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Come to the Park...To live deliberately !!!

I've met the most amazing people on Facebook and traveling. Many have asked when I'm coming to their area to speak. For me it's never just been about speaking. It's also about listening and sharing. I've learned and healed more from all of you than many will ever understand.  It is In this spirit that I'll be hitting the road soon starting a series of get together s in areas maybe right around you. As long as my body is able.  As long as there is breath in my lungs...there will be fire in my heart.  I have can cancelled all of my upcoming public appearances for this endeavor.  I surrender to the path before me.  Illuminated by countless souls to numerous to mention and too precious to forget.  This will be my final public tour....intimate and imperfect....just like me. Many have suggested that I just stay home and rest.  My health is too frail. I should be in hopsice. etc etc etc   Well, like most of my life I will tell you this.  I'm more afraid of not making a difference than I am about dying or getting hurt.  There is something important I am supposed to do. So today begins a new chapter.  

We are calling it " A Talk in the Park" series. I will be visiting all the national parks I can as well as local parks to have a town hall type discussion with anyone wishing to share some time together. We don't have to have a plan or big crowds. I'd like it to be intimate and personal but the more the merrier. Most of the get together will be at sunset. Bring a blanket or something comfy.
Hope to see you in a park near you 💫

Dates spring summer 2017

Colorado Springs June 15 
Denver June 17
Yellowstone WY June 19
Wayne Ne June 22
Lewis Center, Ohio June 26
Valparaiso IN June 27 
Buffalo Ny July 2
Burlington Vt July 6
Novato CA Aug 18 
South Bay CA Aug 22
San Francisco Aug 24
 Michigan Date and location Pending

I will be planning a route somewhat so if anyone has requests for their area I will try to include it. I'm also looking for facilitators who might be interested in organizing events at your local parks. Contact me directly and we can discuss it. Very little effort or stress. Just a summer get together where we can all freely discuss and share. I'm really looking forward to spending time with all of you I've met here over the past couple of years.
It's amazing what spending time in a loving environment can do. Come join me in the park. No hassles or expectations. No fanfare or crowds. Just us. Sharing a moment in person. I look forward to seeing you all for those hugs we always promised. 

I get a ton of requests to speak at various conferences and seminars.  Frankly the more popular the story becomes the less personal the moments I spend with others.  This was not the idea.  I am grateful to reach more people not with just the book, but the many messages inside the book.  But one thing is clear about me.  If you find inspiration in any form from what I write, say or how I live.  You wait till we spend time together in person.  I cant promise you I can heal you, or answer all of your questions.  But i can promise you my love and hope.  With that we can do anything.

Time is fleeting for all of us.  My time is no different than yours other than the fact that mine is probably closer.  I want to spend as much time as I can meeting with as many who are willing.  To share ideas and truths.  To talk of memories and important moments and how they have shaped us.  I don't want to speak to you...I want to feel you.  So for my remaining days I will travel.  I will meet everyone I can and I will write about it all.  Eventually we will publish the travel tales and all who I meet.  I want to especially meet those trying to do some good in the world.  I wanna meet the selfless, the helpers, the caregivers and nurturers of the world.  I want to hold them all and just say "thank you."  I hope some of you will allow me the time to feature you in this blog.  To help you connect by lifting you up.  My gift, my truest gift in this world is presence.  It is here that I share more, do more, and feel more.  It is the inexplicable mirror of your energy.  So whats in it for you some might ask?  Its nothing fancy or elaborate.  Its just a moment of time stolen all for you. But I will promise you this to be true.  neither of us will be the same after we meet.  That is my wish.  I hope you'll join me.

Please share this around. I'll need help along the way. Like we all do. Just friendship and love. I'm grateful for all of you in my life. This is my thank you for all the great energy and inspiration you all give me daily. There's isn't a lot I can do with the time of my life. But there's a great deal I can do with the depth of it. See you soon

Please join our journey on facebook at Twenty-Seconds 
or online at

Please make sure you follow the event page for updates and promos...If anyone wants to help in any way...please reach out


 kicks off the event with Author Roy Hill and Colorado IANDS

#Denver location. June 17

Sloans lake. For those in the area please let others know. Followers of this link will be updated as Parks are finalized and locations set. All dates are set. Look forward to seeing you. 630 pm. All locations. Unless otherwise adjusted. Some venues may change as demand increases. But hoping we can keep these under 50 people. But if you get a moment please visit the event page and invite some friends. We're grateful. Can't wait to see you.

#Denver Denver, Colorado Denver Parties & Events Denver Near Death Studies Denver Iands Denver Yoga Colorado NDE - IANDS & Friends Sloan's Lake Park Denver Co

Updates to follow on locations and venues as they develop...we need to make sure we have the space as demand is needed...please don't forget to invite your friends...share a post...sharing is caring

#Indiana June 27

We have added a date and location. We couldn't resist the invitation from Reverend Rhonda Schniele in Valparaiso Indiana.
June 27 Rhonda and Mike have gragiously insisted on hosting the event at there large home complete with bonfire at sunset.  I have known about this for a few days but honestly it's been a bit overwhelming emotionally for me to see someone stand up and insist on being a part.  There are things I havent shared about this journey.  It is a bit shocking.  But I find more and more courage with folks like this along the path.

 Greetings Friends and Family
"From Near-Death Experienc (NDE) to healing after a terminal diagnosis and a journey through hospice."
You are cordially invited to meet Author of Twenty-Seconds: A True Account Of Survival & Hope Robert Tremblay
Date: Monday June 26th, 2017
Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Location: Private Residence - Mr and Mrs. Mike Schienle Valparaiso, Indiana.
We are honored to have and host at our home in Valparaiso, Indiana Robert on his inspirational and hope filled "Talk in The Park" series.
Let's enjoy Robert as we sit around a bonfire, have refreshments and marvel at a Summer sunset. An inspriational and spiritual experience to remember.
Books $15.00 should you desire a signed copy.
RSVP with Reverend Rhonda via Facebook
Please e mail Rev Rhonda with questions or thoughts or any desire to collaborate

#OHIO-confirmed June 26

ADDED EVENT Once again an angel stepped from the lite to help we added an event in OHIO
Who is luckier than me to be surrounded by such grace...

BUFFALO NY UPDATE July 2 confirmed

Once again I am lifted by angels.  John Masiulionis of EmpoweredByJohn has volunteered to help set up and host the event in Buffalo... Location will be in
6:30 pm...bring a lawn chair or blanket...
and your open mind and heart

If you'd like to help out in any way...It is very easy...share a post...invite a friend...just love,care and share...or contact me directly if you wish to do more...Twenty-Seconds is all we really need.  It can change everything...

#Michigan June28 ?
Grand Rapids will be cancelled...I still have room for a Michigan event

#Nebraska June 22 confirmed

Wayne Nebraska....So grateful to my great friend Ken Kwapnioski for hosting us at the Park in Wayne...I look forward to seeing my friends here...I have missed them dearrly...I am so sorry my body hasnt allowed me more freedom to visit...
6:30 pm Bressler Park

#California-confirmed August 18 & 22

1/ Marin IANDS - Novato, CA - August 18 7:30 pm
Facebook Marin IANDS

Unity in Marin, Novato, CA

in the Sanctuary. 600 Palm Drive, Novato 94949
7:30 pm

2/ South Bay IANDS- South Bay CA August 22 7:00 pm

Highlights info row image
(408) 343-1238
Highlights info row image
Typically replies within minutes

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