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Sample writing from upcoming book....Marbles of Bone: The legend of the Copper Scroll

A lot of you ask about the rules of writing...there are no rules to creativity...penmanship and grammar can be stiffing...don't worry about first drafts are messy and ugly...editors fix...writers create...but for the love of all things holy...let it flow
Something happens when we are highly charged emotionally...a creativity begs to be heard, read or seen inside of us...connecting to this peace is the only suggestion I have...


Here are a couple chapters of my new book coming this summer...Marbles of Bone
This a very rough draft but I dont me's beautiful!!!

This is my first Fiction work...BUT IS IT Fiction?

According to the US Government:  All you are about to read...


R.M. Tremblay
all rights reserved Tremor Books, LLc

There is a dangerous level; of freedom in not “holding on so tight” in this life…No other description best tells the true tale of a description for the Folly of books about to hit the market from me than that one fact…Two days ago I signed my name to a contract that will more than likely, be the last contract I ever sign.  It gives me pause the word “contracts”…Such a waste it always seemed to me.  The savage truth about our distrust and its absolute need whether we like to admit it or not.  But this contract was different.
On the top in medium sized letterhead fashion was the word,  that in all honesty….has set me free…
I have always written my experiences in life…it always seemed so important to me…although I did little with virtually thousands of pages of writings, until now.  You see that “last” contract wasn’t a sell my soul to the devil or even a publisher’s contract all be it very similar.  No the one word in its letter head stood like cold wood in the dead of winter. Block stern letters although delicate and dignified…it read
As most probably know Hospice is for those who are diagnosed terminal with six months or less to live. It can be in home care resources or in treatment care in a facility.  It is the best end of care we have in this world and I was grateful to know one day it would be there.  In fact, truth be told.  This isn’t my first experience in Hospice actually.  I know that sounds odd.  But many years ago, I was diagnosed with a terminal illness out of the blue and it changed my life.  It wasn’t my first such experience with death but with Hospice it was.  Not many walk out of Hospice…I actually ran after two months being in hospice originally and it was considered then a miracle.  Although I understood its power I respected the reverence in it and even wrote a book about it that quietly sat on the bestseller list for several months.  I donated most of the money from that book to charity and for nearly 30 years my publishing prowess slowly evaporated…But my writing increased.  Writing about my experiences became my refuse, my alter…Notebook after notebook, until a tape drive commodore 64 being my first digital bounty…and it evolved from there…These writings are the deepest of secrets, and the greatest of miracles…I’ve been suspiciously and coldly selfish with them. Funny the shit ya learn in Hospice…It should be a mandatory class somehow…

You see, the truth about this series of books coming is the fact that without Hospice and my current situation in life, they wouldn’t be possible.  There is concern about the stories I have documented that I now share with you.  They were and most still are considered classified by the US Government.  I realize that calling this book and the upcoming series “FICTION won’t be enough to keep my ass out of hot water by sharing them but that’s where Hospice comes in.


All things being equal with six months to live is “WHO ACTUALLY GIVES A SHIT”.  That’s the dangerous freedom I mentioned earlier.  I am about to share classified material from 33 years working for the NSA and the US Government.  In these days post Edward Snowden, it shouldn’t be a big surprise. But the division and dealings with the US Government I am going to share is, not surprisingly sadly, a bit out of the unexpected.  We all know intuitively about our governments and its secrets.  Rumors fly constantly.  So constantly it’s hard to understand what to believe anymore.  But our gut ached with the intuition about one certainty.  OUR GOVERNMENT IS AND HAS LIED TO US.  Near drives us crazy to think the people that “serve” had manipulated us…but we all know its happened.  Quite honestly, I think we’re all too busy and frustrated to get involved.  Well that’s ok too.  I know I kept my secrets and these “secrets” I will not take any further.  It is time I not only release them for me but for my family that I have hidden the truth from nearly all my adult life.  For that I want to apologize to you.  There were always secrets, but they were not the ones you thought….Your gut was correct…your instincts…but you and all of us have been cleverly re-directed with divisiveness.
Let this be my testament…THAT THEY WILL BE SECRETS NO MORE
I remember one of the biggest threats to the us government in internal memos circulating through the cia and nsa about 12 years ago was an anonymously titled..  NOT SO FREE PRESS…
The article was well written and copied into memo form to circulate…it dealt with the recent emergence of Amazon and other publishing avenues for the “common man” as they worded it.  The accessibility and opportunity now evolving allowing anyone to publish a book for the masses had scared them, and scared them soundly…There were meetings and plans to disrupt it all, but like all good commerce (amazon is king), commerce ruled the day eventually…no matter what the nsa and cia did to slow the now cascade of new books hitting the market was futile…Now no one cared about the 59,000 new cookbooks per  in the agencies but what concerned those in the Agencies(cia/NSA )was the risk of paranormal books, spiritual books and of course those dealing with conspiracy theories.  The government mad changes after Snowden and Wikileaks but it will never be enough.
There will always be that one guy who just signed into hospice wanting to unpack his epic history into truth.  I’m not sure if it’s a divine need to share the stories…But it most certainly is a calling…In fact the day my shaky hand signed the hospice contract this series of books was all I could think about.  Its obviously not about getting rich…Ill be dead by the time these books do anything to me. I believe it’s about the truth being hidden from us all for far too long.
The simple facet of this truth is this.  There has been a compelling, thought out, planned and deliberate execution of keeping many of us in the dark about one huge aspect.  Our magnificence as human beings.  Whether it be a commerce concern from you finding your ability to heal naturally or your natural intuitive abilities of knowing when somethings not right…it didn’t matter…There were to many concerns for the government about the EMPOWERMENT of the people…hell our own history shows what a collective can do…

