Judged by our financial and social status to feed the machine and blind us to the changes manipulated by men drunk on power. We rush to our jobs to make more and be more. It's part of the deal for many. More things. More toys. More status. How did it all go so wrong. We have seemingly become a society of ease and convenience. I'm a universe that rarely rewards easy. Don't worry. If it gets too tough. There will be a pill or a new invention to ease our suffering. It's all gotten so crazy. As an example 40% of our population is overweight. I don't care about fat. I care about our health. But there's a diet, a surgery or an invention to offset our lack of responsibility. There always will be too. I don't have all the answers. Hell I don't even have a few. But I know there's a debate to be had in this country about a great number of things. We are evolving every single day. So quick to label and judge. Conditioned to it perhaps by our own need to master our language skills. When the simple fact remains clear. The moment we label something. It stops sharing with us. Rarely will we gain anything from it again. Then we defend it. Like our very ego depends on it. Many are offended by my belief that when I'm wrong-I'm happy. I'm happy to have learned something in being wrong. It's one of the few ways that I actually learn something new. This and new experiences teach us. Evolves us. But yet we all race to the seemingly easier comfort zones and routine that we think gives us peace. If there's one thing I'd love to see change. It is the belief that easier is better. All of it forcing us to ignore the most important power of all. Love. More importantly self love. We can still barely see it through the fog of "fitting in". Oh the irony of those who "get it". That being different and loving it is the key that unlocks the door to everything. How ironic. 
Just some food for thought today. Rantings of a near death Experiencer. I'm not trying to change anyone's mind. Just tickle your imagination. It is here where we collaborate and create. I realize many ignore these topics. To keep that positive energy many need to. But getting it out there is just as healthy as stuffing it inside for the hope it fixes itself. This world needs to reconnect with connection. We have always been better in our numbers. Our ability to unite is our truest power to effect change. Let there be more collaboration in lieu of competition. Let there be more love not hate. But for the love of all things holy. Let there be pliability in our beliefs to allow evolution. This is my hope.

The bible teaches us whaaaaaat?

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