Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Gift

The gift was to show what a caring compassionate collective can do when joined together. To show our potential together. What a long strange and beautiful trip it's been.
Some days my body gets tired and I'm swooped up in the hearts of others that help carry me. Some days the pain is to great but I find a way by and through your love. The real magic was always doing it together. I knew from the start I couldn't do it alone. No one can. My body just wouldn't allow it. I was forewarned multiple times that this endeavor would take its toll on me. It has, but the beauty. Oh the beauty has been so worth it. We are stronger in our numbers. Always have been.
I cannot thank you enough for your presence along the way. I asked everyone for Twenty Seconds to help spread the word of our cause. Many responded with so much more. All it took was a collective. That's how we went to #bestseller in a year with a self published book. As many of you congratulate us I remind you it was always "you". You were the ones who did this. I couldn't be more grateful.
If you haven't gotten a chance. Please take a moment to share a post. Write a review or tell a friend. Together, we are making a difference.

Upcoming Events
Join us this Sunday morning as we talk with ROBERT TREMBLAY! He is the author of the Amazon #1 best-seller "Twenty Seconds". Join us as we discuss his journey through being HIV positive, being diagnosed with end stage AIDS and his incredible Near Death Experience. As Robert tells us, "It's not about rationalizing our mistakes in life, it's about getting the hell up and doing something with it that's going to change the world".
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