the plan was the Mushroom plan we called it in the back corners and water coolers.  Keep them in the dark and feed them shit.
 For the most part the agencies relied on the society programming of “chase the American dream”…more stuff…more things…more money…less time as there chief hope and tactic to keep others ignorant.  But the real truth about what is going on with consciousness and spirituality now for nearly 65 years or more inside the government will leave you wondering about the very culpability of our very own government in being complacent to the greatest fraud known to man.
The simple truth is the human being is a lot more remarkable that the government wants you to know about.  .  Some have heard rumors, maybe it was about the agencies experiments with “mind control” that leaked, or maybe it was the UFO curiosity but most nearly everything was hidden and hidden well.
The other accounted for defense of the governments concerns that we not find our magnificence was the campaign launched every minute of every day…To divide and conquer…to be so divisive we never find the real truth of what every movement of the world has shown us for millennia…A collective of caring people gathered as one…The governments and media divide us every day…hiding from the truth they fear so much they’d do anything to stop it…YOU FINDING YOUR POWER…and using it as a collective…That is the truth…there are examples…many…we will talk about them…why?  Because it’s time…because it’s important.  We are not mushrooms…we do not belong in their shit…and we all know this to be true…there is a need to be in the LIGHT…NO MORE DARK…
My plan is to share the writings I made throughout the years in a quick if not furiously quick fashion…six months is six months…I hope if I don’t get to them all someone takes over in sharing these truths about us as a species…I can no longer live or die with the things I know…
Im a 73 yr old feeble ill man so please…I beg your forgiveness for my haste and sloppiness…
As we have discussed this is a fiction book…but I ask you to pay attention to your intuition for the real truths…We will see how long the government takes to find these books and shut me down…
But for now , let me lead you to the first story and remind you the Government standard response soon to come will be….



For whatever reason in this universe all I could think about dangling from the edge of the 1,826 carefully researched cliff was the smell of that 1978 Camaro. Maybe it was that moment of adrenalin rush pushing me past the exhaustion of the last several hours of the climb to get here…just inches from the plateau we have all researched and found with great hope…On this plateau we know is a cave…buried at the entrance but a cave non the less from all satellite and infra red mapping…
There had been a huge collective to get me and the three others here stuck on the side of the cliff in Qumran.  There were secrets in that cave, and everyone involved knew it and The US government wanted it. Suspiciously aggressively actually.  They sent us.
 In this cave just feet away was additional cache of hidden religious treasures rooted out by scientists and researchers studying the Copper Scroll. The mystery of the Copper Scroll and its “treasure map”  have been studied since its discovery on March 14, 1952. One of the original discoveries from what now is all referred to by the novice as the Dead Sea Scrolls…972 separate parchments found in 11 different caves on the Kalea plateau in Jordan. But only one etch into copper…One dating back to four separate Authors dating back to around 130 bc… But we weren’t there for the money…We had been sent for something greater…It wasn’t just the religious aspect or for the church…It was deeper still…We all felt it but no one was talking…
The excitement of discovery kept me hanging onto the cliff as my mind drifted back to that musty loud 1978 Camaro…The moment in my life attached with great emotion that confirmed to me the next chapter of my future…Perhaps the very reason I clung to this damn cliff in Qumran as the sun slipped away its brilliance behind us….But that damn Camaro….

Chapter 4

The pot resign stained seats occasionally bleached in speckled parts with the few but wild nights of cocaine and loud music shared as teenage friends…the lost little specks of the whole…like stars in the night against the black seats permanently stained now hugging the drivers frame…The vehicle moaned with the g forces of the corner on a significantly steep decline…The road where I grew up were not famous but notorious for the near Roller Coaster engineering careening in and out of the.  The hills and rolls of the greenest hills I have ever see.
The driver was a high school senior like me that I had known since childhood. Forever bound by countless adventures and tribulations…We were ONE when we were together…separate we were both different. It’s was irrefutable to anyone who knew us. We fed of each other’s humor and energy for may years that now seem way to short.
Dangling there on that cliff just three inches from the top my aching fingers were cramping locked into the crevice just shy of the plateau.  The vibration I felt reminding me, for whatever reason at this delicate time, of that day on the roads of Vermont and rumble of the engine…The vibration in my fingers lodged into the crevice holding me from falling was the subtle but grumpy rattle of a snake just above me on the plateau…There were a few problems here…one I had scaled with three others nearly 1800 feet straight up and my body now tired probably wasn’t thinking as quickly as it could have…the other was obvious…three inches up on the plateau the snake bellowed his distaste for our intrusion…and I was in no manner to negotiate with it.  The third problem was…not unlike many shaded plateaus along the cliffs of the dessert, there was more than one snake and it was reverberated with additional rattles as we had finally approached the destination…That very plateau now guarded by serpents…It never ceased to amaze me in all the missions I had been on in the service of uncle sam.  There was always something that came up last minute…the shitty part was it nearly almost was a life consequence along with it.  Today was no different as I dangled from the crevice hoping its strength would hold why I pondered lifting my face up over the edge to investigate…My heart was beating so loud I was nearly certain it was deafening to the snake…They smell fear I have been told…But my years as an energy worker told me smell might now have been it…hell I don’t know if a snake can smell, but I do know it feels…all animals do…a consequence of not being able to communicate I’d expect…not unlike the blind hearing better.  Evolution finds a way.  Animals need to be able to read energy not being able to speak…It is for their very survival…I knew and the snake now knew…and a waiting game began.
Regardless of the snake or snakes my body needed the rest so I held on and waited for inspiration as my mind drifted back to the summer day in Vermont and that damn Camaro
The rusty 1978 Camaro’s motor screamed back the same loyalty as our friendship with every piston explosion that day…a day not unlike a thousand others in our past running the streets looking for the next adrenaline rush…until the accident.
The third leg of the lifetime friendship tri bop and by no means in any certain order.  Was the most animated guy I have ever met in my life. His innate ability to capture you with his muse of storytelling dates as far back in my childhood as I could remember…When JP Spoke it was palpable…It wasn’t taught…just one of those thing’s…he could tell a story and make you taste…he was what we called the Pied piper of storytelling and it made every experience where he was present , remembered…Funny how life is like that…we rarely remember the parts that don’t have an emotion that’s significant enough…I remember my first kiss….do you?
Anyway, JP followed up behind the faded maroon Camaro space ship hugging each corner in his 48 Ford pickup…the sighs from the rusty frames could be felt in your core and the taste of burning oil and rubber was unmissable…even chalky on my tongue I remember…Jp’s black 1948 Ford Classic pickup gleaming in the dropping sun hue…
Those moments after school as a kid before a holiday or summer break were such a high…Best drug in the world to me. Like your senses were on overload…pure gratitude incarnate….The smell of spring was so thick of mud and pollen it felt like my lungs were eating it inside me that day…I can remember it all so well.
We raced to the school parking lot…JP and the classic truck close behind the Camaro that now seemed sunken to millimeters off the pavement with speed. The drive way to the school was preceded by a ¾ mile downhill straight away with a 20% downgrade…The straight away split at the bottom to the left or straight across a bridge over the river up to the driveway of the school lot like a “Hot Wheels” set you got for Christmas as a kid,  it seemed nearly designed for speed trials considering the enormous and synchronistic coincidence of the 20 down grade and gravity help.  Why wouldn’t it be perfect for that?
That edge of the steep grade of the road carried the two v8 engines of 48 ford and the nitrous inducted Camaro…Like we were floating on the edge of maximum deviation of the suspension system as we crested the hill…an deep guttural groan could be heard as our stomachs sunk and landed into our hip cradles as we departed the cusp of the hill. My stomach wasn’t the only thing rising and falling with the g forces.  I think we probably all wondered quietly if we all felt it in our “balls” so much…It always maked me laugh wondering if it was normal.
It seemed like our hair was on fire when we got done the first trial speed run down the hill of our own personal Hot Wheels track. We screeched into the parking lot . Both vehicles simultaneously spitting a roster tail of rocks and dirt, as the ass ends of both vehicles snapped freely and nearly identically sideways together. Like a dance almost, with V8 muscle and lots of testosterone. I remember it being like slow motion seeing the smiles like that of children in each other as we slid in sideways. We were all Red faced from the adrenaline and laughter,  our voices raspy after singing “Quiet Riot” the whole ride down the hill at the top of our lungs
Most of us were Pink Floyd fans and Zeppelin in those days…But a ride over the “Browns Trace roller coaster” deserved armage…It demanded respect.  Ted Nugent, Quiet Riot or anything else that matched the melody of our souls and the engines…BANG YOUR HEAD indeed…
Both vehicles snapped to an abrupt halt in the lot and stopped together nearly perfectly parallel…smoke billowing from the heated engines in a puff of thanks…There was a pause then…it was noticeable for all…that awkward but maybe addictive moment where you taste the adrenalin in your mouth and your heartbeat outdoes the Ted Nugent in your ears…For that one brief moment…you bathe in the emotion of your perceived excellence as man and machine combine. As the chemicals cascade from your brains reaction in such force it feels like the working of a mechanical slot machine….

