Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Leonard's Song-Finding silver

Leonard's Song


This is the Story of Leonard. An elderly homeless man that found me at a spiritual conference a few months ago.  I was three weeks out of brain surgery after a cyst formed in my brain that sent me on a tailspin I wont soon forget.  Although neither of us understood at first.  We both eventually found the many reasons we crashed into each-other.  Why he in fact targeted me and found me without knowing why...Leonard in fact was the Target of a silver alert two months prior.  After suffering a major stroke he literally walked out of the hospital and his life.  Missing for two months and a desperate families pleas heard. We united and Leonard went home.  This was one of the most powerful experiences of my life.  I will let you take whatever message there is for you here.  But I hope what you find is beauty in the vulnerability.  I hope you find Love...

This was a lost episode tapped a few months ago that just appeared yesterday from a friend who was there.  He called it one of the most powerful things he had seen in his life..this is one of the most open and candid conversations to date...I fought off tears more than once telling my story at this conference...It might be important to was 3 weeks after brain surgery....lmao

I will spare you some long narrative...I hope the emotion and story and intent speaks for itself...I hope you will find the courage to join me....

This was not just about a book...I assure you

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