Thursday, March 16, 2017

5000 Voices Screaming

So there's a new Social Media rule enacted by Facebook in its continued endeavor to connect others...The rule, although we normally hate rules...speaks to the very core of our soul.
Lifting up others and the immense power of it all masked beneath divisive non sense...
So the new rules is simple...

It states:

1/ Once you arrive at 5,000 followers you are now required each day to post (at least) one positive post to your followers. Without exception...EVERYDAY !!!

(It seems with popularity on social media comes responsibility for our place in the world...quite honestly my publishers screamed "platform, platform, platform"  For a good reason...In numbers there is if your graced enough to have 5,000 people follow you,  I guess the responsibility of what you put out becomes a bit more serious.)

2/  Anyone with 5000 followers is now mandated to share one post(at least) per week of another human being who's made it his/her purpose to help others.

NOTE: This will be monitored and strictly enforced...Celebrities have no exception.  Business pages, Authors, books, etc with 5000 followers or more will be required to comply...Those with more than a 100,000 up to a million will have different responsibilities and will be contacted shortly by private message. Those with more than a million will be invited to a summit soon in Washington DC to collaborate on what more we can do as civic leaders. All expenses will be paid by Facebook.

NOTE: Failure to contribute to the world with your platform is considered a Facebook felony. Accounts will be suspended for those failing to comply. We are watching what we built.  We believe it is time it be used for something good.  Now, we are watching you and the ripples you push out everyday...Because each ripple of good becomes a current when everyone engages."
M. Zuck
Facebook rule begins April 01, 2017

The true fact of the matter for us at Tremor Books, LLc. is a commitment we made when we started...To take as many as we could with us...
I wont even do a radio interview if they wont let me offer another to consider...All it takes sometimes is that one voice...that one break...
For us it is a daily prayer...this wasn't about a was about a disease...
Don't buy into divisive competition...
COLLABORATE and change the world


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