With one deep breath and wide clear eyes we looked at each other…all three of us…just for a quiet smile filled moment with the sun streaming in…then we laughed until it hurt…that quick pause before complete joy and excitement. Maybe even wonderment that no one got hurt. Regardless, every time we did something crazy, there was that pause.  It was always the same…at least for me…That pause…just like this very moment with my fingers in the crack of this mountain…frozen…in time.

It might have been the pause in life always trying to tell me something I suspect…like time stands still sometimes for me…it was always here in those moments of life that my intuition seemed to direct me…not sure it just guided me…id actually say it directed me…I spent a good amount of time in my life as a young man ignoring my intuition…

That day in the Camaro was the defining moment where I knew I was different…I had some experiences as a youth. Although I didn’t talk about them much.  It took a long time actually to talk about my near death accounts and the feelings I have…God help me…Ive had more than one experience and each time it was life altering….That day in the Camaro…That pause for me…it was longer than a pause…

I saw visions of the 48-ford veering off a cliff and Crashing while I starred past the grins of the fells…It just came to me. A vision I guess you’d say in that pause was a message and it was to not get in that truck as we planned to swap drivers and passenger and try the how wheels run again.  I knew instinctively and even fought against going in the truck,,  But to my shame…I never once mentioned why…I knew I didn t want to be in that truck for the next run…I rationalized my crazy vision with my love for Camaro’s and piled into the passenger seat of the maroon beast for the next run…Jon’s Camaro had been with us for years…it had guts and character and a conveniently mutant exhaust system that made us feel like an aircraft when coming…Jon switched into the seat of the rigid 48 ford and JP nestled into the unfamiliar rally sport seat with the energy of a child…his typical body language bleeding his emotions without even a word….I slid into the comfort zone of the Camaro beside JP for the next run but there was something inside me happening and I knew it…But yet…I said nothing as I watch Jon drive away in the 48 beast..
The next moments of the drive up the hill and the race back down was much like a blur now… Jp and I in the Camaro went first hitting speeds near 110 as we ditched it onto the straightaway at the bottom over the bridge….Jon behind us in the not so aero truck followed with engines glowing…I watched in the rear mirror of the Camaro as the truck behind us reached top speed at the bottom of the hill…It quickly jerked to one side catching a small dirt curb on the edge.  The shocks exploded as the truck darted to the other side of the road at 105 mph.  Much to much for the suspension system of an 48 ford truck…the truck seemed to dance from one side to the other twice way to quickly for physics and then shot off the left side of the road behind me over a 65 foot embankment just before the bridge…The truck travelled 64 feet in the air for 386 feet until striking a tree thirty feet in the air at the edge of the river.  The truck seemed to stop dead hallway up the tree and pause like a cartoon, as the tree bent to accept the weight of its speed…then the truck fell straight down into the river in an explosion of steam and splash….
I saw it all in the mirror but couldn’t speak,,, not that I had JP watched it too…we slowly turned around the camaro and headed back cautiously and quietly to the accident area….There could be no way a vehicle at that speed off a cliff hitting a tree in midair could fare well…I was so scared to look but knew we had too. We stopped on the bridge and looked over the expanse the truck flew over…its rusty undercarriage now visible as it laid on its side smoking half in the river….

Steam bellowed from the engine sitting in the river cascading a smoke screen that quickly enveloped the entire scene…as JP and I stood on that bridge we saw it…both of us…although little was spoken about it then or for some time…but through the steam and smoke we saw a figure…more of an apparition id say…shaped like my friend Jon and collecting steam and displacing smoke as the figure made its way from what appeared to be the engine compartment of the truck…I thought it was Jon until it cleared the smoke and as the smoke fell away from it there was no figure…twice I saw the figure move through the billowing steam…showing a defined body of what I absolutely knew was my best friend…what we witnessed that day was the living spirit moving…but not just any spirit…the spirit of my best friend…and energy I knew…an energy I could feel….it was a moving and life altering moment standing on that bridge watching my friend float off…I didn’t understand it all but one thing I did understand was blame…It was rampant with me for some time as I grieved the loss of a friend..

