Monday, December 12, 2016

Television Trailer-Twenty Seconds

"I try to consider the many dances that come along daily. Sometimes I waltz with the harmony, sometimes I head bang with the darkness. Someday's I'm in the mosh pit with my disease. Someday's I slow dance to remind me of pace.
But someday's I just sway with the rhythm of the gentle breeze and I don't dance at all. It is this dance that I hear the whispers of the universe. Over and over and over it whispers through the leaves. "Keep Dancing" and there's a smile that just naturally begins and the whole world tastes like color. I'm often left speechless and weak but I can and more often than not do. LOOK up. The words find me and I whisper back. "Thank you " and I know it's enough.
Whatever we do this day. This day of all days. Let it be beautiful. Let yourself be you. And please. Keep dancing. ". Rmt
Tonight I dance with an angel. 

Here is the recent television trailer about our story...we hope you enjoy...we hope you engage...
with hope we have everything