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"...and a child shall lead them...

Look I can write a really flowery article about gratitude and inspiration but rarely as an Author will I be lacking such words for such magnificence...all I got is this:

SHE'S 10 yrs old !!!!

Hows Your day going? Holy cow....We all have work to do....
These are the moments in time to give us all pause...These are moments that need to be captured and supported...This is our future...full of gratitude !!!
Please take a look at the potential of our children....This is .....


Muskan Virk is the author of her debut book, 365 Days Of Gratitude. At just 6 years old, she was curious to find out about a flyer she saw her Grandmother had on the table that talked about the term “gender equality”. She asked her mother Meera and insisted that her mother explain to her what it meant. Muskan was driven to action change and to be a leader in this cause. She asked her parents about what she can do and expressed how touched she was that others experience gender inequality in this world. She started fundraising each year for her birthday in lieu of gifts and have been successful in donating to the Malala Fund, the Rick Hansen Foundation, the Cancer Foundation and various other local charities in Vancouver’s downtown eastside. From her journal of over 450 gratitude's came the book and the Helping Hands organization whose mission is to drive awareness and help those who are homeless or at risk of being homeless.
After the release of the book in 2016, Muskan embarked on a North American book tour with stops in New York and Los Angeles. She collaborated with The Midnight Mission who serves the Los Angeles area, where she participated in the dinner service and gave out 1,000 handwritten notes to the attendees. Muskan has been blessed to be supported by many including contributing authors Serena Dyer, Maya Kanigan, Rick Hansen, Taylor Conroy and Jason Garner. In addition, she has appeared in numerous talks, book signings, Q&As, radio and TV interviews with like minded, heart centered supporters who feel passionately in sharing her message.

Being a young lady whose passion is to help others and be a good role model, Muskan has been involved in many events that bring awareness to issues that affect both youth and adults both in her community and at each stop of her book tours. Currently, Muskan is honoured to represent the Positivity Power Movement ( as their Global Ambassador. She lives with her parents and her dog Butterball in Vancouver, BC.
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"Thank the heavens for the voice of children...with the courage of lions"  Rmt

What are you grateful for? When life gets a bit heavy and dark, it can be difficult to see and remember the things we could be grateful for. Sometimes, we need something, or someone to remind us. At the age of 6, Muskan Virk heard the term ‘gender equality’ and asked her parents to explain what that meant. When she learned of the injustice and inequality that so many face every day, she was quite upset about it, and began to see the darkness in the world. It wasn’t enough for Muskan to simply learn about these issues, she wanted to make a difference, and declared that “This world needs to be changed and I’m the one that could change it!” Muskan proceeded to fundraise $1200 through her school, who donated it to the Malala Fund. Meera, Muskan’s mother, could see that the knowledge her daughter was gaining was quite heavy on her young soul, and so gave her a journal, and encouraged Muskan to write down all the things she was grateful for, and to see how many good things she could find. A little over a year later, Muskan handed the journal back, and Meera was delighted to find 450 gratitudes! They both were inspired to share them with the world, and so chose 365 to create this beautiful book. Along with the inspiring stories of gratitude from Serena Dyer, Maya Kanigan, Rick Hansen, Taylor Conroy and Jason Garner, this book is filled with simple gratitudes of everyday life, which will inspire and uplift you, and remind you of the beauty and pleasures that surround you. Part of the proceeds from this book will be used to help build Muskan's foundation - Helping Hands - which will be helping homeless people and others in need.

365 days of Gratitude-Amazon

rowing up with parents who were spiritual and who had lived their lives in the most courageous way was how I saw life unfold before me. One of the things that they have always instilled in us is that we are the creators of our destiny. Part of that is consciousness in gratitude. Being grateful for each and every single experience that we may have encountered in our journey. Each of these inspires a lesson, brings a message, and in turn, is crafted and molded into life experience. The word gratitude, with its Latin roots “gratus,” is thankfulness. What does it mean to be thankful? To be grateful for each experience that’s in our destiny? The words in this book say and inspire just that. Muskan captured the true essence of gratefulness she had created in her life. With the inspiration of this book stemming from something that she was so compelled to pursue, to address and to use that energy to make a difference is truly inspiring. As you flip through the pages and realize that each grateful thought and each set of words transforms into the pure meaning of simply being thankful each day, that practice is something we should all aspire to achieve in our lives. My father, Wayne, had said, “Be in a state of gratitude for everything that shows up in your life. Be thankful for the storms, as well as the smooth sailing. What is the lesson or gift in what you are experiencing right now? Find your joy not in what’s missing in your life, but in how you can serve.” How can we continually be of service not just for others, but also, most importantly, for ourselves? As we challenge ourselves into living a full life and lifting ourselves into higher consciousness, we must propel into a life of service and being in a state of gratitude. This is a practice where you will be challenged in some way. However, with challenges comes growth and learning on how to be a better version of our self. In turn, that knowledge is something we can share with others as well. In this book, the subtitle “My Attitude of Gratitude” really speaks to the mindset and intention Muskan had set forth when writing her thoughts. It’s true that our attitude guides our thoughts and then the actions we choose. Her thoughts show how finding gratefulness in simplicity has a far greater impact without complexity. Whether it’s a freshly-baked cookie or the sound of birds in the backyard, she had found the true beauty in these and was able to extract the exact reason on why these resonated with her. Gratefulness brings the appreciation of experiences that we may think are everyday routine, yet this is truly the sole purpose of practicing gratefulness in each day. As we live our present journey, being grateful brings a whole perspective into the experience of life, light, and love. The joy of blessings that we are meant to experience and that we invite into our lives is something in itself to be grateful for. I invite you to experience these thoughts of gratitude that Muskan has so lovingly shared with the universe. Surrender to the sweet joy of gratefulness in each and every day. 
~ Serena Dyer ~ 

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