 Why hadn’t I said something about my vision that day before jumping into the Camaro like a fucking coward…would they have picked on me…you bet..  They always did…who cares I didn’t tell them because I didn’t understand it at the time…I do now.


So no wonder I consider that moment where I didn’t understand the power of conscious energy.  That one moment propelled me into 33 years with the nsa/cia in that very aspect…so there would never be a day like that day on the bridge…a day where I would never say…I didn’t understand…It is a compelling aspect of why now in hospice I share these stories…because its time you knew….They will be shorter books…shortie’s as they are called seemed to be reemerging these days…I’m sorry to say our ability to concentrate is changing…most don’t and can no longer find time to read a huge book these days…Readers Digest versions are becoming the norm to match our ad so I will follow suite with these books…I also obviously have a time issue…so speed will count here as I publish these stories…I don’t concentrate on making these short books GREAT acts of literature…because that’s not who I am But I do want them to be complete to the best of my ability…there are a lot of stories collected and written over my 33 years…its gonna be fun to see how many I can get out before my end of days on this early plane. No only fear, once again I find…is TIME…
So why I dangle near this plateau let me explain to you how the cia/nsa actually merge…although Id hate for the first book being a history lesson of stuff you may or may not accept anyway…although I know some of these writings will remind you of the incidents throughout history…it will be nice to see how you saw some of these moments of history…even better will be so you’ll see how it was painted for you by the media at the time…That’s why these manuscripts are important…That’s exactly why…Were going to work on a new mushroom plan for the world…no longer will you be fed shit and kept in the dark,,, But do me a favor…enjoy these books…but don’t tell too many people about them…yea I know that sounds weird…but I need to stay under the wire for a while to get as many of these short books out before they catch on and stop me…there will be legal issues…but I honestly don’t care while sitting in Hospice…were going to tell the stories…please, use you head on what you do with them.  Its best intention is not to enrage you that your government has hidden things…its understanding what they’ve hidden that’s greater than just a story or cover up…it is the darkest con of all mankind….Mans innate ability to do nearly anything…to heal anything, to see things we’ve been told are not available, the psychics, the empaths, the near death experiencers and the spiritually awakened of all types crosses and walks…For 65 years there has been an active department of the government bigger in scale that even I am allowed to know in my 33 years….They do know more about ufo’s and the paranormal…well that’s a whole separate division in the cia dn nsa…its bigger than you can ever imagine but occasionally there are leaks…Of there’s a division for that too…LEAKS…one designed with counter intelligence skills…to diminish and twist the leaks to near unbelievable status…That’s how they kept it so quiet so long.  They fed off the fear of others who were concerned about ridicule and not wanting to look crazy to others…who would have believed thirty years ago about psychics and mystics working for the cia/nsa…you’d have been laughed out…
but today…well that’s a different kettle of fish…so instead of convincing you of anything…im just gonna tell you the stories…im just gonna be real…not here to win anything just to let it go before I go…its humbling for me to share my last moments here in books…but I am travelling the Hospice journey alone…so why it seems I have six months or less….My days are filled with loneliness and despair if I let them be…so all things being equal…im just ginna write and collect the writing alreadu doe…and im gonna publish the shit out of them as many and as fast as I can before I get caught either by time or the government. 
I realize a lot of this is big news…but I also register that fact that not all of this is totally surprising to you either…theres a lot to digest…so we will take it slow…but let me tell you this and let it sink in a little for yourself over the next few days…Every single moment in History since 1912 has had a consultant or energy worker somewhere along the way in its process…From the Cuban missile crisis, to the man of the moon, to the shuttle disasaster and every combat mission launced.  There was an angel or a team of angels= CIDS on every single moment of American history and the only question was to what extent or detail…Ill try to cover some of those too as we go…In the most unlikely ways and manners the spiritual  showed up…AND MAKE CONSIDERABLE CONTRIBUTIONS TO THIS COUNTRY at great risk to themselves and their family…the only difference from field agents and cia nsa workers as a whole is we weren’t even known to most of them…High rated and ranked supervisors knew CID and considered him a friend mostly.Although there were a few old timers who resisted…They were evntually made to comply with CID being involved with nearly everything and anything….As the need grew….so to did the recruitment…
I was recruited directly out of marksman school in the us army….Although I was an expert shot it wasn’t my eagle eye they were interested in.  No, The government as it turns out was interested in my eyes alright…just my third eye…not my baby browns…Although I was trained as an Infantry Medic and as a Ranger that wasn’t the reason but it served well as a cover.  The truth about me is that if you need to “Label” me then I guess that label needs to include…a Near Death Experiencer…My first NDE happened when I was 8 in a near drowning accident…it was first encounter and understanding of the Light and the power within.  II like many NDERs have had subsequent near death encounters.  Each raising a level of harmonics within my energy field…Making me more fluid like…able to feel more…like water…I became an intuit…before I knew what it was…I had an innate way as a ranger to come pout of things that often times didn’t make sense…soldiers called it dumb luck…but it was always intuition and visions that steered me…always…and the government saw this in specially designed testing…when I showed an aptitude..they followed me…I had some of the most prolific military training on the planet to boot but the training I got with my mind…wow…I don’t even know to categorize that…theres nothing in my data banks to compare it too…for you either…so hence another reason for this book and the others to follow.


