Thursday, January 5, 2017


I wonder who will read this one? It's not politics.
Maybe this #Trump fellow will have the balls to do something about this disease. It is powerful what the government has done or not done. It's time.
"In 1988, Vito Russo addressed those assembled at a protest at the state capitol in Albany, New York, in words that remain my compass:
Someday, the AIDS crisis will be over. Remember that. And when that day comes -- when that day has come and gone -- there'll be people alive on this earth, gay people and straight people, men and women, black and white, who will hear the story that once there was a terrible disease in this country and all over the world, and that a brave group of people stood up and fought and, in some cases, gave their lives so that other people might live and be free. ... And then, after we kick the shit out of this disease, we're all going to be alive to kick the shit out of this system, so that this never happens again." Vito Russo
Simple testing laws could have saved millions. Many in Government felt the disease was Gods will. Some still do. It's nearly grotesque how we don't talk about this history. I suspect it's way beyond time. It's time to forgive ourselves and work together. We can do that right? Don't think I don't deal with this conditioning everyday in my advocation. Many won't engage in fear of the association still attached. Watch my posts everyday. Hundreds of likes and shares. Until there's one on #standuptohiv. Then watch. It's not being ugly. It's the truth and many advocates like me shy away from talking about it. Maybe it's time to try something different, and pray for different results. 5,753 people everyday contract #Hiv. Today we find two of the fastest growing populations of new infections are 1/Females ages 13-24
2/. Seniors over the age of 55.
This disease never discriminated. We did. I did. I thought not being in the "risk factor" made me immune. Now I barely have an "immune".
People tell me they've learned from our book and my story. But I wonder. Is it enough to just be positive all the time at the risk of ignoring what the real truth of this disease is. Indifference.
This worlds way to busy somedays or at least that's what we all say. I suspect the worlds busy alright. I started a charity with my book. We donate a buck for every book sold. (Keep in mind we make $1.56 of each Book). We asked others to join us in matching. Thousands have read the book as an #internstionalbestseller in its genre. 16 total people have matched our $1 directly to GAB Inc (Give a buck-charity). It nearly floors me some days. One dollar. One. But it also ironically inspires me. We obviously have more work to do.
But we all have work to do honestly. The truth is my story isn't widely embraced in the gay community either. In fact it's been ostracized by many groups because of its lack of focus on the Tglb community. A lesson for many who wave their flags daily in defense of discrimination. Yes, we can all learn here. This disease is an opportunity. Pure and simple. We either unite or we will continue to watch people die. It's just that simple.
Look, I don't mean to be so brutally honest here and offend anyone. But maybe it's time we do. Nothing else has worked and the divide, if not now conditioned apathy, gets worse. Many are too scared to be tested. How has that possibly happened? It's nearly unbelievable how hate and fear spread, and the disease with it.
For those out there fighting the fight everyday. I truly , truly salute you. I've watched loved ones and family run πŸƒπŸ». I know how much courage it takes. You're all magnificent to me to stand up. The real shame is it shouldn't take courage at all. There in lies the rub.
I hope somewhere this writing finds you and inspires you to unite. Whatever the sexual preference, color, age or creed. Embrace and collaborate with anyone. It's time.
I have faith in the goodness inside all of us if we look deep. If we forgive yesterday and save our tomorrows.
If there's one thing my End Stage Aids diagnosis has taught me. Is that there is a tomorrow. For many that's not a certainty. I won't ever forget those who came before me. I won't ever stop rising up to talk and I'll never not collaborate with anyone to stop this. I'll even beg if need be. Call me crazy I guess. But it's usually the crazy ones who dare change the world and I'll be damned. They usually succeed.
But it does take a village. One dream..I believe in you.
nDonald J. TrumprIvanka Trumprump
Ok #Potus. Your turn. Riddle me this.your CDC tells us with 100% testing and medical compliance we can end the entire disease. That's your CDC. Why can't testing for hiv be As routine as cholesterol. It can. Let's work together. Everyone.
Isn't it time ?
Please share as far and wide as you can. Be proud to save people. Any people. That's just #humanity. We can do that, right?
We got this. 35 years we'd better. Quick. #Aids #HIV #endit
Robert M Tremblay

'The ancestral roots of our resistance run deep. They are alive, vibrant with the brilliance and passion of those who came before us, even if many of them ...

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