Friday, March 3, 2017

Transformatal Power of Near Death Experiences

I was proud to have been a part of a magnificent whole to bring you this book coming November 7, 2017 from Watkins Publishing. Englands oldest (1893) and most trusted #publisher. An even bigger honor to donate my time and efforts for the children of this world. All of us did. That's impact. 
I hope you get a chance to join the Facebook group of our movement. It's called Positivity Power Movement. Who couldn't use more of THAT 😉
Hope to see you there.
Ps. Inspiring writers? This is the first edition of many. If it strikes any synchronicity in ya 😉
Kelly Michelle Walsh Jessica Hope Deirdre Dewitt Maltby Diane Goble David Bennett Katherine Kitty Baldwin Thomson Katherine Baldwin ThomsonPenny Brooks Wilson Mike Moon Erica McKenzie Jeffery C Olsen Barbara Pollak Mango Paul Ammons Jamie Thomson
Hope I got everyone 🙏🏻
So excited to read all of your chapters. 
Brookie ChookieSerena EastwoodHolly KendallBernard SchokmanShelley IngleCarol LeeWendy CliftonDanielle EileenMaria Vladimirovna CesareoStephanie Elizabeth HarrisonTarnee RowanVanessa StoneMario PaguioKristie Dal-SantoLisa FergusonBernie Lattimer,Louise SeniorAlana PallisterDamyanti BilimoriaMichael Fraserr, Thomas GreenSharon WhiteDanielle LuckSuzy BrownChristine FordShari CarriageAdele SparkBianca BoardTali BrashFiona CoughlinMykey O'HalloranEsther ButteryJessica JacobsSid SelRobyn RobinsonAngela WolfElizabeth InglisMaria E. Wright
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