Its called CIDDS or spoke about like a name Syd but its true acronym created in the 40’s was CID
Conscious intuitive  Development Division CIDD
When the agency was planning something they didn’t announce through internal communications to consult with the consciousness guys…the memos, internal documents and even causal conversation was kind of always hidden…Instead they’d say something like  Lets get CIDs thoughts…or lets run it by Cid…like some lonely analyst in a basement somewhere…but CID wasn’t lonely…in fact  CIDS staff numbers are top secret but for what most of us have ascertained is that there are thousands of us who contract or subcontract for the us government…CIDS consults on nearly every military mission, any polital recourse plans, future plans, espionage, research, remote viewing, etc etc…Lets not get to deep right now with its structure…party because even after 33 years inside…I DON’T EVEN KNOW IT…
The agencies didn’t want us CIDS staff very informed either…rules on fraternization and discussion of work was prohibited and very kindly ignored….
That’s the thing about consciously enlightened people…we get oneness…in spite of the interdepartmental rules designed to quell it…we talked…in fact we talked in ways they wouldn’t understand…we did our jobs because we loved our country…many were x military, but all of us were spiritually awakened…which in and of itself left us knowing we were a unit…regardless of sitting in the same meeting..we always tried to keep informed about our colleagues and there missions…There were losses along the way so it was natural to want to understand…We didn’t all just sit in a room and remote view…most journey needs a CID with it…and many missions just like the cliff hanging snake charming non sense I was in now…this adventure was about religious antiquity…and I always loved those research projects…
When CIDs was approached about this mission almost 3 weeks ago most of its planning had been done…a good amount done with the assistance of a few good men from CIDS and it was regarding a topic that the government felt compelled to engage…
One might ask yourself why the US Government would want any part of chasing religious antiquities..  Well its not really that difficult to connect the dots here.  The catholic church as an example is the largest “land owner” in the world…and ps
Look I got nothing against church's but lets be clear here,,,,this isn’t monopoly…This TRILLION of dollars....When the religion of this world became a business…the jelly fell of the toast…and from there the rest was a cover up…and it behooves the world to keep people somewhat asleep to the divine…not just god  but you the divine most of all…government loves the idea of a greater god than yourself…its how the whole thing went ary to begin with…even the basic message of Jesus Christ was always the potential inherit in all human beings,..,,,twisted for marketing and fruit for the fear mongers who will insist he is the only way to forgiveness…shoveled down your throats with a spoonful of tithing…just in case….
Fear became understood and from there the whole world got colder….
I'm not spouting all these things because its just my opinion…i've spent 33 years watching the government hide the best part of the truth about the spiritual side of things…you wouldn’t even have been any the wiser until now…but wait till you see the level they have gone to keep you from finding the secret inside you and all of us…They found it 65 years ago, and chose to not only not tell you, but hide it even and use it against you and against the very evolution that was inevitable for you to fond it yourself…which eventually you will…when you need to…not unlike the courage I needed to break the law and share these stories…nothing to lose…

