Sunday, April 2, 2017

Following the PATHE

It is hard for me to imagine some days how far I have come from Hospice 5 years ago.  Amazing grace really...With literally very little if any "IMMUNE SYSTEM....sometimes I dont even get the significance of surviving the impossible...countless times. 1 1/2 years ago we published Twenty-Seconds and never imagined reaching so many people...Bestseller, International Bestseller, 22 weeks now..Movie talks, scripts...Wow...what a ride...from Near Death to Thriving...without a functioning immune system...CAN YOU EVEN EXPLAIN THAT?  The Mayo Clinic can't. I am so, so grateful for each new day the sun hits my face...

I am honored and deeply humbled to have been asked to write an article for Pathe Magazine....I know this magazine is important for all of us...Thank you to these beautiful souls who lift me up so I may do the same for others...That is what healing is to me...I hope you enjoy this article and its uniqueness..Everyday I find more of me...the real me...I am grateful for that evolution and all who have been a part of my journey...

I am not a fan of fact advertising my book in anyway bothers me regardless of the fact we give most to charity...but I sure hope the Cover makes my Mom smile knowing her son is helping others all he can, as hard as he can and for as long as he can.  Never wasting a minute...

Please, if you get a minute...follow these folks...You will want to keep an eye on this project...It's gonna be an important part of our awakening!!!!

To read the full article in text see below:

Some thoughts from the Creators

We believe that Creative Energy, Passion and Practical Spirituality can play a huge part in fostering an enlightened way of doing business with the public and with each other as entrepreneurs.
Have you ever had the feeling that there must be more to all of it? Do you instinctively sense that this could be a more fulfilling place to be - being an entrepreneur.....
  • You feel you are called to give your particular gift to the world...then, the moment you sit down to get to work you find yourself in a state of confusion?
  • You’re confident about your Way of BEING - in your business, but then, the comparison starts with other "GURUS" and you instantly feel less than.
  • You’ve found yourself locked in a process of receiving several "Lightening Strike" fantastically lucrative ideas for your business but you have no idea how to get it up and out into real life.
  • You have done some inner work enough to know that this is not imaginary power...
  • You feel like you’re destined to play small, without reaping the true benefits of serving with your gifts.
  • You started your business to be your own boss, to become in charge of your time and your destiny..but all you see are roadblocks, obstacles and shiny things....
  • You undertand that in order to receive abundance and prosperity, you must begin to Think, Do and ultimately BE the entrepreneur you know you ARE!

    Maybe, you are not new to this merry-go-round of entrepreneurship. Perhaps you are seeking a rock solid team of like minded creatives, filled to overflow with resources, connections, ideas and creative energy!

    or maybe…

You are completely in tune with what we are doing here at Pathe Media Inc. and you desire to be part of it.

Kellie Fitzgerald & Leah Frieday, Co-founders of PATHE MEDIA INC. are committed to helping you shine out loud! 

Here is just a tiny glimpse into what you can expect when you join us along the PATHE:
  • Weekly Webisodes: a super dose of inspiration to help you succeed in your day to day life as a business owner. Our videos include a wide range of experts and topics tuned toward inspirational and sometimes matter of fact , in your face broadcasts destined to ignite you and keep you lit!
  • The E Club: an online and sometimes offline  "Real World" community where you can learn from and give to like-minded people from a global perspective - Learn what others are doing in their businesses - what is working and what is not.
  • The Masters Stage: we host live, online masterclasses, which cover topics such as, how to market your business online, how to be authentic and even vulnerable in your message, how to bring your online world offline, the power of leverage, building solid foundations in a collaborative environment.
  • Magazine: our magazine, PATHE MAGAZINE, is full of incredible interviews, gorgeous pictorials, real world knowledge and the inner workings of the minds who dare to be Entrepreneurial.
  • Facebook page: our Facebook page is where you can get shots of inspiration throughout the day. With all of the people who have vibrated toward us, we have a blossoming audience for you as well! This is where we create a hum around your business, your calling...YOU!.
  • WEB Exclusives: we publish intriguing and sometimes off the wall content on our web exclusives page, including INNERViews, snippets of wisdom and full articles of how to get a handle on your inner landscape and how to use Practical Spirituality - For yourself, your employees and your clients.
  • Ibbilane Press: working with Pathe gives you direct access to becoming a published author at a very fair price. We seek to publish inspiring stories from men and women who resonate with our vision and who have a story to tell to our collective audiences.
  • Our Affinity Program: at PATHE we are all about finding ways to create a Win-Win-Win for everyone. We have several different ways for you to engage to create an abundance of cash flow. We all need money energy to flow in order to prosper...

  • Contribute: if you’have a burning desire to write an article for the our magazine that you feel entrepreneurs - seekers and healers would gain insight from please contact us!

PATHE Magazine is bringing creative energy, spirit and passion to business like no other publication has ever done before. Whether you've been in business for decades or you're just starting out, PATHE Magazine is your publication. PATHE Magazine's team of incredibly talented visionaries can help you with branding, multi-media content, promotions and much, much more. Visit and learn how you can be a part of this incredible energy we are putting out there!

as always, we invite you to join us on facebook at
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