Here is some history of the Copper Scroll
from the following link

By Robert Feather, MIM, CEng.
Qumran lies close to the Dead Sea at its north western end, some 40 km east of Jerusalem. Here, in an incredibly dry and sun bleached area there is, strangely enough, no need for zinc oxide protective blocker, or life guards. Lying some 1200 feet below sea level at the lowest point on earth, the damaging rays of the sun are screened out by the extra layer of atmosphere, and the concentration of salts in the Dead Sea is so high that anyone falling in immediately pops to the surface and cannot sink.
      If a settlement is ever reached between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs, under the so-called Road Map for Peace, due to reach its conclusion in 2005, it is likely Qumran will fall into the area of a new Palestinian State and one of the most important of all the Jewish historical sites will no longer be under Israeli jurisdiction. Prior to 1967 the area around Qumran was controlled by the Jordanians and had been since the end of the war which saw Israel established as an independent State in 1948.
      So why is Qumran so important in historical and biblical terms?
      Part of our modern awareness of its significance derives from a day back in the Spring of 1947 when the first of some 85,000 textual items, ranging from tiny fragments to almost complete scrolls were discovered in hillside caves behind Qumran. They turned out to contain biblical texts, written in ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek from virtually every book of the Old Testament, and as such, predated any previously found Hebrew material by over 1,000 years. For the first time scholars and theologians had the astounding opportunity to look at parts of the Bible in its original language, rather than from handed down versions copied, and re-copied, and altered over the intervening millennium.
      In essence these biblical texts, which comprise part of what are known as the Dead Sea Scrolls, showed we received most of the Old Testament in its authentic ancient form – but there were significant differences. These variations are now being incorporated into modern translations of the Bible. There are also commentaries amongst the scrolls which help explain and enhance, not only parts of the Old Testament but also the New Testament.
      A third group of texts describes the peculiar monastic like sect that lived at Qumran between about 150 BCE and 68 CE, who wrote and collected the Dead Sea Scrolls .
      Generally understood to be part of the Essene movement of the Second Temple period, the community at Qumran had a strong hierarchical structure with the ‘right teacher’ as its leader. He was backed by priests aided by Levites, who dictated the doctrine of the group. At any one time there were about 200 members living near Qumran and all members could vote in an assembly on other non doctrinal matters, whilst general day-to-day administration was in the hands of a triumvirate of three priests and 12 helpers. Everyone had a ‘pecking order’ in relation to their level of learning and holiness, as determined by their peers.
         The Qumran Essenes considered themselves ‘Sons of Light’ destined to fight the ‘Sons of Darkness’ – those who did not believe in their ultra-strict code of Judaism. They thought of themselves as the keepers of the original Covenant of Moses and as part of a direct line of priests that attended the Tabernacle during the Exodus from Egypt. For them the Second Temple, reconstructed by Herod the Great, who ruled Judaea on behalf of the Roman conquerors, from 37 to 4 BCE, was a corrupt place they would not visit.
      One of the most startling of their beliefs related to the calendar, which for them had to be solar based, giving a year containing 364 days. The intriguing thing about this practice is the Essene calendar differs from the Rabbinic Jewish calendar, which was based, and still is based, on lunar movement giving a year of 354 days. This meant the Essenes celebrated religious festivals at different times to the rest of their Jewish counterparts.
Discovery of the Copper Scroll
      In March 1952, Henri de Contenson, an archaeologist seconded from France to work with the team at the École Biblique in East Jerusalem, was leading a team of ten Bedouin, when he discovered two lumps of what is now known as the Copper Scroll, in a hillside cave, some 2 km from Qumran.
      The Copper Scroll was in an highly oxidised condition, and had broken into two separate rolled up sections. In its original state it measured 0.3 m in width, 2.4 m in length, and was about 1 mm thick. No one knew quite how to open it up without damaging the text. One lunatic suggestion was to try to reduce the copper oxides with hydrogen, or even electrolysis, to recover the copper! After considerable preparatory research, John Allegro of Oxford University, a member of the original international translation team working on the Dead Sea Scrolls in Jerusalem, persuaded the École Biblique team to let him take one of the copper pieces to England. There the first piece of scroll was finally ‘opened’ by Professor H. Wright Baker at Manchester College of Science and Technology (now UMIST) in 1955, followed by the second piece in 1956. The technique Wright Baker used was to coat the outside of the scroll with Araldite adhesive and then slice the scroll, using a 4,000th/inch thick saw, into 23 separate sections. Ever since that time Manchester has retained a special interest in the Copper Scroll.
Language of the Scroll
      In academic circles the Copper Scroll is known as 3Q15, the 3Q indicating it was found in Cave 3 at Qumran. It was written in an early form of Hebrew – a square form script – and has been shown to have linguistic affinities to pre-Mishnaic Hebrew and Aramaic, with some terms only comprehensible through study of Arabic and Akkadian. Other Dead Sea Scrolls were written in square form Aramaic script, or the so-called ‘Paleo-Hebrew’ script, derived from ‘Proto-Canaanite’ – itself an evolution from ‘Ugarit’, Egyptian hieroglyphs and ‘Phoenician’.
      The language was a major puzzles for scholars. The Hebrew palaeography (style of script) and orthography (spelling) in the Copper Scroll is quite unlike anything found in other texts of the time, from Qumran or from elsewhere. It has, nevertheless, been almost unanimously classified as one of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and now resides in the Archaeological Museum of Amman, in Jordan.
      John Allegro, a religious renegade, amongst a team of predominantly Catholic members, must have been the first person to translate the ancient Hebrew of the Copper Scroll into English. What he read, started a controversy that has raged for over 50 years amongst scholars. It contained a list of some 64 locations where fabulous treasures had been hidden, over a wide geographical area, including large quantities of gold, silver, jewellery, precious perfumes, ritual clothing, and other scrolls.
      The Jerusalem team refused to let him publish his findings, nervous that treasure hunters would come swarming down to disturb their work at the Qumran site. They had also already made up their minds the Qumran Essenes were essentially uninterested in worldly goods and shared their possessions amongst themselves.
      This mind set attitude runs throughout the academic and theological community studying the Dead Sea Scrolls, and as we shall see later on, they have preconceived ideas on what many of the scrolls ought to say and dare not entertain new ideas that conflict with long established dictums. New Dawn’s approach of trying to free up these types of entrenched views is highly pertinent to this particular field of study.
      The mixture of frustration and excitement soon became too much for Allegro as he began to realise there were other more sinister reasons for the strictures being put on him. He relieved his excitement about the prospect of rolling in treasure by mounting two archaeological expeditions to Jordan, in December 1959 and again in March 1960. Like many who get lost in the desert, he wandered around in a circle eventually coming back to where he started from, having found absolutely nothing.
      His frustration was, in the end, vented when Allegro disregarded his ‘masters orders’ and published his English version of the translation in 1960, under the title The Treasure of the Copper Scroll.
      Scholars, notably Father P’ere de Vaux, Head of the École Biblique et Archéologique Française de Jerusalem, and Father Joseph Milik, members of the original Dead Sea Scrolls translation team, denounced Allegro’s translation as defective and even cast doubts on the authenticity of the Copper Scroll’s contents, assigning them to folklore. Others were not so sure, and today the generally accepted view is the Copper Scroll contains a genuine list of real treasures.
      The Jerusalem team’s translation came out in 1962, entitled ‘Les “Petites Grottes” de Qumran, in the Discoveries in the Judaean Desert series. Although it is the ‘official’ version there is no accepted ‘definitive’ translation of the Copper Scroll to date, and all of the numerous editions published have many significant variants.
      In conventional translations of the Copper Scroll the weight of gold mentioned in various locations is generally given as adding up to a staggering 26 tonnes and silver 65 tonnes.
      When the weights of the treasures itemised in the Copper Scrolls are totalled, we come to the following:
      Gold – 1285 Talents
      Silver – 666 Talents
      Gold and Silver – 17 Talents
      Gold and silver vessels – 600 Talents
      Mixed precious metals – 2,088 Talents
      Items with unspecified weights are as follows:
      Gold ingots – 165
      Silver bars – 7
      Gold and Silver vessels – 609
      In Biblical Talent terms the sheer weight of the gold and silver is enormous. One Talent is estimated to be about 76 lb or 34.47 kg.
      The Copper Scroll seems to be referring to precious metals worth around $2 billion at current prices, but whose intrinsic historic value would be many times this figure!
Where Did the Treasures Come From?
      The Scroll does not reveal by whom, or when, the treasures were buried, let alone why. But from some of the recognisable place names mentioned, the treasures are generally assumed to have been hidden within Judaea or near to Mount Gerizim, in Samaria (parts of modern Israel) and to relate to treasures of the Second, or possibly First Temple of Jerusalem. Both temples were known to be places where considerable wealth was accumulated through the donation of sacrificial gifts and ‘tithes’ by the general community.
      Controversy over the origins of the treasures listed in the Copper Scroll has led to the proposition of almost as many ‘conspiratorial’ theories as those promulgated for the President Kennedy assassination.
      There are over-riding problems with all of the current theories which, until now, have not been resolved. Scholars have puzzled over how so much gold could have come from the First or Second Temples of Jerusalem, let alone come into the ownership of an ascetic, relatively impoverished sect like the Qumran Essenes. More significant is the fact none of the conventional theories have led to the discovery of any of the treasures listed in the Copper Scroll.
      My own view is rather different. Whilst part of the treasures may well have come from the First or Second Temples at Jerusalem, as descriptions in the Copper Scroll certainly refer to Temple associated objects, when the secrets of the Copper Scroll are unravelled it becomes patently clear that another Temple is involved in the descriptions – and the Qumran Essenes were guardians, not just of treasure.
      Although, from palaeographic studies, the Copper Scroll is now thought to have been copied at a date between 150 BCE and 70 CE, there are enigmatic passages which correspond to early Biblical Hebrew, dating back to 700 or 800 BCE, and it contains many unique word constructions not in use in mainstream Judaism at the time of its production.
      The presence of Greek letters interspersed at the end of sections of the text aroused my curiosity, as their meaning was not understood and they appeared to be some kind of cryptic code. Many theories have been put forward to try to explain these apparently random Greek letters. They are variously considered to be made by scribes as reference marks of some sort, initials of place names, entry dates, or location directions, but none of these explanations is accepted as conclusive and they remain a puzzle.
      The numbering units given in the text, which relate to the amounts of treasure, are also not clearly understood by modern translators. The numerals are in an unsophisticated long-hand form involving apparently unnecessary duplication.
        There were other ‘anomalies’ for which there appeared to be no satisfactory answers. No other Dead Sea Scroll was engraved on copper, nor any known Hebrew texts from anywhere else, prior to the period.
        Why should this be? Why should a non materialistic community go to such trouble to preserve the information on the Copper Scroll? Where did they get the extremely pure copper (99%) from? How could they afford its very high cost ?
        When my metallurgical background attracted me to the subject, these questions were not being confronted.
      When I looked closely at the numbering units and weights used in the scroll, it soon became clear they were not of Canaanite or Judaean origin, where the Qumran Essenes resided, but Egyptian! Indeed, the numbering system in the Copper Scroll is typical of that in use in Egyptaround 1300 BCE. The Egyptian system used repetitive single vertical strokes, up to the number 9, combined with repetitive decimal units for larger numbers.
      If the numbering system was Egyptian, why not the weight terms also? The ancient Egyptians had developed a system of weights specifically designed for weighing precious metals, and this system was based on the ‘Kite’, a unit weighing approximately 10g, but sometimes used as a double unit (KK) of 20.4g. I believe it is no coincidence the ‘hard ch’ sound of the weight term used in the Copper Scroll text equates to the Egyptian ‘K’ in ‘Kite’! When these ancient Egyptian weight units are applied, typical of the period prior to 1000 BCE, to calculate the quantities of gold, silver and jewellery mentioned in the Scroll, rather more realistic weights are obtained than those given earlier. The approximate totals of precious metals mentioned in the scroll now become:
      Gold – 26 kg
      Silver – 13.6 kg
      Mixed precious metals – 55.2 kg
      We were now looking at weights which are a fraction of those given in modern translations of the Copper Scroll, but they are at least plausible values, quite consistent with the amounts of gold and silver in circulation for the period. For example, if we look at the Harris Papyrus, an ancient text in the British Museum, dating to about 1180 BCE, it gives the total gold holdings accumulated over a 31 year period by Egypt (by far the most wealthy country in the ancient Middle East), as 387 kg. The downside is that the value of our treasure has diminished somewhat! However, we are still talking about hundreds of millions of dollars in real terms.
      The strange thing is that, although the type of numbering system used in the Copper Scroll might have persisted in Egyptian temple writing for some time after the Greek conquest of Egypt (in 330 BCE), its use was always specific to Egypt and it was not in use outside Egypt, except in the period of Egypt’s campaigns in Canaan from 1400 to 1100 BCE. The use of the ancient Egyptian system for weighing metals died out around 500 BCE and had previously always been specific to Egypt.
      Why would a document, ostensibly written by a devout, unorthodox Jewish community living near the Dead Sea in Judaea around the time of Jesus, have so many Egyptian characteristics? And why would the writing material, numbering system and system of weights used, be typical of Egyptian usage from a period at least 1,000 years earlier?
Egyptian Influences
      From as early as 3000 BCE right up to 1200 BCE, Egypt had maintained an armed presence in Canaan, often as a stepping stone to further conquests to the east. Egypt’s shadow had obviously been cast over the early Hebrew’s experience, and yet, like other blind spots, modern theology shies away from considering the Egyptian connection too closely. Yet, all the major characters of the Bible, from Abraham and Sarah, to Jesus and Mary, had strong links to Egypt. Joseph, Jacob, all the founders of the 12 tribes of Israel, as well as Moses, Aaron and Miriam, Joshua, Jeremiah and Baruch, all lived for long periods in Egypt and were influenced by its culture and religions.
      After a lengthy analysis I came to the conclusion that Joseph had interacted with a pharaoh by the name of Akhenaten – a monotheistic pharaoh – and many of the basic tenets of Judaism, and by extension Christianity and Islam, came out of Egypt. The river that branches from the Nile at Amarna (ancient Akhetaten), Pharaoh Akhenaten’s capital city, is to this day know as ‘Bahr Yusuf’, ‘Joseph’s River’, and there are many other clues.
      When I started comparing descriptions of the treasure locations given in the Copper Scroll with sites at Amarna, it soon became apparent there were many close parallels. Not only that, some of the locations have already yielded archaeological finds of treasures that match very closely the descriptions and weights given in the Copper Scroll. Many of these treasures can be seen in Museums in Britain and Egypt. Having made a connection for the Copper Scroll to Akhenaten’s Holy city in middle Egypt, it was not surprising a most powerful piece of evidence emerged when I looked again at the strange Greek letters scattered in the Scroll. When the first 10 are put together they spell out the name Akhenaten!
      The validity of this conclusion is re-enforced by the opinion of Professor John Tait, of University College London, who considers the reading of the Greek letters as quite plausibly the name of the Pharaoh in question.
Academic Responses
      Since publication of the first edition of my book, The Copper Scroll Decodedin 1999, the main theory has been tested against a broad spectrum of academic and scholarly opinion, and in many instances response to the main thrust of the theory has been favourable and enthusiastic. Where there has been a negative response, it has been in the form of guarded scepticism, particularly as the theory presents a radically new view of religious evolution which strongly conflicts with enshrined orthodoxy.
      Response from academics, on specific areas of their own expertise, has generally been supportive. On alternative interpretations of the meaning of the Copper Scroll, for example, particularly in the context of the weight and number terms given in the Scroll, there has been a considerable consensus of acknowledgement that previous interpretations have not been correct. Amongst those scholars conceding previous translations are deficient, one of the world’s experts on the Copper Scroll, Judah Lefkovits, of New York, has reiterated the Scroll is much more problematic than some scholars would allow. He has written a number of books on the subject, including a recent classic work The Copper Scroll 3Q15: A Reevaluation; A New Reading, Translation, and Commentary, and now does not think the conventional translation of the weight term as a Biblical talent is necessarily correct. He has suggested it might be a much smaller weight, such as the Persian karsch. In supporting my claim, against the views of previous researchers, he now believes the total precious metal weights have been greatly exaggerated.
      One eminent scholar, Professor Harold Ellens, of the University of Michigan, has come out strongly in favour of the generalised theory, which he says is almost certainly basically correct.
      If there is a partial acceptance of the possibility of a connection between the Qumran Essenes and the Jacob-Joseph-Pharaoh Akhenaten period, it is in demonstrating the detailed historical links that most hesitancy arises.
In the Kingdom of the Blind....
      Ben Zion Wacholder is a partially blind Professor of the Hebrew University in Cincinnati, but he has the ability to see through the tangled undergrowth of intertwined scrolls and is a king and much respected father figure in the land of his peers. In the celebratory 50th anniversary conference of the finding of the first of the Dead Sea Scrolls, held in Jerusalem, he created a major sensation by going against his colleagues in claiming Ezekiel as the first Essene.
      He perceives many of the sectarian Dead Sea Scrolls of the Qumran Essenes, such as the Temple Scroll, New Jerusalem Scroll, the Aramaic Testament of Levi, Qahat, and Amran, Jubilees, and the Cairo-Damascus documents, as derivative of Ezekiel’s thinking in refusing to recognise the legitimacy of the Second Temple and standing outside normative Judaistic authority. In a sense he recognises two quite separate sets of biblical texts – Ezekielian and non-Ezekielian.
      One of the most interesting aspects of this theory relates to Ezekiel descriptions of a Temple, which is generally taken to be a visionary Temple that would one day be built in Jerusalem. However, when you compare the descriptions Ezekiel gives in the Old Testament to those of the archaeological reconstructions of the Great Temple that stood in Akhenaten’s Holy City, it is quite clear he was talking about that actual Temple and not one which would one day stand in Jerusalem.
      Other Dead Sea Scrolls confirm this finding in incontrovertible detail. The New Jerusalem Scroll, for example, which by the way never mentions Jerusalem, ties its descriptions to Akhenaten’s Holy Temple. Recently Michael Chyutin, and Shlomo Margalit, Israeli architects, have conducted independent studies on the Scroll and come to the conclusion it is almost certainly describing Akhenaten’s city at modern day Amarna. Without the explanation I have put forward, for a link from Amarna down to the possessors and authors of the New Jerusalem Scroll, conventional history has no answer to the problem.
      Incidentally these studies show that two other Egyptian cities also exhibited similar characteristics to those described in the New Jerusalem Scroll – namely Sesebi, a city located between the second and third cataract of the Nile, and the Hebrew settlement on the Island of Elephantine, near Aswan in southern Egypt. A connection to Sesebi is not so surprising as it was, like Akhetaten, built by Akhenaten. Why the strange pseudo-Hebrew settlement on Elephantine Island, which is dated to at least the 7th century BCE, should show similarities is more intriguing. The people there worshipped Yahwe, the Israelite name for God, and built a temple as a place of worship. The explanation of how this isolated community came into existence has never been satisfactorily resolved.
      My own theory is they were a residual enclave that formed after the destruction of Akhenaten’s Holy City when survivors, mainly the earliest monotheistic Hebrews, fled south for safety. An Australian scholar, E. Maclaurin, of the University of Sydney, adds weight to my theory in a paper entitled 'Date of the Foundation of the Jewish Colony at Elephantine', published in The Journal of Near Eastern Studies, Volume 27, 1968. He concluded that the style of worship at Elephantine, “...was of a form which could not have existed in a Hebrew group which had been exposed to the influences of Sinai and Canaan after the settlement.”
      In other words Maclaurin rules out any possibility of the community at Elephantine having derived from outside Egypt after the Exodus (c. 1200 BCE) let alone at the time of Solomon or the kings of Israel. Another Australian scholar, Ian Wilson, seems to date the Exodus to around 1500 BCE, but the general consensus is it took place some time in the 13th century BCE. These are not the only students of Dead Sea Scroll study with an Australian connection. I, too, have a warm affection for the country, having spent seven years of my early life in Sydney, where my mother was born!
      Another scroll, the Temple Scroll, spells out the dimensions of the longest Temple wall as 1600 cubits, equivalent to 800 m. Conventional scholarship has nowhere to go in Jerusalem to accommodate the Qumran Essenes’ concept of this building. The Temple Mount in Jerusalem measure only 550 m x 185 m. So they conclude it must be the description of a fictitious temple. The length of the longest wall of the Great Temple at Amarna has been measured, from detailed archaeological excavations, as being 800 m.
         The logical conclusion is the information in the Temple Scroll, in its original form, existed before Moses, and it described the plan of a real temple that was not the Temple at Jerusalem. The details must have been handed down in secret through a distinct line of Levitical priests, to the Qumran Essenes, who based their copy on the original version.
          When the Qumran Essenes built their main settlement building at Qumran in ‘exact’ alignment to the main walls of Akhenaten’s Temple, and constructed 10 ritual washing pools, they were echoing a recorded memory of that Temple. Uniquely, and unknown from anywhere else in Israel, one of the ritual washing ‘Mikvaot’ has four divisions  just as one of the ritual washing basins in the Temple at Akhetaten exhibited.
      That the name of Aten or Aton, the name by which Akhenaten knew his God, is embedded throughout the Old Testament, has many attesters, from Sigmund Freud onwards. Many Egyptian names are read with the letter ‘D’ or the letter ‘T’  Touchratta or Douchratta, Taphne or Daphne, and in Egyptian Coptic the letter D can be pronounced ‘D’ or ‘T’ . Thus, Aton could well be written ‘Adon -ai’ where ‘ai’ relates God to the Hebrews in the sense of ‘my master’.
      Earlier in this article the question was posed as to why Qumran was so important to historical and biblical history. Part of the explanation has now been outlined in this article, and is described in more detail in my latest book The Mystery of the Copper Scroll of Qumranpublished by Bear & Co, part of Inner Traditions, in June 2003. However, as yet there is no complete answer to the question as the modern story of Qumran is still being written. There are more secrets to be revealed and I hope to do that in a sequel book now in preparation.
Robert Feather is the author of The Mystery of the Copper Scroll of Qumran (Bear & Co, June 2003; 432 pages; paperback). The book is available in Australia from New Dawn Book Service for $46.00 plus $4.95 postage. Send payment – cheque, money order or credit card details – to New Dawn, GPO Box 3126FF, Melbourne VIC 3001. 

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